Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Venus Retrograde Isn't Messing Around

As of this week, Halloween's magic has fully enveloped our world. The veil that separates our realm from the next is at its thinnest, and as mysterious energy begins to pass through, we're meeting face-to-face with the unknown. However, that's not the only reason this week is so spooky. As a matter of fact, it seems the cosmos are celebrating Halloween this year and they know how to party. If you want to be invited to their festivities, your October 29, 2018, weekly horoscope contains all the details.

As of Oct. 31, Mercury — planet of communication, cognitive function, and planning — enters Sagittarius. While it's true that Mercury will be in detriment in the sign of Sagittarius (because Mercury rules over Gemini and Sagittarius is Gemini's opposite sign), that doesn't necessarily mean that heads will explode. Sagittarius has a penchant for the wild, the uninhibited, and the adventurous. With so much reckless and overly optimistic energy flowing through the air, you know Halloween will be a night you'll never forget. However, take care not to get ahead of yourself or skip over important details, as Sagittarius wants to fast-forward straight to the fun part.

If you thought that was promising, I'm afraid I also have to report that Venus retrograde will re-enter the sign of Libra as of Oct. 31. Are the cosmos trying to scare us, or what? While Venus — planet of love, romance, luxury, and friendship — was in secretive, emotionally intense, and possessive Scorpio, this retrograde showed you the toxic habits you may have when it comes to dating. It also revealed to you which relationships were superficial and lacking in true substance. Now that Venus is in partnership-oriented, flirtatious, and hopelessly romantic Libra, it's time to decide whether or not your relationships are truly worthwhile. Because Libra gets goo-goo eyes at the idea of "happily ever after," take care not to rush into commitments or force a failing relationship to work.


With Mercury in your ninth house of expansion, learning, and adventure, it's time to open your mind to new possibilities and commit to studying other perspectives. The world is officially your oyster. However, Venus is now retrograding in your seventh house of partnerships, causing you to rethink your closest relationships and the way you function in them. What do you need from a partner? How can you be a better partner?


Venus, your ruling planet, is now retrograding in your sixth house of health and work, making it that much harder to enjoy accomplishing your to-do list or keeping up with your responsibilities. How can you make your routine more exciting? Do you have a bad habit of procrastinating? With Mercury in your eighth house of transformation, you have the power to totally renovate your ability to think clearly, communicate, and execute plans.


With Mercury, your ruling planet, powering your seventh house of partnerships, you're in the mood to have both exciting and necessary conversations with a partner that reaffirm your commitment to each other. However, Venus retrograde, which is now in your fifth house of fun and creativity, is making it that much harder for you to feel inspired or energized about life. What do you truly need in order to feel happy and fulfilled?


Now that Venus is retrograding in your fourth house of home and family, issues regarding your intimacy with your closest loved ones will be called into question. Is your home life a respectable and enjoyable environment? Are you being true to yourself or what your family expects of you? With Mercury in your sixth house of work and routine, you can concentrate on improving these issues in an efficient, step-by-step manner. Don't let things slide.


You're entering an artistic genesis now that Mercury is in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. Your mind is geared towards colorful pursuits, so allow yourself the freedom to embrace fun opportunities and express yourself. Now that Venus is retrograding in your third house of communication, you may have difficulty finding the right words or seeing eye-to-eye with others. Rethink the way you exchange thoughts with others.


With Venus retrograding in your second house of finance and possessions, you're rethinking your relationship with money and luxury. Are you making as much as money as necessary? Are you overspending? Has frugality cost you fun experiences? With Mercury, your ruling planet, in your home and family house, your sights are on improving your home environment and the relationships that lie within it. Is family game night on the horizon?


Now that Venus, your ruling planet, is retrograding in your first house of the self, you're experiencing an introspective shift that influences your whole identity. Are you being kind to yourself? Are you on the right path? Are you embracing who you truly are? With Mercury in your third house of communication, you have all the brain power and charisma to express yourself clearly and be honest with yourself. Don't shy away from necessary conversations.


Take a breath of fresh air because Venus has retrograded away from Scorpio. However, it now sits in your 12th house of the unconscious, making your imagination more susceptible to stressful concepts. Make sure you take care of your self spiritually and avoid energy vampires. With Mercury in your second house of self-worth, you're building an impenetrable confidence. Work harder and stay disciplined for long-term success.


Now that Mercury is in your first house of the self, you're feeling fully engaged with the person you are. Your intelligence is on fire and your mind is running at a thousand miles per hour. How can you turn your ideas into actions? Make sure you slow down and take a closer look at things. With Venus Rx in your 11th house of friends, you're rethinking your social life. Are you surrounding yourself with inspiring people? Are you being cooperative?


With Venus retrograding in your 10th house of career, you may suddenly feel that your success is on unsteady ground. Are you happy with the path you're on? Are you being too hard on yourself? Screw what others think. What do you think? Now that Mercury is in your spirituality house, it's time to cleanse yourself from deep within and listen to your intuition. A period of solitude and reflection will help you solve many of your problems.


With Mercury in your 11th house of community (your ruling house), you're feeling totally in touch with your philanthropic and visionary side. Gather together for group efforts and lead your friends towards awesomeness. However, with Venus retrograding in your ninth house of adventure, you may find that your trailblazing instincts hit unexpected obstacles. Are you learning from your mistakes? Are you being open-minded to other perspectives?


Venus is now retrograding in your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth, causing you to rethink some mistakes you've made in the past, as well as the way you approach intimacy. Are you being genuine with your love? Are you forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to move on? With Mercury in your career house, you can focus on your larger goals with beautiful clarity. Take a leap of faith in your career, put yourself out there, and get the recognition you deserve.