Your July 22 Weekly Horoscope Should Serve As A Warning

It's quite an unstable ladder to climb when it's retrograde time. Mercury retrograde has been spewing confusion throughout the cosmos since July 7, but you're almost at the end of this strange and stressful transit. Although Mercury retrograde is infamous for communication blunders, difficult delays, and an overall scatterbrained energy, nothing compares to the way it can make you feel super nostalgic for the past. Allow your July 22, 2019 weekly horoscope to explain.

With Mercury retrograde now taking place in the emotional, protective, and sensitive sign of Cancer, you'll be longing for comforts that may no longer be available to you — AKA fantasizing about your ex a bit too much. When Mercury forms a conjunction with Venus — planet of love and romance — on July 24, that energy will only intensify. You'll feel even more dreamy about the good old days than usual, which could spark feelings that may or may not lead to something. Make sure you set boundaries for your heart so you don't get swept away by something that could only hurt you in the long run.

All Mercury retrograde antics aside, this is a remarkable week for one major reason: the sun enters fabulous, confident, and artistic Leo on July 22. You likely spent the last few weeks soaking up your tears and healing from the abrupt changes that took place during Cancer season, and now, you're ready to crawl out of your hole and shine like the star you are. Leo season showers you with self-love and encourages you to bask in being the magical unicorn that is you. Use this period to reconnect with your inner child and do exactly what you love, no matter what anyone thinks. With Venus joining the sun in gilded and roaring Leo on July 27, your love life will even begin to sparkle. Feel free to date around, pamper yourself, and wear your cutest outfit. Just remember that Mercury retrograde isn't always the best time to set a commitment.

The cosmos are also blessing you with a boost of drive and positivity that will likely add some steam to your career and social pursuits. When Mars — planet of energy and vitality — and Jupiter — planet of optimism and expansion — form a trine on July 25, let it remind you of everything you have to look forward to.

Here's what the signs have in store this week:


You're on the verge of an incredibly creative, gifted, and enjoyable time, so make lots of fun plans and never be afraid of putting yourself out there. Magic will only attract more magic. Expect sensitive issues among your family and home life to come to life. Take these pains in stride and be patient. All will make sense later on. Try not to let your emotions dictate policy.


You're feeling right at home lately and very much in the mood to cozy up in your safe space and take care of private matters. Feel free to cancel your plans and spend time with those who matter. You may find it hard to focus on the task at hand this week, so double check every last detail before mistakes are made. Make sure you think long and hard before saying something.


You're experiencing a boost of stimulation and clever thinking, which will help you accomplish lots of tasks and brainstorm new ideas. Engage in intellectual conversations with friends. Take care not to overspend this week as some purchases might sound great at first, but will only leave you feeling depleted of cash. Know you can't buy happiness.


Luxury is surrounding you and you feel like putting yourself first. Treat yourself to something special and sit down to form some concrete financial goals. You may feel confused about who you are or what it is you want, so try to find comfort in this confusion. There is not one answer to your identity. You are a multitude of qualities and emotions, so dig deeper.


You're feeling confident, sexy, and ready to get out there. Indulge in your awesomeness, begin pursuing your goals, and let the whole world know exactly what you're about. Despite all of this, your head may still be in a sensitive and secretive place. You may be revisiting memories from your past and trying to make sense of them. Try not to hurt your own feelings.


If you're feeling ready to withdraw from the world and cocoon yourself in your own little universe, it's no wonder. This is a beautiful time to engage in spiritual reflection and to enjoy your own company. Expect missed connections in your social life and possibly even a reconnection with people from your past. Take conflict with a grain of salt, as nothing is at is seems.


You're feeling social and in the mood to engage in group efforts. Use this energy to spearhead a movement or be a leader. You can affect others in a positive way and be affected positively in return. Your career is receiving some confusion this week, so make sure not to make rash decisions. All will be sorted out eventually. Be careful around authority figures.


Get that engine roaring because you're all about your career right now. Put yourself out there, go after what you desire, and make a name for yourself. Everyone is noticing your efforts and it's about to pay off. Despite this, you might be dreaming of a different adventure and fantasizing about another life. Trust that there is meaning all around you.


Your heart is expanding and you're feeling abundant in your life. Take this chance to open your mind to new perspectives, say "yes" to spontaneous opportunities, and forge vivid memories. You may be craving stronger connections and searching for meaning in your relationships, but don't mistake romance for depth. Sometimes there's no meaning to be found.


You're in the midst of a deeply transformative period. You're rising from the ashes of darkness and seeing the silver lining. You're deciding where to invest your energy and where to divest it. However, when it comes to your relationships, you might feel more than confused. Treat conflict with sensitivity and don't make any major decisions just yet. There's more truth yet to unfold.


You're in the mood to partner up and create a life with someone. Whether you're creating business or forging a romantic relationship, you're willing to commit to someone. However, you might be feeling more disorganized than usual, as if your daily routine has been turned upside down. Pay special attention to your health and your priorities so you don't fall off the wagon.


You're feeling confident and focused on yourself. It's time to make your overall wellbeing the most important thing of all. Take steps to ensure you're well taken care of and accomplishing what needs to be done. Creative energy may be difficult to find in your world, but don't take a lack of inspiration too personally. You're meant to find that energy within yourself.