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Your Heart Is Open To Beauty & Love In Your Harvest Moon Horoscope

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The werewolves are out, the witches are on broomsticks, and there's a cold chill permeating the air. Autumn has almost arrived, but not before the Harvest Moon radiates throughout the night sky. This is the full moon that always takes place around the fall equinox, marking the shift from the season of light to the season of descending darkness. However, your Harvest Moon 2019 horoscope proves there's always hope, even in the dimmest of situations.

Even though the Harvest Moon sounds mystical and romantic, it's still a full moon, which means emotions are running high and there's no way of knowing what truths it's bound to unearth. Occurring at 12:32 a.m. ET on Sep. 14, this full moon takes place in dreamy, spiritual, creative, and kind Pisces. The overall theme of the Harvest Moon is about letting go of your need for control, lowering your defenses, and opening your heart to empathy. Set aside your ego and think about how others are feeling. It will make the world a better place and certainly ease you through the Harvest Moon experience.

Forming a conjunction to illusive and compassionate Neptune, it may feel like there's a fantasy surrounding the Harvest Moon. This will either cast a rose-colored sheen across your universe or have you seeing shadows when there are none. Use this energy to heal, but be careful not to trust all things yet. The Harvest Moon is forming an opposition with Mercury, Venus, and Mars, leaving many things unsettled and driving up the volatility. You may feel restless, as though you need to push for things to happen, but you might not have much direction. Try to sit with your feelings and take note of them. Don't act on the first impulse. There may be more to the story.



You're being steeped in your subconscious, where you can't lie to yourself. The truth is spilling from within, so embrace it. Quiet the noise in your life so you can take a moment to listen to your intuition. It has all the answers, though they may not be the answers you'd like to hear. Your soul has a purpose and it's far deeper than people or situations.


You're feeling inspired to connect with others and work toward a worthy cause. However, not everyone may be on the same page as you. It might be time to break away from friendships and groups that don't serve your highest self. However, it's only making way for the right people to find you. Remember that making the world a better place begins with you.


You're coming out of your shadow and stepping into the light. You know what it is you want to accomplish if you look deep in your heart. Your career may not align with your values or your true purpose. Now's the time to make decisions, no matter how terrifying they may be, that bring you closer to making your dreams a reality. Don't hold back.


You're blasting through your doubts and inhibitions, making way for a far more open perspective of life. Not everything can be planned or decided for. Sometimes the greatest beauty arrives when you're not expecting it. However, if you're not paying attention, you might miss it. Remember to be spontaneous when life gives you opportunities outside of your comfort zone.



In order for you to hone in on your true power, you must let go of the nonsense taking up space in your heart. You know it's not serving you well, yet you might feel terrified of living without it. You are stronger than you think and you'll heal faster than you believe. Be vulnerable to a love that you deserve, even if it means sacrificing a love that never truly was.


You might believe you're better off alone and that you can handle everything yourself. But people want to be there for you, if only you'd let them. On the other hand, you may be relying on someone too deeply, forgetting your independence. It's time you strike a balance between giving and receiving. Once you do, worthy partnerships will surround you.


You may be existing too deeply in your imagination, forgetting that so many of your problems can be solved by making concrete moves. Take care of your mind, body, and reality. Come to terms with the ways in which you've been sacrificing your well-being for ideas that truly lead nowhere. Then, remedy the problem by getting organized and taking action.


There's a wellspring of creativity and love radiating inside you. It's just waiting for you to let it burst. You have so many things you'd like to express and so many emotions you want to let yourself feel. So give yourself permission to set it free. Paint, dance, sing, and fall in love. Do everything that makes you happy when you're not worried about what others think.



Although home may be a place you return to after a long day's work, home is really a state of mind. You may have a place and you may have a family, but if you're not emotionally open to facing what's blocking you from receiving comfort, you may not truly feel at home. Tackle these issues and get to the bottom of things. The love you'll find may just surprise you.


There are truths waiting to be discovered if you're willing to talk about them. Friendships can be forged if you remain open to social connection and reach out. Transformative knowledge awaits you, so fill your brain with what people have to teach you. Dive into a study or a subject that intrigues you. Look for an idea that has the capacity to change everything.


You have enough. You are enough. Remember that stability comes from within, as long as you set yourself free from chaos. Let go of doubts, uncertainties, and situations that bring you anxiety. Build something long lasting; something that can't be taken from you, no matter how rough life gets. What you need is very simple, so don't complicate it.


Deny yourself no longer. If you've been changing yourself to fit in or adapting to situations that aren't meant for you, there will only be unhappiness in the long run. Learn to stand your ground and let the world know exactly who you are. Some people might not like it, but others will. And, really, who cares what they think? It matters what you think.

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