Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Your World Is About To Be Filled With Sunshine

If you've had enough of the sleepy and heavy feeling associated with Taurus season, prepare yourself for a replenishing rush of fresh energy. As of May 20, the sun has officially moved into Gemini, and the weight on your shoulders will finally start to lift. It's during Gemini season that you begin to feel the soothing vibes of summer reaching eagerly toward you. A carefree and lighthearted nostalgia sweeps your world and suddenly, you remember what it feels like to be young, even if your soul seems old as can be. If this all sounds too good to be true, your May 21, 2018, weekly horoscope will prove to you that it's not. Even if you're not the biggest fan of this flighty air sign, you can't deny its excitable effects. I bet you're already feeling the euphoric jitters forming in your chest.

With all the other planetary movements, this week isn't even solely defined by Gemini season. Last week, we entered far deeper waters when Venus in Cancer began on May 19. Get ready for your emotional attachments to tighten, for tears to form on your eyelids at the first sign of beauty. Even though Venus will form a challenging opposition with Saturn on May 26, your relationships will be rebranded with new strength. Mercury will also be opposing Jupiter in a harsh way on May 23. However, with Jupiter forming a trine with Neptune and Mercury forming a trine with Pluto on May 25, you'll have far too much pleasing energy swimming through you to allow any challenges to bring you down.


You'll feel a lot more social this week since the sun entered your third house of communications. Your group of friends will be your source of happiness, and you'll feel like inviting new people into your circle with Mars catapulting into your 11th house of community. Jupiter forming a trine with Neptune is also likely to affect you on a very intimate level, causing you to grow in very emotional and vulnerable ways.


With the sun in your second house of money and Mars in your 10th house of career, your earning power is extremely high and you should work hard this week. Your love life, however, might be on a slow-moving path with Pluto, your love planet, in retrograde at the same time that Jupiter retrograde affects your seventh house of partnerships. Focus on your friendships during this time, as they'll be your main joy.


Your whole life may feel like a thrilling adventure this week with the sun in your first house and Mars in your ninth house of growth and knowledge. You're absorbing good energy like a sponge. With Neptune in your 10th house of career and Jupiter in your sixth house of work, their trine will tap into a magical source that infuses your world with productivity and inspiration. The fact that Venus is in your second house of money will ensure that you reap the results of your labor.


You're feeling a lot more spiritual and peaceful lately with the sun in your 12th house of the subconscious. The fact that Venus is in your sign stretches this harmonious energy towards everyone you meet, making you so magnetic. Jupiter's trine with Neptune will also help you feel ready to rock 'n roll, dive deep into indulgence, and expand your universe into something much more grand. Get ready to have fun this week.


The sun, your ruling planet, is infusing your 11th house of community with affection and love. You'll also feel compelled to network with others and form promising partnerships as Venus, your career planet, spills intuitive energy into your 12th house of spirituality. You'll know exactly what steps you should take and you'll feel confident in your strategies. The fact that Mercury is also in your 10th house of career just reinforces your concern for your biggest goals in life.


You'll feel an overall concern for your career with the sun in your 10th house of social status. However, you'll also feel very intelligent and energized as your ruling planet, Mercury, sparks energy into your ninth house of growth at the same time as it forms an enterprising trine with Pluto. Later in the week would be a great time to talk to people you look up to and glean wisdom from their experience. Who knows? You may just find a perfect opportunity.


You'll feel a helpful boost in your career as Venus, your ruling planet, sits in your 10th house of social status while the sun is in your ninth house of adventure and growth. You'll feel a lot more eager than you have in a while. However, Venus will also oppose Saturn later in the week, which could create kinks to your personal life. Don't pay the drama too much mind and enjoy yourself as much as you can. Never forget that Mars is currently energizing your fifth house of fun and pleasure.


You're entering a period of transformation with the sun in your eighth house of death and rebirth. There is always loss involved with this house, but there is also gain. Your love life will also receive some harmonious energy as Mercury sits in your seventh house of partnerships while it forms a trine with your ruling planet, Pluto. You and your lover will finally begin seeing eye to eye and it will feel easier to connect with others if you're single.


Your family will be a source of comfort to you this week as Neptune sits in your fourth house of your home while it forms a trine with Jupiter, your ruling planet. You will feel the most joy and safety with your closest loved ones. Your love life will feel equally as exciting as Mercury, your love planet, forms a trine with Pluto. The sun also happens to be in your seventh house of partnerships. If you're not going out on a hot date this week, you definitely should be.


With the sun in your sixth house of health and work, you'll feel inspired to get back into the grind and get busy. However, with Venus, your career planet, opposing Saturn, your ruling planet, you may feel shaken by bumps in the road as you try to make success happen. Take comfort in Mercury sitting in your fifth house of pleasure this week, as it will help you not feel so bothered by the difficulties, especially as it forms a trine with Pluto.


Mars is currently blasting through your sign and you're entering a period of prime energy and sexual awakening. The fact that the sun is currently in your fifth house of fun and pleasure makes you feel like jumping for joy and indulging. Your career is also in a good place as Jupiter in the 10th house of social status forms a trine with Neptune in your second house of finance. You'll feel your income gently entering your life and you'll be able to make smart decisions about your future to come.


The fact that Jupiter and Neptune, both of your ruling planets, are forming a trine infuses your week with so much luck and plenty of good spirits. The fact that Mars, your money planet, is also in your 12th house of intuition and spirituality makes it a lot easier for you to earn wealth and stay on top of your finances. Be careful when Venus opposes Saturn later on in the week, however. Venus is currently in your fifth house of pleasure and when it opposes Saturn, you might take the fun a little too far.