Here's Your Horoscope For February 2018

The glitz and glam of the holiday season is over and yet, we're still stuck in the dreary trenches of winter. If you've just about had enough of shortened days, ice turning the sidewalk into a freezing slip and slide, and the horror of having to remove your gloves in order to activate the touchscreen on your phone, we've got some good news: Your February 2018 horoscope is about to warm you right up with some love and light.

February is jam-packed with not only comforting, but intriguing prospects. We're transitioning into Pisces season on Feb. 18, slowing us down from the whirlwind of constantly being on the move and having a million things on our minds at once. Pisces is a time of daydreaming, tenderness, and reflection. You'll be able to slide discreetly into your own world, but you won't be hanging out there all alone. With a partial solar eclipse occurring on Feb. 15, during a new moon in Aquarius, we'll take all that affectionate and introspective energy and share it with our loved ones — an potentially with new people, as well.

New moons are always the marker of fresh beginnings and this is only enhanced by a partial solar eclipse. Since the eclipse is in Aquarius, a central theme of the month will be learning, connecting, and sharing ideas. Read on to find out how your sign in particular will be affected this month.


Looks like you'll be in good spirits this month, Aries. Venus, Jupiter and the moon are all aligning perfectly in your chart, which will leave you emanating some solid vibes to everyone around you. However, you'll want to slow down a bit. You've been so preoccupied with all things career, but when the sun in Pisces moves into your twelfth house of the subconscious on Feb. 18, you'll want to take some time to get in touch with your spiritual side.


Taurus, your tenth house of career will be all lit up by astrological influence this month. This indicates you'll probably experience a lot of success... or failure in that department. Take baby steps, take things with a grain of salt, and don't let any major changes go to your head. Regardless of how things turn out, this strange time will be an important period of growth for your career.


Damn, Gemini, look at you! February will be all about financial and career success, with a high chance that your superior will notice just how hard you've been working or the possibility that you'll reach a new milestone in your trade. Keep working hard, but don't get too caught up celebrating your financial gains. I know how short your attention span can be. Fight the tendency for your mind to drift and stay focused.


The partial solar eclipse in Aquarius is likely to cause you some financial stress, Cancer. All this intellectual energy in the air will drive a wedge between you and your natural tendency to want to keep things close to your chest. This might throw your routine into disarray, so plan ahead while you still can. Save some money, prepare for the worst, and forgive yourself for feeling like a mess.


Thanks to the influence of Uranus in your chart, your connection with your significant other is about to experience a whole new level. Things are lining up perfectly for you to be in relationship heaven, and if you're single, chances are that you'll deepen a bond with a crush (or even just a new friend). This harmonious energy will leave you on good terms with your colleagues as well, so take advantage of this opportunity to energize your career.


The healing vibes of Pisces season will be strong with you this February, Virgo. Always one to take action that produces results, you'll want to infuse your daily routine with emotionally grounding activities that deepen your connection to the world around you. You'll be stopping to smell the flowers while you walk your dog, tearing up as you listen to music while you drive to work, and singing at the top of your lungs in the shower. Let it all out, Virgo.


This month, you'll be feeling a lot closer to home with Venus lighting up your fourth house of family after Feb. 4. Instead of wanting to go out and experience new things, you're going to feel more drawn to your closest family members, your home life, and the warmth of your personal space. This is a great time to do some redecorating, to plan a few game nights, or maybe even throw some shindigs you can invite your friends over for.


After Feb. 18, planetary movements in your chart will combine with the dreamy effects of Pisces season to produce exhilarating results. You'll feel drawn to the outside world, to going on adventures, to living life on the edge. You'll feel an emptiness that you'll desperately want to fill with new experiences, and boy, I know the intensity of a Scorpio on a mission. Fill your planner with event after event after event. Don't allow any night to be a boring one. Party on.


Aquarius season is making your love life seem all kinds of messed up, Sagittarius. It's like you and your significant other are speaking two different languages or something. If you're single, you're probably feeling especially bummed out about it, especially with Valentines Day just around the corner. However, once Pisces season kicks in on Feb. 18, all the kinks will smooth out. You and your partner will finally come to an understanding and if you're single, it'll be a lot easier to connect with new people.


February will have you feeling even more in love with yourself than usual, Capricorn, and you'll be inclined to take better care of your health, take a little longer in the shower, and spend more time on your skincare. This is a great time to take on opportunities that land you in the public sphere because damn, you'll be looking good. Make sure not to let all this confidence go to waste. Do something meaningful with it.


With the partial solar eclipse on Feb. 15 bearing your name, Aquarius, your strength will be at its ultimate peak! Independence is your strong suit, and you'll be experiencing the power of treating yo'self at full tilt. This is a great time to re-evaluate your life and relinquish aspects of it that don't fulfill you. Cut out toxicity and replace it with nourishing ventures. This is only the beginning, Aquarius.


Happy birthday, Pisces! I can see your iridescent fish scales shining from all the way over here. This Pisces season, Jupiter and Uranus are positioned to unearth all your previous understandings of spirituality and show you a whole new world. You will be absorbing new information and surprising realizations will greet you at every corner. Perhaps the seed of a much bigger idea will come your way. Make sure you don't overlook anything that might be important.