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Your Last Full Moon Horoscope Of The Year Is As Beautiful As It Is Terrifying


There are countless reasons why the full moon is often such an emotional and overwhelming time. I bet you already know the moon is tied to your subconscious. All you have to is gaze upon its bright white light as it radiates throughout the night sky to know there's something spiritual and mysterious about the moon. But when the moon is at its fullest state, it's a whole different story. Think of it this way: The moon harbors all your secrets. When the moon is full, it's as if all the treasure buried deep in the ocean is floating to the surface. It's just as beautiful as it is terrifying, which describes your December 2019 full moon horoscope perfectly.

Taking place on Dec. 12 at 12:13 a.m. ET in storytelling and dual-sided Gemini, this full moon could spill secrets, spin webs, and leave you with more questions than answers. As it forms a square to hazy and disorienting Neptune, the outpour of emotion may feel hard to control. It might be difficult to get an accurate reading of what you're feeling, so don't feel the need to decide just yet. Your vision of reality may be somewhat skewed.

This full moon also has the power to reveal some deep-seated truths about your relationships, especially as Venus — planet of love — forms a conjunction with both karmic Saturn and transformative Pluto. You may feel like diving into a deep, transcendent, and serious love affair, so be mindful of your desires. As you search for depth and commitment, however, you may not be satisfied with what you find. There may be uncomfortable information that arises and changes your view of the situation. Regardless, it's all bringing you closer to relationships that truly count.

Despite the intensity of this full moon, there is so much positivity and kindness bolstering you toward self-love and success. As Mars — planet of drive — embraces creative and dreamy Neptune, you have the power to visualize the reality you've always wanted and then tap into that same frequency. As Jupiter — planet of growth — connects with unpredictable Uranus, unexpected opportunities might just contain the changes you're looking for. Make no mistake: Nothing is a coincidence.



It's time for you to speak up. Don't let fear or intimidation repress your voice. Keeping all that beauty and power to yourself isn't only hurting you, but also all the people who can benefit from it. Let yourself be a teacher, but also a learner. Acknowledge what's really on your mind.


What do you need in order to feel safe, secure, and rooted in the earth? You may be relying on the wrong things for a sense of stability. You could be denying yourself what you really need. Know that you can transform your peace of mind by focusing on the right things.


There's no relationship more important than the relationship you share with yourself. Reevaluate whether you've been treating yourself with kindness. Are you speaking to yourself in a way you would speak to a dear friend? Do you believe in yourself the way you deserve to be believed in?


Repressed memories and wounds may reappear sharp and vivid in your mind. Whatever your intuition keeps calling attention to deserves your attention. It's time to recognize what it is that's still hurting you so that you can heal. Admitting the pain is always the first step to setting yourself free.



Are you surrounding yourself with people who truly bring out the best in you? If you feel tense, judged, or off kilter around a group of people, it may not be in your best interest to stay in touch. When people tell you who they are, listen. Then, make space for people who's values align with yours.


All eyes are on you. The world is noticing everything you've been working toward. Instead of hiding from all the attention, let yourself be seen. Whether you're relishing your success or recognizing where you went wrong, you're redirecting course and learning from it all.


Your mindset has expanded so much and it's time you acknowledge that your opinions and your perspectives may have changed. Nothing is set in stone. The only thing that's guaranteed is the next adventure. Focus on the now instead of the future. Open your heart to possibility.


You have big dreams, but you may be confused as to how you can make them a reality. There may be baggage from your past taking up too much of your attention. Remember — in order to transform, you must let your old self die. Then, you will rise from the ashes like a phoenix.



What do you think a healthy and fruitful relationship entails? Is it mutual respect? Honesty? Passion? Shared interests? Allow your perspective of your relationships to change. Do what you can to improve your part and embrace those who are willing to reciprocate it.


If you've gotten off track with your wellness routine, acknowledge how you've let your responsibilities slide. Get reorganized, reevaluate your priorities, and remember your body is your temple. Don't become so focused on other things that you forget to take care of yourself.


It's so easy to get swept into the stress and self-judgment of adulthood that you forget how to simply enjoy your life. Get in touch with your inner child and remember what it is that makes you truly and unabashedly happy. Let your creativity and laughter burst with wild abandon.


It's OK to take some necessary respite from the world and spend time in your sacred space with people you can be yourself around. Redesign your space, confide in those you trust, and make yourself at home. Bring yourself back to a place where you can put up your feet and unwind.