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Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & You're Dreaming Of So Many Beautiful Things


Give yourself a break, because you're coming away from a powerful and potentially life-changing lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that took place last week. If you're feeling the weight of so much intensity happening at once, it's no wonder. You might be experiencing some post-lunar eclipse blues (or a lunar eclipse hangover), so give yourself time to process the emotional shifts taking place all around you. The sun may be in light-hearted G, encouraging you to repress your feelings and pretend everything is fine. However, your June 8, 2020 weekly horoscope is proof that no matter how hard you try, some things simply cannot be avoided.

When the sun is in a mutable sign, it's easy for anxiety and restlessness to flourish. Gemini season is no exception, and this airy, intellectual, and free-spirited zodiac sign could leave your mind racing with way too many possibilities. That chaotic energy could very well amplify when the sun forms a square with Neptune — planet of illusion and unreality — on June 11. Beware of letting a hypothetical situation become so vivid in your mind that it starts to feel real. It's difficult to see things clearly when Neptune is at play because Neptune loves to reflect life through a funhouse mirror, so concentrate on the facts and leave judgment for later, especially when it comes to yourself. You might feel tempted to give insecure thoughts too much power, so find ways to remind yourself that you are safe, loved, and beautiful.

You probably have a sour taste in your mouth about Neptune by now, but this planet isn't entering the scene solely to wreak havoc this week. By June 13, Mars — planet of drive and passion — will join forces with Neptune, along with the moon — planet of emotion and nurturing — opening everyone's hearts to kindness. Neptune is a planet that dissolves boundaries, and while this can leave you feeling vulnerable, it also forces everyone's guard to come down, creating so much opportunity for connection and empathy.

Neptune also stimulates the imagination more poignantly than any other planet in the zodiac, and as this planet connects with instinctual Mars this week, the creative and artistic energy will course through the cosmos like a rushing river. Let it take you somewhere beautiful and unexpected. Let it help you express so many things you struggle to find the right words for.



Your heart is opening this week, embracing and understanding so much of the energy that surrounds you. It might feel overwhelming, but it's teaching you how to be there not just for others, but also for yourself. Actively engage in healing activities this week and the impact it will have on you is limitless. You're getting to know a layer of yourself you didn't know existed.


You may be struggling with feeling like you aren't enough as you are. Whether something you rely on is taken from you or your sense of self is challenged, it's forcing you to realize what you do have instead of what you don't. The universe is calling upon you to think of what someone else is going through and lend a helping hand to someone who needs it.


If there is confusion about who you are and where you stand, trust that it will pass. However, in the meantime, this confusion is meant to help you find your way back to yourself, allowing you the chance to re-define it. Ask yourself what you want in your heart of hearts. Let nothing cloud that desire. Take action toward accomplishing that very thing. It doesn't have to be complicated.


You may feel detached at the moment, as though your daydreams feel more real than your actual reality. Instead of letting your lack of focus define and disorient you, use it to explore the reaches of your imagination. Engage in spiritual introspection and open your mind to new perspectives. By leaving behind your old reality, you can reconstruct a beautiful new one.



Be careful who you place your trust in this week, because you may have faith in those who will let you down. Take a closer look at who shows up for you when the chips are down and who makes themselves available to you on a depth you deserve. Quantity is far less important than quality, especially this week. Spending energy on loose acquaintances will leave you feeling hollow.


If you compare yourself to others, you may feel as though your position is being threatened. Consider you may be inventing a competition in your head that's not really there. You will never know how much someone else has struggled. Let someone else's success be an inspiration to your own. This is an opportunity to learn from and possibly even team up with others.


Even if you feel like giving up, sticking to your guns has never been more important. Losing hope now means quitting just before you reach the finish line. Be stubborn in your commitment to your goals, even if it feels futile at this point. You're this close to a breakthrough, so have faith in the impossible and let the universe prove itself to you. You've already accomplished so much.


You may feel like clinging on to what is yours more intensely than ever. However, possessiveness won't feel as uplifting as knowing you are loved even when you start to question that. Focus on the beauty that you can conjure at a moment's notice. No matter where you are or what you have, your power for love, creativity, and passion never dies. You can spark it up like a flame whenever you desire.



A relationship may be causing you stress lately, so focus on the fact that you can't control what someone does but you can control how you respond. Make sure you're seeing their actions for what they are instead of what you want them to be. If they deserve a place in your world, they'll fight for it. Direct your energy toward creating a world worthy of sharing.


It's not about how much work you get done, but about the reason you're doing it. One simple action might matter so much more than a million will in the long run. Look inside your heart and prioritize based on your innermost needs. Things may be unclear right now, but your intuition is more powerful than ever. Do something only if it sits right in your soul. It's the best thing to trust.


You may be struggling to grab hold of your joy at the moment, feeling weighed down by so much heaviness in your world. Even though it may seem as though you are losing the spark, recognize that sparks are temporary and burn out. There are some things that can never be taken away from you. Focus your appreciation for the Earth beneath your feet. It will always help you find your center again.


Something may be threatening your feeling of safety, calm, and stability. However, while some of these threats are very real, some have everything to do with what you choose to let in. You're very sensitive to outer vibrations at the moment, so make sure you set boundaries, protect your energy, and say "no" when the situation demands it. Right now, your energy must be your first priority.