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The Astrological New Year Begins In Your March 16 Weekly Horoscope

Now that Mercury retrograde is history (for now), things are starting to fall into place. You're turning the page and embarking on a brand-new chapter. Luckily, you have every reason to be excited about what's in store. The icy, cold winter is finally beginning to thaw, making way for new life to sprout in its place. Springtime begins in your March 16, 2020 weekly horoscope, and this season is about sowing the seeds of another beginning. The soil is rich with moisture from melting snow, making it time to plant something beautiful and watch it grow. When the sun enters passionate, competitive, and headstrong Aries on March 19, it will not only be the first day of spring, it will also be the beginning of the astrological new year.

The cosmos are making your transition into this next season a steady and spiritually rejuvenating one. On March 16, Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will re-enter dreamy, artistic, and compassionate Pisces after its backward retrograde movement, giving you the chance to harness the energy of this transit with far more strength. Use it to dig deep, spread empathy, and let go of your ego. When the sun forms a sextile to stable and committed Saturn on March 19, you will feel grounded and able to find your footing after a very confusing and ambiguous time.

Saturn — planet of long-term goals, maturity, and karma — will come into play again as it enters Aquarius on March 21, signaling a new era of growth and revolution. Saturn spends around two and a half years in each zodiac sign, making this transit a major one. Saturn is at home in rebellious, humanitarian, and intellectual Aquarius, making this a time to revitalize the structures of your life, as well as society as a whole. It makes total sense that what could possibly be the most important U.S. election of your lifetime takes place during Saturn in Aquarius, because the results of this election have the power to shape the nature of politics for many years to come. However, when it comes down to you as an individual, this transit will encourage you to go against the grain and break through barriers that once held you back.

Even though this may sound intense, the remainder of the week is filled with romance, enthusiasm, creativity, and pleasant surprises. When ambitious Mars joins forces with expansive Jupiter on March 20, it will give you an unbelievable amount of stamina, so put that energy toward something worthwhile. As brainy Mercury connects with unpredictable Uranus on March 22, beautiful strokes of genius could take place, so make sure to jot down any explosive ideas you come up with. Later that same day, Venus — planet of love and luxury — connects with dreamy and compassionate Neptune, inducing the cosmos with compassion, imagination, and a delightful perspective of life.



The world is paying attention to you, so prepare for the spotlight that's sure to follow you around this week. You have the power to make major strides toward a career goal that means a lot to you on a spiritual level. Trust your intuition, because your intuition is receiving important, groundbreaking information about what move to make next. Try not to overthink it.


You're feeling deeply inspired to gain new experiences and expand your perspective of life this week. Your usual routine is just not going to cut it. Break away from everything you know and fill your heart with something entirely new. You have the power to enrich your identity with self-love and compassion all throughout the process. Love yourself in spite of your flaws.


This week, you may be feeling an insatiable desire to transform your life in some way. You're tired of being in a dark place and you're willing to do whatever it takes to drag yourself back into the light. The strength you're gaining is undeniable. As you fight for whatever it is you're passionate about, you'll become inspired in new and unexpected ways. There are fresh ideas trickling in.


Your relationships are at the forefront of your mind this week and you're passionate about the people who are dear to your heart. Harness this energy to deepen your bonds, work through issues, and create memories together. In fact, you may find yourself befriending someone who is nothing like you, yet your differences teach you something valuable about yourself.



You have some major stamina this week and you're motivated to cross a lot of items off of your to-do list. Even if you're normally a procrastinator, this is the perfect time to overcome those negative time-management habits. As you work, you'll be able to tap into your creative flow and work through artistic blocks. Have faith in your process.


Set aside whatever it is you're so anxious or concerned about and give yourself the freedom to have fun instead. If you keep postponing your happiness, you'll never find time for it. This week, you should make it a priority. Rejecting invitations so you can focus on your work is only making you feel lonely. It's by spending time with loved ones that you'll find the inspiration you're looking for.


It's your home base that's taking up so much of your attention this week. While you might feel like curling up in your sacred space and closing the shutters, this is a beautiful time to get things done around the house, as well as enrich your closest relationships with quality time. It's conversations centered on depth and vulnerability that will bring you closer, so don't be afraid to open up.


You're thinking clearly and connecting the dots at a rapid rate. This week, you're likely in the mood to talk about everything that matters to you, so make your beliefs known. If you're honest about who you are and how you feel, you will inevitably attract people who love you for who you are. People are far more inspired by your integrity than you probably think.



You're not only craving luxury, you're craving security. This week, you're drawn to beautiful things that make you feel more stable in this world. It's a beautiful time to shop for things that pull on your heartstrings or make life easier. However, beware of breaking the bank before you discover deeper ways of finding the security you need. All you need to do is feel the earth beneath your feet.


Romance is fluttering in your heart, so indulge in poetry, flirtatious banter, candle-lit dinners, as well as anything under the sun that you definitely deserve. Your confidence is reaching new heights, so use this bravery to introduce yourself to your crush or overcome your fear of expressing yourself. The only person judging you is you, so why spend your time coloring inside the lines?


The outer world may feel incredibly exhausting to you right now, so grant yourself permission to cancel your plans and do exactly what your spirit tells you to do. Your soul requires listening to, and this is a beautiful week to delve into self-exploration, meditation, and rest. Even though you may not think you're getting anything done, things are processing behind the scenes.


You're feeling very social this week, so keep your schedule busy with lots of opportunities to engage with others. Your energy is best spent inspiring and being inspired by your community. You might even discover you're the perfect leader. In fact, you might be discovering a lot about yourself. You're just beginning to understand the breadth of your potential. There is no limit.