Your Official 2019 Love Horoscope Is Here To Assure You Everything Is About To Get Better

There's no doubt that this past year has been passionate, intense, and difficult in terms of love. Are you ready to close the door on the whirlwind you just survived and take everything you learned with you into 2019? Don't lose hope yet, all you hopeless romantics. Your love horoscope for 2019 is here and the tides are turning for the better.

Jupiter spent the duration of 2018 in Scorpio and took you through a tour of your darkest shadows. While this made you crave a deeper level of intimacy, it woke you up to shallow relationships that weren't serving your highest self. And, to make matters worse, you spent a huge section of the year with Venus — the planet that literally rules over love and romance — retrograding through what could possibly be the most emotionally sensitive sign in all the zodiac: Scorpio. I bet even the most solid relationships experienced some form of long-overdue turbulence, but there are so many reasons why 2019 will be a far luckier year for romance.

For one thing, Venus won't retrograde at all throughout 2019. This means that, for better or worse, the planet that rules over your love life will be seamlessly moving forward. While Venus will endure planetary transits and aspects that may challenge your relationships, it shouldn't be anything like how intense it was throughout 2018.

Let's also not forget that Jupiter has left behind intense, obsessive, and loyal-to-a-fault Scorpio for open-minded, opportunistic, and adventurous Sagittarius. Scorpio entails the death of something and then an inevitable resurrection while Sagittarius leaves behind the past in search of something new. Whether you're in a relationship or single, this year will be full of forward-moving, new experiences, and experimental excitement. Are you ready to fall in love all over again?


This year will be so much easier on your love life, especially because Mars — your ruling planet — won't retrograde at all. Jupiter also spends 2019 in your ninth house of adventures, making things more interesting in your current relationship or aiding you as you date new people. However, keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde through your eighth house of sex, death, and intimacy on Oct. 31, taking the deepest parts of you for a spin. Prepare to learn about what lies in your heart.


Uranus spends the duration of 2019 in Taurus, launching you through unexpected changes in your life. While this could create chaos in your love life, it will also make feel more interesting and new. Luckily, Venus — your ruling planet — won't retrograde at all throughout 2019, helping your love life run a whole lot more smoothly. This year could also invite deep, emotional, and sexual romance your way since Jupiter spends the entirety of it in your eighth house of passion and reincarnation.


Saturn has been showing you the emotional reality of your love life in your eighth house of sex and intimacy all throughout 2018. In 2019, Saturn's lessons will continue. You're learning how to be vulnerable to love while also learning about what kind of love you should be vulnerable to. Pluto — planet of secrets — is also darkening your eighth house, showing you everything about the way you treat love that you may be trying to avoid. Let this year bring you closer to a deeper form of love.


Pluto — planet of all that lies beneath the surface — has been sharing secrets in your seventh house of partnerships. 2019 will continue to be a year in which you learn how to transform your commitments of the heart, for better or worse. Saturn is also rearranging things in your seventh house, teaching you what you truly wand and need from a relationship. This year you will be able to leave behind relationship habits that hold you back from a truly fulfilling and stable connection.


A total lunar eclipse in Leo takes your life for a wild ride as soon as 2019 begins, on Jan. 21. They say that relationships can come to an end during an eclipse, however, this could also mean the end of unhealthy patterns in your relationship. However, sex and dating will be super creative and playful with Jupiter in your fifth house of love and pleasure. But, let's not forget that Mercury will retrograde through your eighth house of intimacy on March 5, which could turn up the chaos in your love life.


Saturn is showing you discipline in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, which is renewing your attitude towards sex and dating. You're learning how to balance seriousness and non-committal excitement with the partners you choose. There could be deep connections made, maybe even changes in your family such as marriage and children, with Jupiter in your fourth house of the home. However, Mercury retrogrades through your partnership house on March 5, which could create necessary challenges.


Lucky for you, Venus — your ruling planet — will not spend any part of 2019 in retrograde, boosting your love life. However, Saturn spends the year in your fourth house of home and family, making you rethink your love life in terms of how you can function with someone else as a unit and care for one another. Uranus is also creating change in your eighth house of sex and intimacy, spicing things up in the bedroom as well as setting you up for whirlwind romances and a deep, spiritual, and dramatic type of love.


Uranus spends 2019 rocking and rolling through your seventh house of partnerships. This attracts you to eccentric or "different" types of partners from the ones you normally choose. It also means random endings and beginnings in your love life. Pluto is opening your heart in your third house of communication, helping you connect more deeply with a partner. However, Mercury retrogrades through your fifth house of sex and pleasure on March 5, which could challenge the spark in your love life.


Jupiter — your ruling planet — is in Sagittarius, making this an incredibly big year for not just your love life, but your entire life. If you're in a relationship, you'll expand your universe together. If you're single, you'll meet lots of new people and probably fall head-over-heels in love. All in all, 2019 will be one big adventure for your love life. However, Mercury will retrograde in your emotional eighth house of intimacy on July 7, bringing things to a dark and intense period of introspection.


Uranus is in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, making this an incredibly kinky and eccentric year for your love life, dating life, and sex life. Prepare for spontaneous adventures, creative sex, and a deeper sense of play in the connections you make with your current partner or potential partner. Even though Saturn and Pluto are making you think seriously about your life in your first house of the self, you're still enjoying it. However, Mercury will retrograde through your partnership house on July 7, creating a commotion.


Jupiter is in your 11th house of community, expanding your social sphere and making you feel at home, since Aquarius rules over the 11th house. If you're single, you'll meet tons of interesting people who could potentially turn into lovers. If you're in a relationship, you both will embark on extroverted adventures together and expand your social circle outside of your bond. However, Saturn and Pluto are intensifying things in your spiritual 12th house, showing you a deeper consciousness. Your love life must vibe with it.


Uranus is guiding you through an exciting and unexpected ride in your third house of communication. You may just find a secret admirer admitting their feelings for you. On the other hand, it might be you admitting your feelings for them. With Saturn and Pluto darkening things in your 11th house of community, you're learning about the type of people you surround yourself with and seeing whether or not they vibe with your true self. This energy is sneakily bringing you closer to the right love.