Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Capricorn Season Has Finally Arrived

The astrological energy swirling through the air this week is positively divine. With Venus in smoldering Scorpio forming a trine with Neptune in dreamy Pisces on Dec. 21, romance is radiating from the cosmos. Opening you up to tenderness, sensitivity, and compassion, the connections you make this week will feel spectacular. But that's not the only reason you'll love your December 17, 2018 weekly horoscope. The sun will also be forming a trine with Uranus as of Dec. 20, making you feel comfortable enough to be true to yourself and appreciate the uniqueness that each person has to offer.

However, I honestly might be stalling before I tell you the biggest astrological news of the week: On Dec. 21, the sun will enter Capricorn, launching us through the last earth season of the year. The tenth sign in the zodiac wheel is known for its intense drive and ability to see things through to the end. While Sagittarius season was about getting in touch with the world philosophically and experiencing life to the fullest, Capricorn season is about creating that life. Prepare to learn from your mistakes and set a plan for a brighter and more successful future.

If you're already pumped for the cosmic shift, get a load of this: The day after Capricorn season begins will also be the day a full moon in Cancer lights up the sky. This is one of the most beautiful full moons of the whole year for so many reasons, one being that the moon literally rules over Cancer and functions most elegantly when its in its favorite sign in the zodiac. Reflecting light from a sun in its opposite sign, Capricorn, this full moon will give you a sense of emotional completion and revelation that you didn't even know you needed.


The sun has entered your 10th house of career and reputation, drawing your focus toward your overall success in life and how far you've come in your journey toward greatness. Dedicate yourself to accomplishing something important to you. With a full moon lighting up your fourth house of family, you're receiving insight about how you can strike a balance between success in the outer world and success in your world.


Your ninth house of adventure and expansion is now absorbing light from the sun. You're searching for something new in your reality and you're willing to try new things and open your mind. Get outside of your comfort zone. A full moon glows in your third house of communication, drawing your focus towards accomplishing what needs to get done. It's a beautiful time to have an important conversation with someone.


The sun has intensified things in your eighth house of death and rebirth. This house is associated with intimacy, sexuality, and shared resources. Your thoughts will drift towards emotional and spiritual connections, as well as to debts that need settling. A full moon opens up your second house of finances, letting you know what you need in order to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Take care of your world.


Your seventh house of partnerships is now being occupied by the sun. You've got love and commitment on your mind, as well as how you can mutually benefit from the people in your life. Getting closer to someone will give you so many answers. With a full moon electrifying your first house of the self, you're understanding your identity on a deep and emotional level. How can you become more self-assured?


The sun has slid into your sixth house of health and work, drawing your focus towards how diligent and productive you are in your overall life. What responsibilities have you been neglecting? Can you work harder and more efficiently to achieve your goals? A full moon brings focus to your 12th house of spirituality, asking you for a moment of solitude and meditation. Your intuition contains heavy truth, so listen to its whispers.


Your fifth house of fun and pleasure is golden from the sun's light, floating you with creative inspiration. This is when you're meant to enjoy your life and get in touch with your inner child. Remember all the fun things that the world has to offer. With a full moon in your 11th house of community, you're receiving insight about causes you care about. You're also learning more about what you need from your social circles.


The sun has entered your fourth house of home and family, launching you into a period of rejuvenation. Feel free to behave like a hermit and spend time working on your home life and nurturing relationships with those who matter most. A full moon in your 10th house of career brings your attention to your overall goals in life, inspiring you to make it or break it. If your career is lacking something, now is not the time to ignore it.


Your third house of communication is being galvanized by the sun, turning your brain on hyperdrive and showering you with ideas. This is a perfect time to revamp your daily schedule, cross items off your to-do list, and communicate more clearly. A full moon in your ninth house of adventure will show you the big picture, something beyond what you've been worrying about. You'll see things from a different perspective.


The sun has entered your second house of finance and stability, rearranging your focus towards more practical and literal matters. You'll become more concerned about how you can build the life you want and discover knew modes of earning. With a full moon in your eighth house of intimacy and transformation, bringing a head to a sensitive situation with someone you have made financial or emotional commitments to.


The sun has rolled into your first house of the self, drawing your attention to every aspect of your identity. You're looking at who you've become over the past year and learning how to feel confident about the changes you're currently making. A full moon enchants your seventh house of partnerships, showing you how the person you are fits in a commitment with someone else. What do your relationships truly need?


The sun has flown into your 12th house of spirituality, thus beginning a period of solitude, contemplation, and introspection. It's very important to learn how to exist on your own during this time, to understand the power of your raw depth. With a full moon in your sixth house of work and health, you'll have revelations about the way you've been treating your responsibilities and priorities. It may be time to rearrange things.


With the sun entering your 11th house of community, you're being catapulted into a social state of being and inspired to make new friends and take care of others. This is a lovely time to network, as well as participate in philanthropy. A full moon in your fifth house of creativity calls attention to the way you express yourself artistically and the way you interact with the world playfully. Remember, life is meant to be enjoyed.