Your July 29 Weekly Horoscope Marks The End Of Mercury Retrograde

Are you ready for summer 2019 to finally begin? Technically, it's already begun... but hasn't it been kind of a drag so far? For those of you who feel that way, it's probably because July has been emotionally swamped by two life-changing and dramatic eclipses, as well as Mercury retrograde. If all you've been hoping for is a break from all the intensity, look no further because your July 29, 2019 weekly horoscope is expanding your horizons and revealing the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is going to get so much better from here on out and the cosmic forecast will prove it.

As of July 31, Mercury will station direct, which means the worst part of the communication crisis is over. All that temptation to contact your ex? Those moments where you sent an email to the wrong person? The overall confusion coloring your everyday life? All of that is about to start fading away because Mercury retrograde is over. Prepare to experience more clarity about your thoughts and feelings, because Mercury retrograde is a time warp. But now, you can finally begin looking forward.

On the same day Mercury stations direct, there will be a lively, rejuvenating, and empowering new moon in Leo. Since new moons are an opportunity for you to set fresh intentions and plan for the future, this lunation is not one you'll want to miss. During eclipse season, the universe came barging through your door to remove what no longer has a place in your life. It's difficult, and often advised against, to force things to happen a certain way during eclipse season. This is why the new moon in Leo is such a positive turning point. Leo is all about self-love, expression, and boldly living your life the way you want to live it. Let Leo's light guide you.

Even though the cosmos are smoothing out and gaining strength, you might still be rocked by a few unpredictable transits this week. On July 29, the sun will form a square with erratic, insubordinate, and revolutionary Uranus. This will instill a desire for freedom in everyone, making their actions difficult to decipher or understand. Try to keep your impulses in check because not every rash decision will yield the desired results. The same energy goes for your relationships by Aug. 2, when Venus — planet of love and friendship — forms a square with Uranus. This could create friction and conflict amongst your peers, so try to make decisions once you've calmed down.

Here's how each zodiac sign will feel this week:

Sergey Filimonov/Stocksy


You're on the verge of a creative awakening this week. Invite more color and music into your life because that's what your soul is craving. Worry about the ifs ands, or buts later. Right now, concern yourself with indulging in the beauty of the present moment. If you try too hard to force the beauty to happen, then you might be disappointed. Instead, let it wash over you.


You're making a new home for yourself; one that's filled with warmth, inspiration, and emotional security. You decide where your home is and who your family is. Remember that home is a state of mind and it requires your effort and care. Even if there is conflict and confusion at home, it's all strengthening your understanding of what your home should be.


You're taking charge of the way you communicate and exert yourself intellectually. You will no longer allow people to take your ideas for themselves or silence you from speaking your mind. However, take care not to say something you don't mean out of frustration. Breathe through your thoughts and feelings before making them clear. Articulate well.


You're creating stability in your world and demanding what you deserve. If you deserve a raise, now's the time to ask for it. If you deserve respect, don't waste time on someone who isn't giving it to you. However, make sure you're not overspending or over-identifying with material concerns. Your self-worth is far deeper than what money or superficiality can buy.


This is a brand-new beginning for you and you're absorbing confidence, energy, and motivation at every turn. You're letting go of insecurities, baggage, and patterns that hold you back. You know how strong you are. However, don't do anything too drastic as a means of exerting independence or a renewed identity. Your impulses are far too raw right now.


You're learning all about the beauty of being alone. Remove yourself from your relationships, affiliations, and responsibilities. What does your spirit look like when it's stripped bare? You're getting to know yourself on a deeper and truer level. However, try not to trap yourself within your own mind. There are repressed memories that need to escape.

Lucas Ottone/Stocksy


You're on the verge of a social revolution and new friends and acquaintances are soon to be on their way. Let go of groups that no longer inspire you and welcome new collectives into your life. You're leading the way for others. Make sure you think through any urges to remove yourself from a situation. Allow your emotions to quell before doing anything permanent.


A career resurgence is on the way, so set intentions to further your standing in your field and attract the recognition you've been longing for. Now is not the time to sit in the shadows, waiting for success to knock on your door. Make plans to go for it. However, this doesn't mean hastily severing ties with other professionals or commitments you've made. Make a pros and cons list first.


You're opening your heart and feeling the wind blowing through your hair. There's a whole new world out there just begging you to explore it. Forget about the past and trust in the memories you're yet to make. But remember, not all adventures will feel as invigorating as you hoped. Make sure you're not making decisions based on frustration rather than inspiration.


You're choosing who and what to merge with. At the same time, you're detaching yourself from energy that no longer serves you. Trust that, even though this feels like an ending, this is truly a beginning. You're emotionally raw during this time, so make sure you're not making decisions you might regret later. Make your choices with both your head and your heart.


You're experiencing a new understanding of the relationships in your life. You're letting go of co-dependent mindsets, as well as selfish perspectives. Instead, you're inviting healthy partnerships from here on out. Take conflicts with the people you love with a grain of salt. Things may seem worse than they really are. Give yourself space to calm down before talking things through.


You're working toward a better life and nurturing your well-being. It's time to set tasks, reorganize your priorities, and commit to behaviors that yield the most positive results. Your life is a series of small decisions. Take extra care of your health this week because you're susceptible to overworking yourself and giving away too much of your energy for free.