Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of January 8

by Rosey Baker
Lucas Ottone/ Stocksy

This week is going to be bananas for everyone. The holidays are over, and it's time to kick things into high gear and put those resolutions to work. Your January 8, 2018, weekly horoscope guarantees that your focus will be singular as you work toward actualizing the phrase "new year, new me!" The planets are localized this week, meaning that people of every sign will feel like this week has a specific theme. That theme will be based mostly on the solar house these planets are located in, in your chart. Keep in mind that no matter what, you have the universe on your side this week. There aren't a ton of challenging planetary aspects to work against, like a full moon, or Mercury retrograde you have to face off with.

What this means is your efforts will pay off more smoothly now. You can finally take a deep breath and exhale, and let the stress of the holiday season fade into the background as your focus turns more toward the future. Of course, not every day is a picnic, nor should you expect it to be, but with the planetary lineup this week, anything that can go right will go right, if you allow it. Stay out of your own way, put your ego in the back seat, and let patient perseverance take the wheel. Whatever the theme might be for you this week, even if it's not what you were expecting, you'd be wise to work with the energy that's in this sector of your chart. Think of it as a fun experiment in faith.


This week, focus on your career, as you have four planets in your tenth house of fame and honors. You'll be feeling opportunities fly right by if you don't grab them now, so take advantage of them when they're presented. Network with some higher ups and give a resounding yes to any chance you get for a promotional opportunity — especially if you work in media — as Mercury will be on your side Jan. 11.


This week is going to be like a scene out of The Little Mermaid, and you're going to be Ariel before she traded her voice to a sea witch. You're filled with curiosity and excitement, and the desire to expand your mind and philosophy. Four planets will be bringing you multiple opportunities to do just that, through travel or work in broadcasting or media.

Monday allows you a chance to make romantic or personal connections with new people, so get out of your house and make the most of it.


If you've been looking for ways in to increase your cash flow, this is your week, Gemini! You have a flurry of planets helping you to establish a little more financial security in your life, right from the get go this week. On Monday, Jan. 8, you have Jupiter, the planet of luck, in harmonious aspect with Venus, the planet of love and money. This could benefit you in any number of ways, but especially if you work for yourself, as it could lead to a commission or client who will bring in the big bucks.

These opportunities will be coming all week, not just on Monday. So be on the lookout and be prepared.


This is the perfect week to find that special someone as Jupiter lights up your house of partnership on Monday, and Venus helps to boost your social life on Tuesday. You have a chance this week to get out there and enjoy the partnerships you already have, as well as to create new ones this week, either romantic or creative in nature. Take advantage!


This week seems to have you really running around taking care of business both at home and at work. You have a lot of details that need to be attended to, and health matters you might have been ignoring could pop up, so make sure you're getting enough rest to match the workload you have ahead of you.

Doctor appointments, health insurance paperwork, and signing up for a new gym are all good activities to focus on this week. Think of it as a way to fuel up for when Mercury enters Capricorn next week and you get busy as hell.


This is a week for romance and most of all, fun and creativity. Don't be afraid to let loose a little this week Virgo, as your imagination is running wild and you have a chance to seize the moment. It isn't that often that a week is filled with spontaneous opportunities for fun and flirtation. Even if you're in a romantic relationship, there's something in the air this week that has you feeling like you've just recently fallen in love, and it makes you feel absolutely magnetic. Enjoy it.


This week is all about your home, Libra. You have a bunch of planets in your domestic sector, including Jupiter and Venus, making this week a favorable one for beautifying your living space, or for looking for a new one. You'll want to spend money and splurge on items that can make your home the haven you retreat to from the outside world — just be sure you keep a budget. Jupiter's influence could easily lead you to spend on items you can't afford.


If you have a communications project you've been working on, or an app or blog you've been developing and are ready to reveal to the world, this is the week to launch it. You have a ton of planets in your third house of communication and technology, but this house also rules your relationships to siblings, neighbors, and local travel. If you've been thinking of taking a weekend away with someone special, or purchasing a motorbike or car to assist your getaways, this is a good week to do it.


Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in a beneficial aspect to Mars, the planet of focus, action and drive. This is all happening in your twelfth house of privacy and secrets, so if you have a project you're working on that you're keeping under wraps, you're sure to make a ton of progress on it this week to benefit you in the future.

This is also a favorable aspect if you're working on developing a spiritual practice in order to manifest something in your life.


Your birthday month assures that you will be on very popular guy/gal, and you'll feel like the spotlight is on you, this week especially. Opportunities to expand your social network come on Jan. 8 and 9. You'll also receive a boost of confidence from Mars this week, allowing you to really go for any new opportunities that would benefit your career. Personal projects close to your heart have a good chance of being seen for their true potential now.


This week you'll get to make a ton of progress on those New Year's resolutions, especially if you're finishing up a creative or work project. Your focus is less on your personal life and more on your work right now, but don't you dare feel guilty about that. The progress you're making now will benefit you mentally, spiritually, and personally. You have so much to look forward to Aquarius, so buckle down to business now and put your nose to the grindstone.


This week will be a good one to focus on your goals and aspirations; your social life will be lit up and you might find that the people you want to surround yourself with either support you in your journey, or you'll want to find ones who do.

You don't have time these days to devote your energy toward picking people up who aren't doing it for themselves. You're putting all the work in, and you deserve to surround yourself with other winners.