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Your October 14 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It Wants You To Take Action


If you've been waiting for a bright idea to sweep your imagination, you'll love the astrology slated to take place this week. Open your mind, let your thoughts wander, and start making plans because your October 14, 2019 weekly horoscope wants you to take action. But don't think the decisions you're making will necessarily feel easy or clear cut — at least not at first.

As the sun forms a square to destructive and secret-keeping Pluto on Oct. 14, the week begins on a dark note. Divulging the truth and igniting your desire for power, you'll feel propelled to climb out of your shadow and transform. Just be careful not to give in to compulsions or act from a place of fear. There's much to be learned from this energy, so give yourself time to process your emotions.

Luckily, you've got all the momentum to get you motivated to better yourself. When Mercury — planet of communication and logic — forms a sextile with disciplined Saturn on Oct. 14, you'll feel grounded in your thoughts and ready to commit to a project for the long haul. Use this energy to get practical things done and to map out your goals in a concrete, doable manner. When Mercury later meets up with dreamy and spiritual Neptune on Oct. 15, you'll feel your creative juices flowing and your heart opening. This is when your imagination can take you to new heights, so let go of rationale and your inner critic. Let yourself make a mess, because the most beautiful things result when you let your guard down. Empathize with and learn from others through the process. As Mercury eventually connects with Pluto on Oct. 19, you will be able to understand the core of your situation. Not only will this energy help you bounce back from rock bottom, but it will likely uncover deeper truths and powerful new perspectives.

By the end of the week, Venus — planet of love and beauty — finds stable ground by joining forces with Saturn. This will benefit your relationships and finances with some stability. This energy will help you commit, think long term, and make grown-up decisions about what to do with your heart.



An unexpected truth about a relationship may be surfacing, leading to an epiphany about whether this relationship is in line with your emotional needs. You have the power to climb out of a dark place this week. What seemed impossible is actually more than possible. Settle debts, sever ties, and make way for something better. Attachments to the past cannot follow you where you're going.


You're taking control of your daily routine and work life, but first, they may be derailed by your compulsions to do something drastic. Feel your feelings, but save important decisions for when you're calm. Your relationships are being soothed and stabilized this week. Let empathy be your guiding light. Being a force of kindheartedness is the answer to your loneliness.


Your destructive tendencies are being turned on and you may be attracted to dark or mysterious situations. Let these instincts feed your creativity, but don't impatiently burn down anything important. Your artistic power is fully charged and you have all the stamina to see an idea through. This is a beautiful week to create something you've been longing for.


You may be confronted by some difficult truths regarding your family or situation at home. Even though it might make you feel powerless, understand it's pushing you to establish the life you desire. The instinct to express yourself and make your presence known is being ignited, so don't you dare hide in the shadows and suppress your inner child from playing.



There may be unnerving conversations that need to be had. Be careful of saying too much and be prepared to receive difficult answers to questions you want to ask. You deserve to know the truth, regardless. You're sprucing up your home environment this week and finding the security and comfort you desire. This is a beautiful time to mend relationships with family.


You may be overly driven by materialistic concerns this week, so make sure to ground yourself when you place too much value in what you have or what you don't have. Acting from a place of internal self-worth will serve you in the long run. You have the power to learn so much and engage in eye-opening conversations, so take up a new hobby or study a new subject.


You may be feeling powerless in many aspects of your life, but this is only fuel to help you regain your power. Don't let your ego get the best of you. Comparing yourself to others will never give you an accurate depiction of your immense strength. Build your own castle this week, as your ability to set financial goals and work toward a better lifestyle is totally switched on.


There may be memories from your past coming back to haunt you, pushing your need for closure or possibly even revenge. Remember that closure is found within you. Forgiveness does not mean you have to forget what happened, but it does mean letting go of its hold over you. Let personal growth envelop you this week, as you're rapidly making great strides.



You may have a strong desire to have power over others, but it won't necessarily make you feel as if you're in control. Release your need for approval from others and transform the world by setting a positive example. Your intuition is on high alert this week, allowing you to heal your spirit, connect with your subconscious, and achieve a deep and gratifying inner peace.


You may be obsessing over your image to the point of self-destruction. Remember, success takes time and it doesn't look the same on everyone else. The power you desire might not even make you as happy as you believe it will. Instead of worrying about your abilities, ask yourself how you can help others. You're a natural leader this week, so dedicate yourself to the higher good.


Your beliefs are being tested, and you may have to face the fact that some things are far darker than you may have hoped. However, by confronting the reality of a situation, you are only becoming wiser. Let this wisdom seep into your goals and your career aspirations, as you have the power to make major moves this week. Think big and know anything is possible.


You may feel pulled to merge with someone else and not necessarily for the right reasons. Passion is thrilling, but it can cloud your judgment and leave you making commitments you're not ready to make if you're not careful. Transformations are underway, so let them develop naturally. You're expanding your perspective and so many opportunities are arriving at your feet.