Your Mars In Cancer 2019 Horoscope Is About Putting Your Heart Into Your Career

Think of a time where you felt totally motivated. Were you completely energized about your goals and inspired to do whatever it took to reach them? There's a strong chance you were having a powerful experience with Mars during that time. In astrology, Mars is the planet of drive and ambition, and it evokes a certain energy depending on the sign it's in. On May 15, Mars leaves behind patient and stable Taurus to enter emotional and protective Cancer. You'd think this transit would make you feel too sensitive to move forward, but your Mars in Cancer 2019 horoscope will prove otherwise.

On the other hand, some of the rumors about Cancer are true. Cancer is a zodiac sign that's not as ruthless about winning and achieving as, say, Aries or Capricorn. However, it's worth remembering that Cancer is also a cardinal sign that wants to provoke the world and leave behind a mark of change. Cancer's movements arise from compassion and nurturing. They come from the heart. Cancer knows you must lead with love. So when Mars enters Cancer, that same energy is what you use to go after what you want. It's not about winning for the sake of winning. It's about manifesting a reality based on protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Let empathy and emotional understanding lead the way, and check out your Mars in Cancer horoscope to see what's in store for your sign:


You're focused on building and nurturing your home, so spend time cleaning, redesigning, and redecorating. Keep in mind that success must have an emotional foundation from which it can grow, so focus on healing your relationship with your family. Remember that family can mean whatever you need it to mean.


You're feeling energized to intellectually connect with others and express your ideas. Take care that you aren't fighting with words, and instead, are exchanging knowledge. Use this time to revamp your routine, reserve time for studying, and multitask. This is a time of heightened mental agility, so use it proactively.


You've got an idea of how much money you want to be making and all the energy to make it. Use this time to create a plan and work on your relationship with your finances. Think of all the possessions you desire and all the things you'd like to buy. Your focus is centered on building a stable life that luxury can grow from.


You're feeling energized with confidence and self-assurance, ready to take ownership of how you feel and what you want to say. This is a beautiful time to rethink the mark you leave on the world and take pride in behind who you are. Make changes in your life that more accurately reflect your truth.


It's time to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and use this time to reflect. Think about whether changes must be made in order to better serve yourself. Ruminate on what you could have done differently and learn from your mistakes. Give yourself a moment of rest and forgive yourself.


Your charisma is next level and you're feeling amped up to socialize. Use this energy to network and make contacts that can help further your career. Connect with likeminded individuals who you can learn from, work with, and feel understood by. You might find a job in the midst of a new community.


You've worked so hard and you're ready to be in the spotlight. Don't be shy and don't hide in shadows. You're ready to be seen in all your glory. Make major moves in your career, take a risk, and go after the gold. You're shining so bright that your superiors are all taking notice. It's time to level up.


You're feeling restless and you're definitely not in the mood to sit in one place. Now's the time to travel, for business or otherwise, so that you can learn new things and meet new people. Don't waste time concentrating on the nitty-gritty details. Take a step back and look at the full picture. Let it inspire you.


You're being fueled by passion and you don't want to concentrate on something you don't deeply, irrevocably care about. This transit could bring a difficult situation that you must fight to overcome, but it will only prove your dedication and make you stronger. Don't be afraid to put your trust in someone who deserves it.


It's time for you to team up with someone because two is better than one. Your relationships will likely be marked by intensity, so work with someone who's got their eye on the same prize as you do. Learn how to cooperate in the face of challenges and don't be afraid of a joint effort. Think "ours" instead of "mine."


You've got so much physical energy at your disposal, so use it to improve your health. Maybe you want to take your fitness regimen more seriously and concentrate on how you treat your body. You're also in the mood to be more productive and efficient when achieving your goals. Use this time to get as much done as you can.


You're feeling wired with the same energy you had as a child. You're in the mood to play and have a good time, so use this to infuse your day-to-day life with creativity and self-expression. Whether you're an artist or not, you can still find ways to breathe more life into your current projects. It's as simple as choosing a different color.