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Be Careful What You Decide To Focus On In Your March 30 Weekly Horoscope


Astrologers definitely weren't joking when they described the seriousness of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. For the past few months, this transit has been tearing down long-term establishments and rebuilding from the rubble. If you're feeling overwhelmed, almost as though you're carrying the weight of the world, that's because — to be quite frank — you are. But the heaviness isn't completely unbearable, not when you have help from your friends. Your March 30, 2020 weekly horoscope shows that a community-oriented mindset will get you through dark times.

That's because Mars — planet of power and ambition — enters Aquarius on March 30. This transit will remind you that everyone is in this together, and group efforts and collective thinking are exactly what the world needs right now. If the collective makes a commitment to set aside their egos and work toward the greater good, there is nothing that can't humanity can't accomplish together. When Mars joins forces with steady and formidable Saturn on March 31, this desire to make the world a better place won't just be a passing fancy. It will be something you'll want to commit to for the long haul. Find your humanity and work toward a beautiful cause. When Mercury — planet of communication — joins forces with empathetic Neptune on April 3, it will blur the line that separates you from everyone else and encourage kindness during times of strife.

It will also add different shades of color to your relationships, especially when Venus — planet of love and friendship — enters brainy and flirtatious Gemini on April 3. Time for witty conversations, mischievous fun, and dark humor because Venus in Gemini is a jokester and it's all about keeping things light and having a carefree and non-judgmental time together. Nothing is ever too much for Venus in Gemini, so don't be afraid to speak your mind and let curiosity drive you to make all sorts of new friends. However, don't go thinking this will be no-strings attached-fun. On April 4, Venus forms a trine with stable and committed Saturn, meaning there will be a desire to forge a love that is long-lasting and build on the deepest of loyalty.

Whatever you decide to do this week, your desire will likely be unwavering and unstoppable. When the powerful transit that is expansive Jupiter conjunct transformative Pluto takes place on April 4, it will feel as though you can't hide what you truly want. And why would you ever want to hide it? Not when you're so driven that you're almost bloodthirsty at the thought of making it reality. Now that's a whole lot of ambition, so be careful of what you decide to focus on. It would be a waste to focus on something that doesn't matter.



Your heart is wide open, allowing you to empathize with others and heal the world through kindness. Leave behind a positive mark on others and watch how it uplifts you. Just be careful you don't take on other people's problems. You need to set boundaries that protect your energy, because you may overextend yourself if you're not careful.


You're discovering what you can lean on. Some things are out of your control, but you do have the power to steady the ground beneath you. Work toward forging stability in the world you live in. It may be tempting to rely on others for comfort, but you may be overestimating what others are capable of. Rely on yourself, first and foremost.


You're zeroing in on your long-term goals. This is a beautiful week to see yourself many years from now and consider the big picture. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to become? Try not to let your current perception of yourself dictate who you are. Remember that you are so much more than just one bad day. Forgive yourself.


You're capable of reaching a deep inner peace this week. Ambition may not be what's fueling your heart, and ego pursuits may not be satisfying you. Spiritual introspection will give you the meaning you're craving, but don't feel compelled to find all the answers at the moment. The truth is far more complicated than it seems. Give yourself a break.



You're in the mood to make grown-up decisions about your relationships. However, your heart may be given to romanticizing a toxic situation and making sure to focus only on the good and none of the bad. Look deeper into what a healthy and stable relationship looks like. Don't let the fear of being alone supersede your needs.


You may be facing difficult odds career-wise, requiring you to work harder than ever. This is a week where grit will get you far, and even if you have to overstretch yourself, trust that there is a reward waiting for you at the finish line. Someone may be distracting you from your work, so try to remember the task at hand as best as you can.


That creative spark has the power to transform into a fire this week. If you're feeling restless and antsy, chances are it's because you're focusing on things that mean nothing. Set aside your phone, take a deep breath, and tap into your inner artist. Expressing yourself will bring you peace. Prioritizing your art means prioritizing yourself.


You're digging deep within your shadow and discovering a whole lot of power there. Ignoring or repressing your true feelings is only minimizing your power, so find the courage to be honest about your emotional needs. You may feel the need to distract yourself when your feelings crop up. Face them anyway. You owe it to yourself.



A relationship may be getting more and more serious. A passing fancy may not be something you need at the moment. You require someone who will stand by you and remain loyal to you during dark times. However, don't jump to conclusions just yet. You may be searching for home in this person, but you do not need someone else to complete you.


Motivation is coursing through your veins and you have the power to get so much done. This is not about being productive; this is about taking steps to improve yourself, even if these are only baby steps. Be wary of making promises you can't keep or saying things you don't really mean this week. You may come to regret it later.


You're learning that you can allow yourself to fall in love without losing your grip. If you've ever associated falling in love with being out of control, you're learning that there are some risks worth taking. Your ego never wants you to appear weak, but acknowledging the reality of your heart's desire is never a sign of weakness — that's bravery.


Even though it may not look like you're doing much, you are making a lot of progress. Sometimes the most difficult work is done behind the scenes and sometimes it's without your knowledge. This week, the most productive thing you may be able to do is rest. Let your efforts settle into place. There's no need to push so hard.