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New Beginnings Are Sweeping Over You In Your October 21 Weekly Horoscope


Are you ready to be put under a dark and ravishing love spell? Up for some intense and spiritually awakening conversations? Prepared to set aside all the nonsense and focus on what truly matters? You better be, because your October 21, 2019 weekly horoscope is here, and it's a different brand of magic. There is a wave of creative rejuvenation, transformative love, and new beginnings sweeping over you. When the sun enters Scorpio on Oct. 23, it's time to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. You're so much more powerful than you ever could have imagined.

If you're craving a romance that's straight out of a novel, you're in luck, because on Oct. 21, Venus — planet of beauty and affection — will lace her fingers with dreamy and transcendent Neptune. When these two planets meet, reality becomes far more easy to bear. You're encouraged to open your heart, let yourself embrace compassion, and look at life through a rainbow-colored lens. Not only is everyone in the mood to fall in love, but there is a blast of creative energy rushing through the cosmos. Let it tap into your imagination and bring art into your world.

The love you have for others will deepen and solidify when Venus later dances with dark and mysterious Pluto on Oct. 25. If you have a crush on someone, prepare to feel all the more hooked on the sound of their name. If you're already in love, prepare for that love to reach new depths of trust and understanding. However, love takes on many forms, and no matter what happens, the love in your life will blossom into something raw and beautiful.

Prepare to feel as if things have come to abrupt stop when Mars — planet of assertion and drive — clashes with sturdy and inhibiting Saturn. Where Mars wants to go hard and fast, Saturn wants to set up a boundary and follow the rules. This transit could make you feel as though everything is blocking you from achieving what you desire. Instead of expecting instant results, practice patience and reflection, and whatever you do, don't give up. If it truly matters to you, nothing can stand in your way.

When the new moon in Scorpio cleanses the sky on Oct. 27, it'll be time for earth-shattering revelations and unexpected shifts in your trajectory. This new moon directly opposes unpredictable and rebellious Uranus, meaning something totally electrifying and new is about to begin. Let go of your expectations and ride this wave all the way to the shore. You'll never guess what's waiting for you there.



You may feel all wrapped up in a hot and heavy romance this week. You can transcend emotional walls and be vulnerable with yourself in a way that feels magical. Open your heart to someone else in the process. However, don't ruin a beautiful thing by trying to force it in a direction it does not want to go. Instead of trying to force someone else to be what you need, let yourself be what you need.


There could be hearts in your eyes, because you may feel like you've found someone who completes you. You're feeling more empathetic and open to compromising with someone who matters to you. But don't let romance take away energy from your work. It may be all too easy to let infatuation steal your focus. If things aren't panning out the way you desire, return to the drawing board.


You have the power to infuse so much creativity into your work this week. Transform your daily routine, find magic in the process, and let inspiration be your guide. But don't expect any of the magic to produce results immediately. Right now, you're refining your method and breaking through your imaginative barriers. Be patient about reaching the finish line. There's no rush.


Your artistic impulse is flourishing and you feel like being on stage where all the world can witness your talents. Lean in to this artistic burst, because it's reminding you of all you're capable of. However, all this creation and self-expression might stir up feelings of discomfort. You may be second-guessing yourself or feeling like you should hold back. Don't.

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You're feeling emotionally connected to your home and more compassionate than ever. Spend time with those you trust more than anyone in the world and fill your soul with homey activities like cooking and redecorating. You may find it hard to retain information, stay focused, and communicate your thoughts effectively this week. So, set aside time for rest and introspection.


Conversations will take you to magical places this week, so engage with that stranger who's caught your eye, call up your friends, and spend time jotting down your thoughts. So much beauty is entering your world through words. However, be careful not to make promises you can't keep, as you may find it more difficult than usual to create something tangible out of your ideas.


There is so much abundance surrounding you this week, so take time to connect with your surroundings, feel grateful for what you have, and transform your sense of self. Unexpected windfalls may even land in your life, so be open to opportunities that cross your path. Let these opportunities develop naturally, however. Something is just beginning. Don't squash it with your expectations.


You're reveling in the beauty of being you this week, so fill your heart with confidence and don't be afraid of letting the world know what you're made of. People are noticing all the things that are amazing about you, so believe in yourself. But you might feel drawn to alone time so that you can process self-love on your own. Try not to let energy thieves prevent that from happening.



You're in your own little world this week and it's so beautiful, why would you want to leave it behind? Take a moment to reflect on your inner workings and dive into your imagination. You may feel frustrated that your hopes and dreams are not manifesting as quickly as you'd like. However, your anxiety may be clouding the truth of all that you've already accomplished.


Your social life is buzzing with magical energy this week and you're making new friends, as well as strengthening your bond with current ones. Find meaning in a group setting so you can all work toward a positive cause together. However, you may butt heads with an authority figure in your life, causing you to feel powerless. Trust that this will all work out for the best.


Your career is blossoming this week, so take note of anything that inspires you to step up to the plate and own your power. Your creative juices are flowing and you have a vision of where you'd like to be that you're seeing clearly. However, you might struggle to find meaning in some of the tasks that are required of you in the present moment. Know that it's all leading up to something.


Your adventures are especially thrilling this week, so make time to find the magic that surrounds you. Try something new, open your mind to a different viewpoint, and step away from all that you know. However, you may find yourself experiencing difficulty with intimacy this week. If you're feeling guarded, or others are, it's all meant to show you how to establish and respect boundaries.