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You're Radiating Passion In Your February 3 Weekly Horoscope


Change may be uncomfortable at first, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, when a positive shift takes place, it's probably a change you've been looking forward to for a long time. If you've been hit by one one challenge after another, then you'll appreciate what your February 3, 2020 weekly horoscope has to offer, because there are some beautiful transits in your midst. Let them revitalize and re-energize you.

As you probably already know, every astrological transition has its pros and cons. As of Feb. 3, Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — enters dreamy, emotional, and spiritual Pisces. This will open you up to vulnerability, encouraging conversations centered on love and healing. Pisces is also an incredibly visionary sign, making this transit beyond creative.

Of course, as with all things, Mercury in Pisces does come with a few caveats. By nature, Mercury is concerned with focus, logic, and details — none of which are strong suits for Pisces. If you find yourself spacing out, falling behind, or getting way more confused than usual, Mercury in Pisces may be to blame. However, when Mercury forms a sextile with innovative and revolutionary Uranus on Feb. 5, you could be struck with a genius plan or pushed to venture down a completely different route. Don't get discouraged, though, because your ideas are brilliant.

Relish the comfort and security you'll experience this week, especially when it comes to your social life and your finances. On Feb. 3, Venus — planet of love and luxury — will connect with committed and responsible Saturn. This will provide your relationships and finances with a strong foundation from which you can make smart, long-lasting decisions that'll help you grow. A little bit goes a long way and if you're willing to stick by something instead of drop it when it gets hard, you'll be rewarded in the long run. Take advantage of this stabilizing energy, because when Venus enters competitive, passionate, and hot-headed Aries on Feb. 7, you'll probably be more fascinated with passing fancies than something solid and long lasting. While Venus in Aries is the perfect time for crushes, flings, and butterflies in your stomach, it's not ideal for major commitments. Make sure you spend this transit having fun and indulging your desires. Big decisions can wait.

The week ends with a grand finale: A full moon in bold, childlike, and expressive Leo on Feb. 9. Forming a trine to ambitious and courageous Mars, this full moon is about embracing your deepest confidence and being unapologetic about the person you are and everything you want. Believe in yourself. Put yourself out there. Tap into your inner Beyoncé. The only person standing in your way is yourself.



Your creativity runs raw and powerful underneath all your self-criticism. You're understanding the ways in which you squash the seedling of an idea before it's even had the chance to grow. Let yourself create, experience, and feel without inhibition. Creativity follows no rules, so why are you viewing it in terms of "right" or "wrong"?


You've been hard at work making a name for yourself, but you may be forgetting a few things at home. If you care too much about what other people think but not enough about what you think, it will all fall to pieces. Look deep within and don't forget where you come from. Return home to yourself and you'll find everything you're searching for.


It's important to shake off the monotony of life and embrace a spontaneous adventure. Follow your intuition and live each day to the fullest. Just make sure you're not letting important tasks fall by the wayside as you traverse the great unknown. It may be time to rework your routine, reorganize your workspace, and cross items off your to-do list.


You may be coming to terms with what you truly need. It's easy to make your happiness dependent on what you own or how much money you have, but if you clarify what matters most, it will uncomplicate everything. Set your financial priorities straight. Learn when to save and when to spend. No matter what, abundance always surrounds you.



You've been giving so much of your heart away to others that you may be forgetting yourself. Spend some time deciding what it is you need. Remember the person you are when you're on your own. You're incredibly powerful and you don't need anyone else to complete you. The most important relationship you'll ever have is with yourself.


You've been so committed to your daily routine and concentrated on the task at hand that you may be sacrificing your spiritual well-being to do so. Allow yourself some introspection and alone time. Tune in to your inner voice. You may be keeping a secret and it's time to come out with the truth. Be honest with yourself and watch how it heals you.


You've been treating yourself to all your desires and tapping into your childlike wonder. However, it's time to utilize your talents for something that can truly change the world for the better. By bringing your community together and lending a helping hand to someone who needs it, you're realizing the antidote to loneliness is selflessness.


It's easy to burrow yourself in your own little safe space and forget about all the things you'd like to accomplish. What's preventing you from going for it? Is it fear of failure? Is it your shyness? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The world is waiting for your grand entrance. It's time to take a major step toward your career goals.



Venture into the unknown. Whether you do this by taking a trip out of town, or embracing a new philosophy, make sure you're opening your heart to all possibilities. There are answers awaiting you in unexpected places. Don't stubbornly cling onto what you know, because there's so much more to learn.


It's easy to rely on external forces to take care of you, but it always comes at the cost of your own freedom. Decide what to invest in and what to divest yourself from. If your independence and truth is being compromised, it's time to sever ties from whatever is holding you back. Be patient with yourself. Transformation never happens overnight.


Take a closer look at the relationships you give your heart to. Decide whether there's an equal balance between both partners. Not everyone speaks the same love language, so learn how to speak your partner's and show them how to speak yours. Trust is key, but you'll never get there unless you're willing to communicate and face your truth.


Every day, you are contributing to your habits, and over time, those habits have a deep impact on your overall life. Identify which habits have been bringing you down and realize new habits you should form in its place. Take care of your well-being and improve your work habits in the process. One aspect of life should not be sacrificed for another.