Your June Horoscope Is Here & It's Flowing With Intense Positive Energy

June has officially arrived and with it, the soft flutterings of summertime. This is the month where constrictions are loosened and your soul breaks free from its confines, making you eager to explore the great beyond. As of May 20, we've left the stubborn bull of Taurus season behind to embrace the open-mindedness of Gemini, where the sun shall remain until June 21. When the sun is in Gemini, you're flushed with a desire to express your inner-most thoughts and connect with others. A ravenous appetite to learn more sweeps you off your feet, enriching you with culture and decadence. If you're ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about yourself, then your June 2018 horoscope will be a major source of comfort.

This month will peel away the hardened layers of yourself, exposing aspects of your personality that you don't normally utilize. You may realize that there are parts of yourself that you would like to leave behind, and as your skin sheds, pieces may painfully decide to cling on. Remember to take your introspection with a grain of salt, as Gemini season is a time for experimentation rather than commitment. When the sun enters Cancer on June 21, you will soothe your blisters, take all of your revelations, and decide which ones are worth believing.


With the sun in your third house of communication, you're in a period of intense self-expression. June will be a month of analyzing your thoughts and feelings, of sharing them with others. However, you may end up saying too much, or even saying the wrong thing. Take time to really think your perspective through before making it known.


You're learning quick and clever ways to increase your wealth with the sun in your second house of finances. This is a time to try new ways of making a living and expanding your resumé. You may feel nervous that you're not forging anything stable or longterm; however, it's beneficial to discover new talents and strengths that will serve you when you do.


You are filled to the brim with energy and it's causing you to reach further, push the limit, and extend yourself over several projects at once. You may be having difficulty finding balance between the many sides of yourself, as they're all talking over each other and struggling to be heard. If you focus on one goal at a time, it will be much easier to sort out your feelings.


You're being pulled deep into the crevices of your soul and discovering aspects of yourself that are both beautiful and ugly. With the Gemini sun in your 12th house of the subconscious, you may feel pulled to write, create art, or steep yourself into spiritual exploration. Take care not to allow this energy to manifest as gossiping or talking behind people's backs.


With the sun in your 11th house of community, you're in a period of making lots of new friendships at a rapid rate. You may find yourself passing through different cliques, getting to know people without locking yourself into any intense commitments. The negative aspect of this is that you may become superficial towards other people's feelings, so make sure you're not moving too fast to notice.


You're both concerned about and confident in your public image with the sun in your 10th house of career. With how charming and outgoing you've been feeling, you're choosing your words to promote how you're seen by the rest of the world. This is a great time to network, forge business partnerships, and put yourself out there. However, make sure that there is still depth behind the statements you make.


With the sun in your ninth house of adventure and expansion, you're experiencing a fierce desire to take in new information, to grow through expression and communication. You may be absorbing so much that you end up forgetting the important things, however. Remember that the most meaningful form of growth is by focusing clearly on one thing at a time.


Your eighth house of death and rebirth is all lit up by the sun. This is flooding you with a desire to speak meaningfully and deeply. Superficial conversations and small-talk won't be of importance to you. You'll want to transform your life in any way, shape, or form, growing from the ground up. Take care not to avoid the fun in life altogether for the sake of seriousness.


The sun infusing your seventh house of partnerships with love is causing you to want to forge childlike, playful, and fun connections. Your relationships are being strengthened by communication and free expression. However, connection requires more than just words, so make sure the intensions behind them are as deep as they seem.


With the sun in your sixth house of work and health, your mental capabilities are as strong as ever. You may find yourself becoming inspired by brilliant ideas in the workplace while overcoming challenges with clever ease. However, your overwhelming desire for expression may distract you from getting the busy work done. Take care not to fall behind.


You're currently in a period of extreme fun and creativity. With the sun in your fifth house of pleasure, you're in touch with your inner-child. You'll want to explore the world like you did all those years ago, to let your imagination run wild with possibility. You may have a hard time understanding which instincts to trust. Remember to forgive yourself when your time out in the sunshine lasts too long.


With the sun in your fourth house of family, your concerns may be inconsistent with those at home. You'll feel a fierce desire to communicate your truth with your loved ones but it may not go as well as you would hope. However, it could also bring you closer to your family than ever before, as long as you harness empathy and understanding when speaking.