March 8, 2021 Weekly Horoscope

Your March 8 Weekly Horoscope Is Strange But Beautiful

Pisces season is romantic, dreamy, and mystical to its core. There's just something magical about it; something that reminds you to connect with your inner spirit and explore the furthest reaches of your imagination. However, your March 8, 2021 weekly horoscope shows that things are about to get even dreamier up in here. In fact, you might have trouble knowing what's real and what not.

On March 10, the sun will join forces with Neptune — planet of fantasy and illusion — which overlay the cosmos with a sparkling and idealistic sheen. This energy will encourage you to let your guard down and open your heart to the deepest understanding of kindness and love. It will ask you to let go of your negativity and your focus on the flaws while you lift yourself up and look at the bright side. It will also unleash a raw and unfiltered boost in artistic expression. However, this energy is just as fickle as it is serene and strange. You might even feel like you're walking through water or passing through a dream. This aspect also has the tendency to mask the ugly parts of your reality and only reveal the beautiful ones, making it harder to see things totally clearly.

The new moon in Pisces also takes place on March 13, presenting a new beginning that's based on spiritual reflection, rejuvenation, and renewal. Pisces is the zodiac sign of sacrifice, selflessness, and universal love. Let this new moon help you set your ego aside whenever you feel like your ego is standing in the way of a purer connection to the present moment. Pisces is not about pride, nor is it about being the "best" or winning the game. It's about accepting yourself as you are and loving yourself as you are. Pisces wants to remind you that you are infinite.

Your relationships will also receive a boost in romance, lust, and love by March 13. Venus will conjoin with Neptune, infusing stagnant relationships with a magical mindset and helping you forgive those who have hurt you. However, implementing boundaries is essential, as you may have the tendency to give more than you have. You may have more trouble seeing people as they are and would rather see them the way you want to see them, so don't replace too many facts with beautiful ideas.



This week is all about letting go, setting aside your ego, and freeing yourself from all the heaviness you've been carrying. However, this doesn't all happen at once, because healing is a process and it's a messy one at that. It all begins with actually giving yourself the chance to feel your feelings. Repressing them any further will only deepen their impact on you. Let them pass through you like a river.


Dreams go beyond money, success, and recognition. A dream for a better future involves everyone, but it all begins with you. Look inside yourself and rediscover the mark you want to leave behind in this life. What do you want to create for the next generation? True recognition goes way beyond your wins; it's about leaving the world a better place than it was before you got there.


Let go of your need to be logical or reasonable about your career goals. Concentrating too much on the rules and limitations leaves little room for creativity. This week, give yourself the chance to imagine yourself achieving the career goal you've always wanted to achieve — the one that seems impossible; the one that may have made your contemporaries doubt your chances. Dream big and watch what happens.


How you see the world determines the world you live in. Although you and someone else might live in the same world, the way your imaginations and perspectives function could create two different worlds entirely. Reconsider the way your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs shape your reality. So many things may seem out of your control, yet your interpretation of things is most certainly in your domain.



This week is plunging you into deep introspection, which may leave you turning over rocks and discovering some strange things. While you may feel unnerved by what you find, trust that it's probably nowhere near as bad as you think. And even still, you're strong enough to overcome the challenges these revelations might pose. Be kind to yourself as you embrace the slow, steady change that is transformation.


This week is about opening your heart to empathy, love, and understanding. It's about infusing your relationships with the kindness and compassion you and your loved ones deserve. It's also about understanding your enemies on a deeper level, realizing that they, too, have struggles. It's not necessarily about forgiving them and letting them back into your life, but it is about forgiving and setting yourself free from the grudge you may be holding.


This week, you might feel distracted from your routine and detached from your tasks at hand. Putting pressure on yourself to abide by rules and regulations all the time goes against your very nature. You're more than just a working machine; you're also a human being with an old soul. Perhaps stepping away from your need to measure yourself as "productive" is what you really need right now.


You may be falling in love this week. Whether you're falling in love with a crush or a creative idea, the universe may seem a lot more enchanting than usual. Enjoy every minute of it and don't let fear inhibit your self-expression. However, there is a point where you might find yourself ignoring reality, especially when it comes to a relationship. Don't let the way you imagine someone obscure the way someone truly is.



What you really need this week is to feel nurtured. What makes you feel loved? What makes you feel like you belong? What makes you feel like you're right at home? In a literal sense, "home" may not exactly be ideal, and yet the energy of this week is encouraging you to enrich your life with the coziness that's to your liking. Leave behind your stress over everything else and focus on the private part of your world.


There's a strong possibility you may be misinterpreting something someone said this week. There's also the possibility that you're not saying exactly what you mean. It may even feel like you're communicating through a hazy cloud of smoke that warps every word that's exchanged. However, the words both of you will remember are the kind and compassionate ones. Remember those.


Be careful of overspending or misinterpreting your finances at the moment. Your desire for material luxuries may overshadow what's actually a smart way for you to spend at the moment. However, your connection with your five senses is strengthening in a beautiful way. Whenever you feel unfocused or disconnected, use touch, sound, sight, taste, and smell to reorient yourself and remind you where you are.


Your instinct to be kind and compassionate to others may seem obvious to everyone. You may find yourself in a position where you're lending someone a shoulder to cry on or helping someone along on their path to healing. However, don't forget to stand up for yourself when someone takes advantage of that kindness. While you extend love to others, remember to extend that love to yourself as well.