Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It Proves The Cosmic Chaos Is Far From Over

The blood moon in Aquarius is fading off into the distance, but we're not in the clear of eclipse season quite yet. This week provides us with a respite from the lunar turmoil until the Aug. 11 partial solar eclipse in Leo launches a third act in the astrological saga we're currently spinning through. However, this respite will be far from restful. As we push through the beginnings of Mercury retrograde, along with the retrogrades of five other planets, it is clear that we're still in the upward climb of an immensely meaningful journey. If you're exhausted and overwhelmed already, then your July 30, 2018, weekly horoscope will be the motivational pull that helps you power through until the end.

If you feel that your world has shifted since the longest total lunar eclipse of the century we experienced last week, it's no coincidence. After a blood moon of such magnitude, nothing will remain the same. If the changes have left you feeling confused, anxious, or lost, then the third quarter moon in grounding Taurus will help steady your footing this week. Trust that eventually, everything will settle into place the way it was always meant to. If you can't see it already, trust that there is the purest and most powerful light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.


With Mars retrograde continuing to stir frustration in your 11th house of friends, you may feel at odds with others, maybe even isolated. You may try to counteract this confusion by partying hard and indulging in order to forget your worries, especially with Mercury retrograde occurring in your fifth house of pleasure. However, resist temptations and focus on building your own self-worth and self-love instead, as the the third quarter Taurus moon will have you do in your second house of possessions and finance.


You're undergoing a lengthy period of change on top of the transformative effects of eclipse season. As Uranus, planet of dramatic revolution, journeys on in your sign, you're feeling these adjustments on a far deeper level. With Mercury retrograde blowing fire into your fourth house of home and core values, your safe spaces may be even harder to find, because your safe spaces are currently changing. Allow the third quarter moon in Taurus to steady you, allotting you the purest form of reflection.


Since Mercury is your ruling planet, this retrograde hits you harder than most. In your third house of communication, it's suppressing your ability to express yourself clearly, peacefully, and with integrity. You may find yourself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, saying too much, and landing yourself in drama if you aren't mindful. Take the third quarter Taurus moon in your spiritual 12th house and use it to meditate and look inward. Right now, you should take all the quiet rejuvenation you can get.


If you're still wobbly from the effects of the lunar eclipse in your eighth house of death and rebirth, it's only because the moon is your ruling planet, making you more susceptible to its drama. The revelations you've been experiencing take time to digest, so allow yourself the rest and introspection you need. With the waning third quarter moon in Taurus soothing your 11th house of community, you are being encouraged to reach out to friends you trust, to spend time with people who understand you.


As Mercury retrograde creates a whirlwind in your first house of character, you may be seeing your identity through a funhouse mirror, distorting, amplifying, and complicating your sense of self. There may be temptation to overcompensate with overt attempts to prove yourself, however, this may only confuse you even further. Give yourself permission to be whoever you are in the present moment. Relieve yourself from the pressure of conforming to a label or needing recognition for your achievements.


Mercury retrograde affects you deeper than it affects the majority of others, for it is your ruling planet. As it creates discord in your 12th house of the subconscious, your internal world may feel full of sharp edges. Don't allow your mind to get the best of you and trap you in irrational anxieties. Use the grounding third quarter moon in Taurus, which takes place in your ninth house of wisdom and adventure, to fight through your fears and journey outward. If your mind isn't a safe place, then it's time to get out of it.


When Mercury retrograde is burning through your 11th house of community, you may find yourself missing connections with others, feeling pressured to keep up with the crowd, and easily manipulated by people who don't have your best interest at heart. Make sure you always listen to your intuition before following anyone's lead. Stay true to your own impulses. With a third quarter moon in your eighth house of secrets, you will soon be discovering calming truths that guide you toward safety.


With Mars, your ruling planet, continuing its backwards tailspin through your fourth house of home and core values, you're being shaken out of your comfort zone and forced to rearrange your centers and beliefs. While your private world is spinning, the added intensity of Mercury retrograde in your 10th house of career forces your public image through the wringer as well. You may be questioning your position in the world, wondering if you're on the right path. Allow time for introspection. Don't make any rash decisions.


With Mercury retrograde bulldozing through your ninth house of philosophy, learning, and travel, you're feeling its effects on a very personal level, as this is your ruling astrological house. You may be yearning for adventure, but your plans are being foiled at every turn. Remember that adventure doesn't have to be some majorly complex journey. Adventure can be found wherever you are, whenever you need it. With the third quarter moon in your sixth house of health, it's time to prioritize the adventure within.


With Mercury retrograde tempting you in your eighth house of death and rebirth, remember that there are secrets and truths that you don't necessarily need to know. Investigating further and further into darkness may leave you wishing you could go back in time and avoid it. Uncomfortable knowledge can hurt soft hearts who aren't ready to handle painful realities. With the third quarter moon in your fifth house of creativity, channel your search for truth towards artistic, expressive endeavors.


If you're experiencing problems in your relationship or fighting with your best friend, you can definitely blame it on Mercury retrograde, which is swirling through your seventh house of partnerships. You may also find yourself drawn to rehashing the past with exes, which is something you should either avoid altogether or proceed with the utmost caution. With the third quarter moon in your fourth house of home and core values, you're learning what you need, and who you need, in order to feel safe.


As Mercury retrograde spins a whirlwind through your sixth house of health and work, you might find yourself becoming even more disorganized, messy, and unprepared than usual. The keyword here is "scatterbrained." If you have important deadlines or tasks, you seriously shouldn't sleep on over-preparing. With the third quarter moon in your third house of communication, your cognitive functions will likely sharpen, allowing you power to tackle your to-do list and conquer your forgetfulness.