Your Weekly Horoscope Is Looking Uplifting AF, So You Can Rest Easy

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Milles Studio

This week is going to be a good one, so set your pessimism and self-pity aside (or put it in some tupperware and keep it in the fridge for freshness) and get ready to party. Your weekly horoscope for Oct. 23, 2017 is promising you a lot. Now I can't guarantee you actually get all the gifts that seem to be in the stars for you, because I'm not Santa — and TBH, neither is the universe. Astrology is a predictive ART, not a science, so be reasonable. But if, as the skeptics seem to think, astrology is a self-fulfilling prophecy, we might as well choose to believe in the good stuff it tells us.

Obviously, we are creeping closer and closer to Scorpio season, which I usually prep for by brushing up on all my defensive mind control tactics. But this week, we can sit back and chill. Jupiter is conjoining the sun this week, meaning the planet of luck is in a beneficial angle to the planet that rules our self expression, protecting us from our most pessimistic beliefs. We aren't limited by fear, and we aren't limited by our reasons to feel it (and sure, there are reasons to be afraid... North Korea, anybody?)

Anyway, here are the good things you can expect during the week of Oct 23, 2017.


Jupiter conjoining the sun seems to be pointing to a sum of cash coming at you, most likely from a personal project you've worked on that impressed everyone at work.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in a beautiful aspect with Neptune, the planet of creativity on Oct. 24, so use that day to work on your next creative project.


Jupiter and the sun conjoin in your seventh house of marriage and partnership this week, so while there is a chance you could get engaged, it's also a good time to sign papers with a business partner.

Try to wait to sign any papers until Oct. 26, and you're likely to make big bucks with your new partner. Mars entered Libra on Oct. 22 boosting your workload up through Dec. 9, so strap in!


Jupiter and the sun in your house of health and fitness promise results when you direct your energy toward improving your health or impressing your boss with your attention to detail at work. You've also got Mars in Libra in your fifth house of romance through December, so if you're not on any dating sites, sign up. Now is your time. Nobody puts Gemini in the corner.


You're about to feel the effects of this Jupiter/sun alignment more than most, as it's happening in your fifth house of romance, fun, and play. Oct. 26 or 27, try to make plans to be out and about, and if the spirit moves you, go ahead and be more outgoing than you're used to being.

This is a magical week for travel as well, or for going to see a performance or event outside of your comfort zone, as Mercury and Neptune work together to expand your horizons.


Your focus this week will be on your home, either on redecorating the one you live in, or moving from the one you're in now. Beautifying your space is likely to take up most of your personal focus, but outside the home, you could have a pretty great time out with friends and might even meet someone who takes your breath away.


You've got Jupiter conjoining the sun in your third house of communication, media and technology, so if you plan on publishing a book this week or pitching one, launching a website, or brainstorming app ideas, you're likely to reach a higher level of success than you bargained for.

Your ruling planet Mercury is in good aspect with Neptune as well, making this one of your best for creative ideas and projects.


Jupiter and the Sun are in your second house of earned income, so it's likely to lead to a promotion in your field of work this week, or a raise. Now is also a good time to ask for a raise if you don't see it coming on the horizon, or if you work for yourself, now would be the time to let your clients know that you are raising your rates. You're worth it! Now is a time in your life where you're going to seeing your cash flow increase, while over the last few months it's been slightly depleted.


Jupiter enters your sign and conjoins the sun this week, and while for other signs, the effects of this are limited to a certain area of life (determined by the houses of the chart), Jupiter is falling in your first house, which gives you the power to choose exactly where you want to experience the most expansion in your life.

Your first house is whatever is nearest and dearest to your heart, a choose-your-own-adventure of sorts, so make your choices carefully, and whatever you choose is sure to be a lucky venture.


Jupiter conjoins the sun in your 12th house, meaning something that's been going on behind the scenes could come to light and rock your f*cking world this week. Not to mention Mercury is in harmonious angle to Neptune, making for a very creatively fulfilling week. You could feel invisible now, but by the weekend, you'll feel like you're famous AF.


Jupiter conjoins the sun this week in your eleventh house of friendships, groups, hopes and dreams. I am so excited for you, Capricorn! A deeply held wish is likely to come true this week when a friend swoops in to help you out in ways you never imagined possible.

You've done all the work necessary to be prepared and now your dreams are likely to finally come true.


The sun conjoins Jupiter in your 10th house of career honors, awards, and achievements, which will put you front and center in your industry. While the work you've been doing has been hard, you haven't felt as if it's gotten you much praise, and that is all about to change this week. The sun rules your seventh house of partnerships, so it's likely that either an agent or manager will be instrumental in your success.


If you're traveling this week, you're likely to travel in style, as Jupiter meets the sun in your ninth house of foreign people, places, and ideas. The ninth house also rules academia, the media, publishing, courts, and legality. There's a good chance that a new project could sprout up for you that may allow you to travel and make money at the same time. Make sure to take it and ask questions later.