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It's The First Week Of February & Every Zodiac Sign Is In For A Wild Ride

Prepare for turbo drive, because this week, you are blasting right off. However, while a boost in energy is always appreciated, too much of it can get a little out of control. As the sun squares off with red-hot and untamed Mars on Feb. 1, it's clear you're in for a wild ride. This can lead to a buildup of energy that feels difficult to repress; a buildup that can push you to the finish line... or cause a heated argument. Chances are, your February 1, 2021 weekly horoscope will have a major impact on your relationships, especially if there are unaddressed concerns or underlying tensions simmering beneath the surface.

Either way, your relationships are in for a shift. On Feb. 1, affectionate Venus will also enter independent, eccentric, and platonic Aquarius. This transit will remind you that the best foundation for a romantic relationship is a true friendship. It's a beautiful time to take part in your partner's interests or reserve time together where you can just hang out and have a fun time. It's also a beautiful time to make plans with your friends and get your community together.

The middle of the week (Feb. 4, to be exact) is anchored by a tense last quarter moon in smoldering and unrelenting Scorpio. This phase of the moon is all about letting go and preparing for the spiritual surrender of the new moon. However, as this moon opposes Mars in stubborn and guarded Taurus, which can leave you feeling touchy, sensitive, and hot-headed. You may find that letting go does not feel so easy; in fact, you might feel like refusing to let go, not without a fight. Try to see the big picture, no matter how tunneled your vision may be.

Your relationships are in for an intense moment on Feb. 6. This is when Venus will join forces with karmic and inhibiting Saturn, which can turn the romantic heat down a notch. Instead, the energy is practical and realistic, removing your rose-colored glasses and revealing just how strong your relationships are. Are you ready to do what it takes to make this relationship work? Can it survive under the circumstances?

You might want to be open-minded as you move forward, because Venus will also square off with freedom-loving and changeable Uranus, which encourages feelings of rebellion. The constructs of your relationship may feel too constricting without a little wiggle room, so remember: This is your relationship, no one else's, and you work together to decide the terms.

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You may doing some serious thinking about how you picture your future. Are your dreams practical? Are you willing to put in the work it takes in order to realize your vision? You may feel discouraged by the resources available to you at the moment; about the current trajectory of your goals. But the cosmos are encouraging you to be resourceful and to find a way around the obstacles blocking you.


This week, you may be feeling pressure to be something or act like someone you're not. In fact, you might feel the weight of the perception others have of you and find it too much to carry. While you shouldn't necessarily drop your responsibilities because you're feeling impulsive, you should also remember that this is your life. Who are you living for if not for yourself?


You may surprise yourself this week. You may find yourself reacting to something in a way that might completely contradict your beliefs or your philosophy of life. This means you need to work on forming a stronger connection with your intuition and your inner knowing. There may be a lot of truths you're keeping tucked away within; repressed truths that you deserve to be made aware of.


There may be tension between your desire for depth and your desire to maintain detachment. There is safety in being emotionally detached; after all, you can't get hurt if you're not truly invested. However, you were born into this world to fall in love and invest in intimacy and closeness. While you should always maintain healthy boundaries, this detached feeling may be holding you back more than you think.

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There may be an imbalance of power in your life at the moment. This imbalance could be placing more pressure on a relationship than it can handle. One of you may be trying to exert dominance over the other, but everyone has a breaking point. This week, keep in mind that some damage is too difficult to come back from. Take a look at your relationship dynamics and ask yourself if they're producing healthy relationships.


This week, you might feel overwhelmed by the abiding by the same boring old routine every single day. In fact, you might feel inspired to throw it all out the window and let a spontaneous impulse drive you away from your usual goals. However, this can be detrimental if it's left unchecked, so work on channeling these impulses by allowing for more variety in your days. You're a human being, not a machine.


You may be attempting to express yourself this week; to unleash your creativity and allow your talents to shine. However, you may be nervous about standing out too much or revealing too much of yourself. You may feel nervous that you may leave others feeling jealous and unhappy with you. However, you can't live inside a shadow when you're ready to step out into the light. Work on conquering these fears.


You may be at odds with someone you need to get along with this week, and you may be hell-bent on proving your point or winning the argument. Does it matter who's right? Does it make your relationship better to be right? While you shouldn't allow yourself to be disrespected, try considering the idea that it's you and your partner against the problem, not you and your partner against each other.

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This week, there may be a conflict between what you say and what you do. You may be keeping promises that you're not ready to keep or saying statements that you can't back up. Your way with words can ward off inconveniences, but there's always the chance they'll catch up with you. This week, work on promising exactly what you're capable of; no more, no less. Work on accepting what you can handle.


It may feel especially difficult to resist your desire for indulgence and fun. And you should never repress your need for excitement. However, giving into your impulses all the time makes it difficult to keep up with your goals and maintain stability in your life. Find creative outlets that don't break the bank or induce chaos. Discover forms of pleasure that you can turn to on a daily basis.


You've been working through self-love issues and resistance in your ability to accept who you are. This week, it may feel especially hard to let the love in, and it may feel like old tendencies and habits are pulling you away from all the progress you've made. It's time to dig your heels in and decide your future. Your past cannot be changed, but the future will always rest in your hands, ready for you to mold it into shape.


Your subconscious thoughts and feelings may be rising to the surface this week, forcing you to acknowledge what you've been holding in. You may be reliving a lot of difficult memories and experiencing challenges as you try to put your feelings into words. Try not to put pressure on yourself to articulate everything, because you may not have all the answers. Right now, all you need to do is allow the feelings to rush in.