Your New Moon In Libra Horoscope Will Highlight Your Progress & Show You Peace

As of October 8, 2018, another new moon will darken our night sky and offer us a second chance. In my opinion, the lunar cycle is indicative of everything we should feel grateful to the cosmos for. The way the moon affects us internally as she glides through every phase of her continual movement provides us with a spiritual calendar that never fails. Offering us motivation through the waxing period and forgiveness through the waning, it's the new moon that represents an opportunity to let go of the past and move forward with a clean slate. If you're as ready for some mystical rejuvenation as I am, you'll want to remember your new moon in Libra 2018 horoscope from the bottom of your heart.

Transpiring in the cardinal air sign of Libra, this new moon is embodied by balance and harmony. Libra is symbolized by the scales for a very poetic reason. This zodiac sign seeks to reconcile conflict, equalize extremes, and provide you with a peaceful new beginning. This makes the upcoming new moon the perfect time to tend to aspects of life you may be neglecting. It's also a chance to refocus your emotional state if you're concentrating too much on one thing. Whatever the new moon means to you, there's no way you won't walk away with a more well-adjusted perspective.


As the new moon sends harmonizing energy into your seventh house of partnerships, it's the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the people you choose to share your heart with. Whether this has to do with a lover, a friend, or a business partner, take time to reevaluate how you can improve your bond. It could also be time to let go of a commitment that has long expired.


This new moon in Libra will replenish your sixth house of work, health, and routine. It's time to go back to the drawing board and take stock of all the priorities you've left on the back-burner. Make a plan to eradicate the burden currently weighing on you by tackling one thing at a time. Give yourself a chance to really start over and pat yourself on the back for small victories.


With a Libra new moon infusing your fifth house of art, pleasure, and fun, you're bound to embrace the spark of inspiration. Find courage to begin an artistic endeavor or embrace a deeper understanding of creative existence. It's time to become reacquainted with your inner artist. Allow self-expression to be your guiding light as it brings balance and harmony to your world.


It is your fourth house of family and the home that will absorb the magic from the new moon in Libra. Luckily, this is your ruling house in astrology, making its sparkle that much brighter. Time to renovate your home environment, tend to your sacred space, and reacquaint yourself with your closest loved ones. The home is where you thrive. By taking care of it, you will thrive, too.


With the new moon sending power to your third house of communication, this lunation is about brainstorming new ideas, reinforcing your opinion, and saying everything that you've needed to say. Use your words to convey only the highest truth. Share your perspective in a way that helps you refine who you are. Open your heart to curiosity and remain hungry for more.


It's a luxurious time when the Libra new moon sparkles in your second house of finance and possessions. It's time to think about your relationship with the material world. Are you making as much money as you'd like to be? Do you feel stable and comforted by the foundation you've built for yourself? Think about ways in which you can make your life even richer and more extravagant.


Because the new moon will revitalize your first house of the self, it has the power to transform you from the ground up. It may be time to make a startling change to your identity, such as changing your hair or starting a project that means something very personal to you. Think about the person you're becoming. Think about the person you see yourself in the future. Make decisions with them in mind.


Because this new moon in Libra will replenish your 12th house of spirituality and unconscious development, it's asking you to treat yourself to some solitude. Realign yourself through personal activities such as meditation, journaling, and spiritual practices. Delve deep into your dreams and listen to the inner workings of your intuition. You're downloading important cosmic data.


As the new moon sparkles in your eleventh house of community and friendship, it's clear that this lunation is pushing you out of your shell and asking you to remain open to extraversion. Tend to your social circle. Share ideas with and learn from others. Remain open to connections with new people. It may be time to spearhead a new movement. It's time to lead by example.


Capricorn rules over the 10th house of career and reputation in astrology. The fact that the new moon blazes through your ruling house makes its impact impossibly powerful. This is your chance to push your career to the next level, to fight for the recognition you deserve and take your goals more seriously. Make a plan for greatness because you're much closer to it than you think.


The new moon will ignite the fire of adventure in your ninth house of expansion and wisdom. This lunation will be about embarking on a wild and fantastic journey, simply for the sake of gaining new experiences and making beautiful memories. Commit yourself to a higher ideal and don't let petty worries obscure the bigger picture. Open your mind and allow the universe to deliver.


Your eighth house of death, rebirth, and sex will receive rejuvenation from the new moon. It's time to let go of your emotional hang ups, release yourself from darkness, and balance your inner intensity. This may be a particularly heavy and transformational new moon that affects you in a very deep and sensitive space. Shed your skin and breathe in this new beginning.