Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & This Is The Time To Ask For What You Want

If there was ever a week full of celestial magic, it's this one. The second week of Gemini season has arrived and it's even better than you could have imagined. Reading your May 28, 2018 weekly horoscope will remind you that the universe is always taking you beautiful places, even when there's no light at the end of the tunnel in sight.

The week begins with a fierce and untamed full moon in Sagittarius. On May 29, prepare to feel your heart bursting from your chest. This full moon wants you to break through the barriers holding you back and explore the wild unknown. You're guaranteed to feel a reckless pull towards adventure, and when you finally float back down to earth, you'll still be reverberating with ecstasy.

On the very same day, Mercury will make an uplifting move into Gemini, loosening everyone up and allowing conversation to flow freely from one individual to another. There are also a few planetary trines headed your way that are sure to infuse your world with divine connectivity. The planets are working together this week, and so will your heart and mind — two sacred entities that often have trouble establishing harmony.


You will find adventure all around you with the full moon in your ninth house of expansion and discovery. There will be a compulsion to speak your mind, to instill wonder in those you communicate with. As Mercury forms a trine with Mars, you may experience a breakthrough with your community, pushing everyone out of their comfort zone and allowing them to see something new.


This full moon is bound to spark a serious revolution within and you may feel like leaving behind an older version of yourself and embracing someone new. As Venus in your third house of communication forms a trine with Jupiter in your relationship house, you could experience revelations about the people closest to you; a deeper insight into the intimate bearings of your heart.


You will feel like sharing love and friendship with those around you. Keeping your soul to yourself won't be possible with a full moon in your seventh house of partnerships. With Mercury, your ruling planet, forming a trine with Mars in your adventure house, you will feel an overwhelming desire to take your relationships even further, to exchange inspiration with everyone you meet.


Take this full moon and use it to revive your mind, body, and soul. You will enter a period of cleansing and productivity, a time to collect yourself and get in touch with your dreams once again. As Venus forms trines with both Neptune and Jupiter, the fun will envelop you in every way, shape, and form. This is a perfect week to let loose, take risks, and expand. The pleasure will work in favor of your responsibilities.


This full moon occurs in your fifth house of pleasure and fun, inspiring you to fully enjoy yourself after weeks of working hard. Wasting the day will not be an option. Gather your community together and create memories that will last a lifetime. As Venus forms a trine with Neptune in your eighth house of reincarnation, you're bound to feel your closest friendships revive from lethargy and metamorphose into something deeper.


You will feel the vibrations of this full moon in your family and home life, inspiring you to do something wild and spontaneous with your closest loved ones or make a drastic change to your home environment. With Mercury in your career house forming a trine with Mars in your work house, you will concentrate deeply on your goals and you'll enter a zone of extreme productivity.


You are bound to feel like expressing your truth under the wild energy of this full moon. Exchanging ideas will come naturally to you and you'll feel receptive to new information, like incorporating it into your penchant for adventure. When Venus in your career house forms a trine with Jupiter in your money house, you're likely to experience a breakthrough at work, a flooding of rewards and possibly a little extra cash.


The full moon will blow fire into your second house of money while the sun is in your eighth house of regeneration. You could experience a big change in your financial state or a wild desire to spend more. As Venus forms a trine with Neptune, you will be plunged into a state of intense fun, wanting to spread your wings and fly to interesting new places. The trine between Mercury and Mars will also cause truths to reveal itself within your family and home life.


With the full moon lighting its fire in your name, you're bound to feel the greatest depth of inspiration and adventure. As it reflects light from the sun in your seventh house of relationships, you could feel beautifully harmonious with those who matter most. When Venus forms a trine with Jupiter, your ruling planet, you will feel something new rising in your subconscious, an idea that you are meant to write down and remember.


This full moon moon might bring you to tears, believe it or not. As it glows in your 12th house of spirituality, you will feel dreamier and more fantastical than usual. As Venus and Jupiter form a trine, you will feel very harmonious with your closets loved ones, like forging strong connections with fresh iron. When Mercury in your work house forms a trine with Mars in your money house, you'll also feel a renewed sense of drive, a desire to really get a lot done.


With the full moon occurring in your community house, you will feel especially inspired to get out there and spur revolution, to embody the change you'd like to see in the world. When Mars in your first house of the self forms a trine with Mercury in your fifth house of fun, your sights will be set on expanding your world into a much more desirable place. If you feel the instinct to do something silly and absurd, don't fight it.


This full moon will inspire you to go even further in your career, to make your wildest ideas of success known. However, it won't be all work and no play. With Venus in your house of pleasure forming a trine with both Jupiter and Neptune, your ruling planets, you will feel your soul ballooning up with ecstasy; an insatiable desire to be active in the world. If you can't help but feel curious, let your heart lead the way.