Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Taurus Season Is Bringing The Beauty

Aries season taught you how to trust your instinct, be brave in the face of doubt, and to let the fire of passion lead the way. Aries is always searching for a rush and its blast of energy has catapulted you away from your comfort zone. Now, you're meant to come back down to earth. As of last week, the sun has entered Taurus, and your April 22, 2019 weekly horoscope wants you to focus on feeling the beauty all around you. Taurus is about finding a sense of stability in your surroundings. It's about feeling rooted in the ground beneath you. Let this new season teach you how to truly sink into the present moment.

However, don't let the smooth sensuality of Taurus lead you to believe things are going to be totally predictable. As of April 22, the sun will form a conjunction with radical and revolutionary Uranus, which will make things both exciting and volatile. Prepare to experience a desire for freedom, self-expression, and individuality in your identity. The cosmos are shaking things up, so expect that the universe may change at random.

This week is also the start of a long chapter of internal metamorphoses, which begins when Pluto stations retrograde on April 24. This transit will last all the way until October 3, and it's meant to help you get to know your shadow self and recognize the power of your darkness. What are you avoiding? What's lingering beneath your reality? What subconscious issues must be dealt with? It's time for you to embrace introspection and dive deep into some serious soul searching. Recognize you're not perfect, and in your imperfection, find a way to fall in love with your truest self.

Although this week leaps off with a dramatic shift in energy, you may feel directionless and even lazy by the end of it. Action-packed Mars forms a challenging square with hazy Neptune, which creates a mixed bag. Since Neptune is such a dreamy and sleepy planet, you could simply feel more tired than usual. However, Neptune is also capable of creating illusions and causing problems that are not there. When Mars wants to fight and Neptune wants to lie, a whole lot of drama can happen. Stay mindful of your decisions.


You have the power to create the world you desire. Do you want more disposable income? Do you feel like cutting down on your expenses? Now's the time to focus on what you need and what you don't, then create a unique plan to make it happen. It could mean starting a side hustle. It could mean going shopping. You don't have to go by the book to get what you want.


Not only are you feeling confident and safe in your own skin, you're feeling inspired to express yourself in your own unique way. This could be time to change your hair color, re-brand yourself online, or change up the way you want the world to see you. Who do you want to be? What do you look like when you're at your best? Focus on that and let it fill you with self-love.


It's time for you to tend to your own personal universe. You may be feeling tired and in need of rest, but not just any kind of rest. A spiritual reset. Focus on what your intuition is telling you you need. Write a stream of consciousness in your journal. Light your favorite candle, listen to some music, and let your thoughts drift towards your secrets. Love your own dream world.


It's time for you to share your talents with the world around you. Connect with other likeminded people who truly get you. Spend time around those who make you feel appreciated and stimulated. You may feel drawn to quirky, off-the-wall characters, and they're meant to show you a new side of yourself. Get in touch with your old friends and open your heart to some new ones.


It's time for you to enter the limelight and showcase what you're capable of. Maybe it's time to make a major move in your career. Perhaps it's time to go on more auditions or get up on stage at an open-mic night. The fear of failure is useless when you've got so much talent to share. Go after your dreams, and even if you mess up, get back up and try again. It'll be worth it.


It's time for you to leave the minuscule details behind and focus on the big picture. No matter what problems exist, it's important you realize there is far more beauty in your world than you give it credit for. Let spontaneity and open-mindedness lead the way. Try something new. Get out of town. It's time for a perspective change. Everything can look so much better from a different angle.


You're feeling more in touch with your sensual side, and whether you have a partner or not, you should treat yourself to the pleasure you've been desiring. Shared intimacy can mean whatever you want it to. On the shadow side, you could be enduring a painful situation that's leading you towards transformation. Let go of what's no longer meant for you so something beautiful and bright can begin.


What does partnership truly mean to you? Is your partner giving you the respect, loyalty, and stimulation you deserve? Whether it's business-related, friendship, or love, you and your partner should settle the terms. Make it or break it. Embrace unconventional partnerships or relationships with people who are different from those you normally choose to relate to. There is so much to be learned.


It's time for you to focus on your mind and body. Are there unhealthy habits holding you back from being at your best? Are you not dedicating enough time to self-care? This is a great time to delve into new regimens to improve your well-being. Try something unique that works for you. Remember that no matter how busy your schedule gets, your health always comes first.


You're feeling playful and childlike, so go with it. Set aside your worries and your self-doubt and creatively express yourself the way you deserve to. What do you want to feel? What do you want to create? Your talent deserves so much recognition. Freely embrace your inner-artist and don't be afraid to make a mess. Paint like no one will ever see it. Write the silliest poem in the world.


Home is calling your name. Get all wrapped up in your covers, cuddle with your cat, and curl up with a good book. Call your mom, go out with your siblings, or make plans with your closets friends. What does family mean to you? What should home feel like? It doesn't have to abide by tradition. Your idea of home is constantly evolving, so do something to make your home more suited to you.


You're buzzing with intelligence and bursting with intellectual things to say, so express your ideas with others. Get your brilliant plan out there at your work meeting. Discuss politics with someone who can teach you something as well as be taught in return. You're in the mood to communicate, so don't hold back when you have something to say. You have a voice and you're meant to use it.