Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's Time To Spread Your Wings & Fly

The past few weeks have been softened by smooth energy, gently rocking us into a place of much-deserved calm. However, we can't relax forever, because there's still work to be done. You have a destiny to reach. Inspiration won't come looking for you, unless you prove that you're willing to put in the effort. If you're ready to leave your cocoon behind and transform into something much larger than yourself, your May 14, weekly horoscope will excite you beyond belief.

Change can be terrifying, but ultimately, it's quite exciting. Change plunges you into a shock, before showing you something new and beautiful. You realize that the boring, monotonous routines you've been clinging to were leaving you listless and lethargic. Change zaps you with a jolt of electricity, reminding you how amazing it feels to be alive. And of course, change isn't always easy; it's not always for the better, either. However, you must trust in the destination, and never give up.

This week begins with a revitalizing new moon in Taurus that wants you to get serious about your plans. On the same day, Uranus, ruler of radical transformation, makes a heavy move into Taurus, making you rethink the stability in your life. It takes Uranus seven years to change signs, so expect these changes to last for a long time. These transitions want you to become a more grounded, tenacious adult. The sky is the limit for how far you'll go.


You're about to enter a new era, financially speaking, with Uranus transitioning into your second house of money, while Venus, your money planet, also moves into the fourth house of home and family. You'll become more concerned with stability, earning power, and building a strong foundation for yourself. Your social life will also experience a peak as Mars, your ruling planet, moves into your 11th house of friends.


Uranus transitions into your sign, bringing change in every facet of your life. Most important will be the change that comes from within. Embrace a new perspective of yourself and a much stronger, more mature version of who you are. Venus, your ruling planet, also makes a move into your third house of communication. You're entering a period of unapologetic honesty and free expression.


You're about to experience a whole new level of connection with your soul and the natural world as Uranus enters your 12th house of spirituality. You may pick up new belief systems and cleansing rituals. Remaining in touch with your subconscious will become a consistency in your life. A new moon always pushes you to become more secure financially; this one will have you looking to get very serious about increasing your income.


Uranus enters your 11th house of friends, and you will be all wrapped up in your community, having a great time being extroverted and connected to others. As Venus transitions into your sign, you will become more attractive and magnetic. Since this is also your family planet, you'll be brought closer to your home base, feeling like your blood relations would do anything in the world for you.


As Uranus moves into your 10th house of career and status, you will experience a shake-up in your career, and you may even want to change your career path altogether. Uranus also happens to be your love planet, making you feel deeply connected to your work. Perhaps a romance will even develop in the workplace. The fact that Venus, your career planet, is also moving into your 12th house of spirituality, this will reinforce your love for what you do.


You'll want to expand your horizons, learn new things, and visit new places as Uranus makes a move into your ninth house of philosophy and travel. This is a time for you to let go of your need for control, let the wind take you places, and enjoy the spice of life. As Mars, your planet of sexuality, makes a move into your sixth house, this will revitalize your understanding of your body and its needs, especially from your partners.


You're about to enter a period of extreme transformation that won't necessarily be easy. Uranus moves into the eighth house, signifying a death and a rebirth, a loss and a gain. Remember, when one door closes, another one opens. With Venus, your ruling planet, entering your 10th house of career, you will experience revitalizing motivation to make more money, and make your name heard in the public sphere.


Uranus enters your seventh house of partnerships, causing a shake-up in your love life. You may enter a new relationship, go through a breakup, or experience another version of tumultuous action. However, Venus, your love planet, moves into the ninth house of philosophy, making you more experimental and adventurous in your love life. As strange and uncertain as these transitions are, you'll learn so much in the process that you'll ultimately appreciate it.


Uranus enters your sixth house, causing you to rethink the way you live and work. You may wonder if you've been healthy enough, if you're treating your body with enough care. Venus makes a risky move into your eighth house of death and transformation, potentially forcing you through a transition that's rife with growing pains. You'll be forced to take a closer, more responsible look at your self-care routines and the way you work.


As Uranus moves into your fifth house of pleasure and excitement, you're learning how to have fun in a brand new way. Letting go and having a good time isn't always easy for you, but for the next seven years, Uranus will force you to smile through your stoicism. Venus, your career planet, enters your seventh house of partnerships, forging an emotional connection between you and what you do for a living.


Uranus, your ruling planet, moves into your fourth house of family and you enter a new chapter in your most intimate bonds. Your family will grow, change, and morph into something new. You'll feel this shift on a very personal level. Mars also moves into your sign this week, signaling a period of intense productivity and aggressive action toward life. You have quite a profound vision of the future. Now, you can go after it with all you've got.


A new layer of your personality will unfold as Uranus moves into your third house of communication. Your thoughts, feelings, desires, and dreams will spill through you, fully articulated. Venus moves into your fifth house of pleasure, opening you up to a variety of fun and excitement. As Mars, your career planet, shifts into your 12th house of spirituality, you'll find yourself entering a period of easy money and passive income.