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Your December 2 Weekly Horoscope Is About Commitment


It's no coincidence that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. After all, it rules over expansion, growth, and adventure. Whatever Jupiter touches inevitably becomes bigger and if you harness this gas giant's cosmic power, there's no obstacle you can't overcome. Wondering how? Your December 2, 2019 weekly horoscope will show you the way. Jupiter has spent the last year taking your world for a spin in spontaneous, culturally conscious, and untamed Sagittarius. As of Dec. 2, it will enter Capricorn, encouraging you to tap into the go-getter you've always been. It's time to focus on your goals, stay disciplined, and put in the work.

Even though Jupiter in Capricorn will take effect in your life over a long period of time, the cosmos are still giving you an immediate boost. When Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — forms a sextile with Pluto — planet of death and rebirth — on Dec. 3, you may feel compelled to completely transform an idea. Conversations can become raw and powerful as you dig into the nitty-gritty. There's so much truth you can uncover, especially if you embrace your creative side. When romantic Venus and passionate Mars later form a sextile, it will exude an expressive, artistic, and sensual energy. Let loose and embrace your emotions and your impulses. Repressing them only subdues your own power.

But when the sun squares off with hazy and irrational Neptune on Dec. 8, you might find your emotions getting out of control and your thoughts even more confusing. This isn't the best time to make snap judgments or cling onto an idea. Neptune has the tendency to leave you feeling disoriented, which means everything will make sense later on. That negative, anxious rush of feeling is probably not based on the truth. Trust that everything is gonna be OK.



You're uncovering deeper truths about your path in life. You may not feel like putting yourself out there yet, but you're being shown where your potential lies. Make the decision to work hard and walk through the door that is being opened for you. Don't be afraid of teaming up with someone who can help, because no one reaches the finish line alone.


There is so much motivating you to go above and beyond your comfort zone. All those things you've always wanted to try? All those projects you've been daydreaming about? Bring these ideas to life one step at a time. You'll be surprised by what you'll learn if you stay disciplined. A relationship may also be deepening, so open your heart to love, even if it feels like a risk.


You're bursting with so much romantic and creative energy. You can resuscitate a stagnant relationship by expressing your passion for someone, or flirt your way into something exciting and new. Either way, you're inspired. Take your creative impulse and run with it. When was the last time you did something artistic? You're feeling hungry for it once again.


You're feeling pulled to spending time with those who truly make you feel at home. You might even feel like building a home with someone, so use this energy to nest and nurture. Is your relationship more than just passion or convenience? Is your emotional bond strong regardless? Understand that being vulnerable shouldn't take the excitement out of love.

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Don't you dare let someone tell you to slow down this week, because you are amped up and ready to go. With all this energy, you can tackle your long to-do list, meet lots of new people, and generate new ideas. Sitting still is only going to make you feel restless, so focus all that energy on something that emotionally fulfills you. The shadows of your heart are being uncovered.


Is there a creative venture you've been dreaming about making an income with? Now's the perfect time to do it. Set up your online shop, create more pieces, and infuse your work life with a solid dose of creativity. Searching for inspiration? Talk to people who inspire you and read success stories about people who were once in your shoes. Then get going and don't stop.


Does your space reflect the person you are? If you're searching for a sense of meaning and belonging, you have the power to create it for yourself. Redesign your home, spend time with family, and infuse your life with some much-needed coziness. It's through your heart that you'll begin to understand what you need in order to feel stable and secure with yourself.


There is so much self-exploration and introspection to be done. Dig deep within your psyche and uncover truths about yourself. Are you keeping secrets? Are secrets being kept from you? Look deeper and discover what's really going on. Even if the truth hurts, it will inevitably set you free. Don't be a prisoner to what you're afraid to say out loud.



What are your financial goals? You have so much power to manifest the money and the life you've been longing for. Just believe you already have all you need and abundance will follow. The people in your life have the power to set you on the right track. Spend time with people with values that align with yours and they'll always lead you the right way.


You're on fire and the whole world can see it. You're magnetic and attracting all the attention and praise you've been waiting for. Your hard work and your challenges were not in vain. However, there are truths about your circle of friends yet to be uncovered. Are they truly happy for you? When people tell you something about themselves, believe them.


Your inner world is expanding and becoming more vivid. You may not even feel like the most social creature right now, considering all the conversations you're having with your intuition. Some journeys must be taken alone. Trust that you'll return stronger and more powerful than before. You're learning all about where your career is headed and where you should go next.


You're merging your power with your community. There is power in numbers, so let cooperation, harmony, and shared ideals lead the way. You're learning so much from others and they're learning from you. What you need is a second opinion. Hearing another perspective may be all that you need in order to solve the problem. Stay open-minded.