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Brace Yourself For Emotional Thinking In Your Nov. 11 Weekly Horoscope


If you've been feeling the Mercury retrograde blues as it travels down Scorpio's dark and karmic tunnel, prepare for even more intensity. Your November 11, 2019 weekly horoscope begins with the sun and Mercury forming a conjunction, causing your thoughts to bleed into your overall well-being. Whatever may be going on in your heart and mind is only going to become all the more apparent, but that's no reason to run for cover. Let it reveal deeper truths and show you perspectives you haven't get considered. Just be careful before grabbing onto a thought and refusing to let go.

A full moon will rise on Nov. 12 at 8:34 a.m. ET and it is sharp as a knife. Taking place in grounded, practical, and sensual Taurus, this full moon will bring you closer to earth and ask you to start thinking about how you can build something that lasts. Forming a trine with fatherly Saturn and power hungry Pluto, there is no room for small-minded or lazy thinking. Saturn expects you to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. Pluto gives you the strength to do it. A sextile with sensitive and magical Neptune will give you a boost of creativity and faith in the process. However, this full moon also opposes Mercury retrograde, so remember nothing is set in stone. Don't feel pressured to make decisions just yet, but with driven Mars also forming a sextile with expansive Jupiter, you can rest assured you're being motivated to push through and make your dreams happen. In the meantime, remain flexible.

By Nov. 13, you'll receive even more positive reinforcement. Mercury will connect with both steady Saturn and spiritual Neptune, allowing you to center your thoughts, see the world through a more mystical light, and communicate with maturity. This is a beautiful time to start making plans for your future and to stay focused on the task at hand. When the sun forms a sextile with transformative Pluto, you'll feel as though you can overcome any obstacle and be whoever you want to be. Let this powerful energy guide you forward and show you what you're capable of.

Mercury retrograde confuses relationships enough, but when romantic Venus conflicts with disorienting Neptune, it may be even more difficult to know where you stand with someone you love. Brace yourself for irrational and overly emotional thinking. It could cloud the true nature of how you both feel.



Take a closer look at your attachments in life. Are you truly receiving what you need in exchange for all the energy you're spending? You may be focusing on the wrong venture or possibly even the wrong person. Ultimately, you are whole all by yourself; nothing and no one else can complete you. The right situation will never leave you questioning your worth.


If your sense of self is dependent on someone else, you will always be questioning who you are. Take a step back and remember what's inside of you. All your strengths, talents, and interests cannot be taken away from you. In fact, they're begging to be recognized. Prioritizing your own self first is not selfish — it's the first step to becoming a worthy partner.


You may be trying to find the right formula or the correct method for dealing with your emotions, but the truth is it's all a big mess. You may think you're in a bad place because you're feeling so much chaos, but actually it's quite the opposite. The fact that you're feeling your feelings is all a part of the process. Forgive yourself for all of it.


You have so much talent, beauty, and power surging inside of you. The world has only seen a fraction of it because, for some reason, you're keeping it to yourself. You are here to make a storm. You are here to splatter color onto the world. Let your artistic truth bring you closer to people who can relate to and appreciate everything you're feeling.



The world is watching you and an opportunity to shine a light on your accomplishments is arriving. Fear of failure may be encompassing you, but remember each failure teaches you something new and brings you one step closer to success. Even if you do fail, don't you dare give up. You are so much closer to the finish line than you realize.


Your mind and your intuition may be at odds, leading to confusion over which actions to take. Now more than ever, your thoughts have incredible power over the rest of your life. Thoughts of abundance, love, and ambition will change your reality for the better. If your thoughts still won't budge, it's time to get a breath of fresh air and visit a new place.


Life is tugging at you and pulling you in a direction you may not have intended to go in. You know in your heart what needs to change, no matter how painful it may feel. Whether you realize it, you've been pushing for this to end too. You know you're meant for something better, but fear has been holding you back. Let go of that fear.


Not every relationship is meant to last forever. Some people come together simply to help each other grow and touch each other's lives for only a specific amount of time. It's OK to outgrow a partnership that's lost its power, but don't let one misunderstanding sever all that you've built together. You have the right to set boundaries and rethink the terms.



One negative thought leads to another, and before you know it, you're stricken with stress and anxiety. You're learning that the antidote to so much of your worry is simply taking action. You can create peace in your life by creating order. Even if everything looks like a mess, you can tackle it step by step. Sooner or later, your choices all amount to something.


You may be wondering why your creativity has stalled or why things don't seem as fun anymore, but it may be your own mentality that has inhibited your joy. Let down your guard and try not to worry about your creativity "amounting" to something. Rules and logistics block the source. Remove your self-doubt and let the music rush through. It's getting louder and louder.


Now more than ever, you deserve to feel safe, comforted, and taken care of. Come to terms with the type of love and tenderness you need in your life and make sure you're putting effort into giving yourself that love. It may be by creating a home you look forward to returning to or by spending time with those who "get" you.


You have so many feelings that spread into a thousand directions. How can you be honest with not only yourself about these feelings, but also with others? There many be a big conversation that needs to be had, but it may not need to be as dramatic as you think. Approach things with understanding, patience, truth, and, most importantly, directness.