Your January Horoscope Is Here & Things Are Finally Looking Up After The Holidays

by Rosey Baker

It's finally time to say goodbye to 2017, and the month of December specifically, which was an inching farewell with Mercury in retrograde and the slowdowns it always causes. But your January 2018 horoscope will have you jumping for joy and ready to ring in the new year without a shred of sadness about having to say goodbye to 2017 — even if you were one of the rare cases of people who loved the last year and everything about it. I don't need to be the one to say this, but a new year means a new beginning, and with Saturn's recent move into Capricorn, you're probably already feeling a shift in the themes surrounding your lives.

Saturn is called the disciplinarian planet, and the house it occupies in your natal chart over the next two and a half years will be where you feel the most restriction, and ultimately growth. This month you'll be feeling that area of life change for you, so keep your eyes open and your antennae up, and you'll get some clues about what lessons you should remain open to learning in 2018. No matter what, remember that a horoscope isn't supposed to be a prediction; it's a map of potential outcomes. So take what you want from this and leave whatever you don't. I wish you all a happy new year.


Saturn has moved into your 10th house of career and reputation Aries, meaning you'll be feeling the desire to expand where you're at in your life career wise, and wanting to improve it, but most likely be faced with the task of having to change things in order to do so. Keep your eye on the prize and know that you can and will do anything you set your mind to this month, but that growth is about contraction and expansion, and contraction is likely to come first.


From January through May 2018, you'll be letting go of belief systems that no longer serve you, allowing new information into your life that strengthens the foundations you've built for yourself. If the foundations are strong, then you will gain insight into areas of it that are weak and strengthen it further. If the foundation you have built your understanding of life on is weak, it may crumble at this point and you may have to rebuild from where you are now. But the good news is, you are in the most creative place you could be in: a place of not knowing.


You may need to go back to basics this month when it comes to areas like partnerships and shared resources on a personal or career level. You may feel challenges coming from your work life, but you'll be rewarded in this area based on the strengths you exhibit in facing those challenges. You'll show an ability to change things up in ways no one else could have discovered when Uranus turns direct on Jan. 2.


January until September is a powerful time for love relationships, and you may discover that you have more opportunities at your fingertips to find love this month than you've had in what's felt like a very long time. You've probably been feeling an underlying desire for more excitement, friendship, and camaraderie in your life, and now is the time to get out and really mix things up.


Leos have had a lot of their recent focus on changes and improvements to their home and domestic life. This will continue until August 2018, but why not use the energy of the sun in Capricorn to build the necessary foundation for yourself?

If you're making improvements to your home decor, now is a good time to map out exactly what you want to do without spending too much. Just see what you want, what you can afford, and make the plans you need to make.


You need to focus this month on your career. Not because it's in trouble or anything; just something inside you may be pushing you toward securing a stable future for yourself, specifically having the northern sector of your chart energized by this months planetary transits. You don't need to do all this alone, either. Keep in mind that the progress you make this month will be dependent on your ability to work with others; you can get further faster with the help of your colleagues.


Expect your earnings this month to rise, but don't get too comfortable, because the chances are your spending will increase as well. Fortunately, if you're responsible about saving your resources, none of this can throw you. You're going to love this month, as it brings plenty of opportunities to socialize, which is where Libra tends to excel. Try not to let your work life recede into the background too much, and you'll create more space in your mind to enjoy the party.


Your eighth house of shared resources is activated by this month's transits, making it an especially good time in your intimate partnerships. If you are in a long-term relationship, you could take this month to finally seal the deal by getting married. If you've been brainstorming about career matters with a partner, you might find that you'd like to incorporate, and now is a good time to do that.


You've got many planets in the southern half of your horoscope in January, meaning your focus will primarily be on your home, family, and domestic life. You may be focused on improving your relationships between your family, siblings, cousins, or examining those relationships in order to improve your inner life.

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, you may have gotten a glimpse of how relationships with your family have affected your beliefs. Now is a good time to decide which of those beliefs you'd like to discard so that you might expand beyond the boundaries of others expectations of you.


Happy birthday, Capricorn! With the sun in your sign, you'll be the planetary favorite this month. If there are any personal projects you've been waiting to unveil, this month is your time to shine. Anything close to your heart is likely to be received well and executed easily at this time, and your ability to communicate your needs and make connections to others will improve as well with Mercury in your sign. Ambition is higher than usual now as well, so take advantage of all the planetary power behind you now!


Your chart this month is shining bright, Aquarius. You have so many beautiful things to look forward to. Your twelfth house of spirituality is highly energized. This is the house of the metaphysical world and all hidden knowledge. Spending time this month in solitude, meditating, and getting in touch with your higher self will be the key to your happiness. There's a well of knowledge within you and without accessing it, you may have a tendency to feel a little lost, but you are not. Don't be afraid to slow down and get in touch with your own inner wisdom.


The theme of this month will be sacrificial: You'll need to sacrifice your social life in order to focus on your professional one, and the good news is, you won't even mind. Many Pisces work for themselves, or at least do a job they love. They care more about personal fulfillment than money for money's sake. But remember that when you sacrifice your social and your home life in order to work, you are leading yourself toward a very isolated existence. Try to strike a balance between the two by aligning yourself with people who inspire you in your work.