Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Luckily, It's All Good Things

Pat yourself on the back because you survived not only one but two major eclipses. The last few weeks have been one obstacle after another but you made it. You dealt with the pain, held it together, and prevailed. Now, your February 19, 2018 weekly horoscope is all about you reaping the rewards of your trials and tribulations.

Pisces season has finally arrived, along with Venus and Mercury catching a ride on the Pisces train as well. This is a sign that knows a thing or two about peace, romance, and all things made of passion. Being at the end of the zodiac calendar, it’s also the oldest soul of all the astrological signs. Pisces opens you up like a window, allowing the sunshine to brighten your darkest corners. It also allows anything and everything to enter through you, stretching your emotional threshold pretty thin. Regardless, even the negatives in life will feel more positive than usual. Pisces gives you rose-colored glasses and you’ll wear them at night. You’ll appreciate all the spiritual and material enrichment because your heart has been hungry. Finances will be more forgiving for most signs, people will be more receptive to emotional connection, and many signs will experience career peaks.

Read on to find out what this week has in store for your sign:


Venus in Pisces is showering you with romance this week, Aries. If you're taken, you'll feel closer to your S.O. than ever. If you're single, you'll be feeling attractive and flirtatious. It's also allowing money to come to you easily and freely, as long as you remain focused on your work. Try not to get bored with your career. Spice things up with new ways of getting the job done.


The past few weeks at work may have been particularly tumultuous but you'll catch some much needed rest this week. In fact, your energy levels will have you ready to conquer anything you set your mind to. Your stress is at a minimum, your health is going well, and you'll feel all around good about yourself. You definitely deserve it!


Both the Sun and Mercury are lighting up your 10th house of social status — and it shows. You're kind of a big deal in your career right now. You're receiving recognition at work, improving at a rapid speed, and adapting to new challenges with ease. Stay focused while you ride this wave of success and you'll continue to surprise yourself.


The financial problems you've experienced recently had your stress levels skyrocketing. Good news is that if you've also been experiencing issues in your love life, this week is full of promise. You'll be pulled closer to your loved ones and you'll feel more understood by your S.O. If you're single, you'll be able to connect with someone new, as long as you take baby steps while getting to know them.


This has been a turbulent month for you, Leo, especially in emotional and health matters. Now that Pisces season has kicked into gear, you'll feel yourself lifting up from the darkness. Happiness will infuse your days more easily than before and the conflicts you've been experiencing in your relationships will dissipate. You'll also have more energy, making you feel more like your wild Leo self again.


You're on fire right now, Virgo. The Sun is in Pisces and it's also in your 7th house of partnerships, making your relationships feel smooth as butter. You're filled with love — receiving it from others and spreading it to those who need it. If anything attempts to rain on your parade, just focus your energy on your social life and you'll find your center again.


Mars is in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius and it's firing up your 3rd house of communication. You'll feel compelled to meet new people, to dazzle everyone in your community with your bright ideas and clever wit. You'll feel passionate, like rekindling the flame with your S.O. or embarking on a new romantic endeavor.


The solar eclipse in Aquarius forced you to stare into your own abyss, which was frightening. You also probably dipped into your money pot a bit too often to deal with the stress. This week, you'll experience a lot of emotional chill, which gives you a second to regroup. Those financial issues still remain, however, so take this time to save money or think of new ways to acquire it.


Things have been especially uncomfortable in your love life these past few weeks but thanks to the arrival of Pisces season, your spirit has been uplifted. Mercury is also in Pisces and it's sitting in your 4th house of family, making home your safe place. Spend time there right now and create your own peace. It will feel like balm to your heart.


You're charged with vitality this month, Capricorn. This week is no different. Getting sh*t done will be your main focus and you'll feel majorly productive. However, this productivity wants to fuel your personal life, so make sure you use this energy to improve matters at home and with your loved ones.


The Sun is in Pisces and it's sitting in your 2nd house of finance, making this a ridiculously prosperous month for you. You'll feel like throwing money in the air and swimming in it. Your emotional response to these gains will be deep and it'll do wonders for your overall self-confidence. Do something meaningful with the money.


So many planets are currently sitting in your element of water, Pisces. You'll feel this positivity in every aspect of your life as the planets line up perfectly for you to make all your dreams come true. Keep track of the memories you make during this time. Embark on adventures you won't forget. Your spiritual stamina is wide as the open seas.