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Your Love Life Will Be Taken For A Spin In Your December 16 Weekly Horoscope


As of Dec. 21, the sun will leave behind wild and free-spirited Sagittarius to enter driven and ambitious Capricorn. This past season has been about expanding your heart, leaving behind the unknown, and returning with experiences that have enriched your mind. Now, you're ready to take all that you've learned and lay down the groundwork as you work to achieve your goals. Don't let the motivating energy of Capricorn season pass you by. Let your December 16, 2019 weekly horoscope guide you in the right direction as you put the work into manifesting your desires.

The cosmos begin the week by elevating you toward success. When Mars — planet of passion and courage — forms a sextile with sturdy and committed Saturn on Dec. 19, you'll have the power to take an idea that thrills you and transform it into something tangible. Mars is a blast of energy while Saturn wants to bring focus and discipline to that energy. Don't let hiccups derail your direction. Instead, counter mistakes and failures with your next move. When Mars later connects with transformative Pluto on Dec. 22, you may even find yourself obsessed with winning and willing to do whatever it takes to fight for what you want.

Even though Capricorn season is all about taking practical measures and focusing on the facts, there's still bound to be a little confusion along the way. On Dec. 19, Mercury — the messenger planet — will form a square to distorting and embellishing Neptune. This leaves little to reality and a lot to the imagination. Beware of believing lies (the ones you hear and the ones you tell yourself). You may feel more sensitive and prone to taking things personally, but your concerns may largely be in your own head.

Ready or not, your love life is being taken for a spin. On Dec. 20, Venus — planet of love — enters independent, eccentric, and visionary Aquarius. When Venus is in Aquarius, it's time for developing fascinating new friendships and coming together for a great cause. You may find that a friendship turns into something more, because every lasting romantic connection should be built on friendship. However, Venus is a bit rebellious in Aquarius and you may find yourself resisting the confines of a partnership and embracing the freedom that comes with being in your own. When Venus forms a square with unpredictable Uranus on Dec. 22, desires for something new and exciting may jeopardize commitments you've already made.



Quit denying your talents and reducing your accomplishments, because all the right people are starting to take notice of your hard work. Take risks in your career, because the universe is coming to your aid. Just make sure not to overlook any details or let important tasks slip your mind. You don't want to make the wrong impression right now.


You're being coaxed from your shell and invited to take part in a great adventure. What are you so afraid of? Let the unknown guide the way. Live in the moment and you'll be surprised by how simple it all becomes. Expect disruptions in your career this week. There may be a new path you're being encouraged to take. Give it time before making a decision.


It's time to embrace your inner power. You can overcome anything, and in order for you to grow, it may be time to make an uncomfortable decision. Even if you feel lost for a while, know that you'll always find your way. Don't place all your faith in one person. Someone may not be being fully transparent about their intentions, so focus on the facts.


Now's the time for beautiful new friendships and exciting new crushes. You're in a position to build strong relationships and commit to what you can create together. Be the person you'd like to have in your life. However, you shouldn't try to get involved in something too serious just yet. In the meantime, enjoy the process of getting to know someone.



If you focus on your goal now, there's nothing you can't accomplish. Get your head in the game, form a plan, and get everything done one step at a time. Don't expect your palace to be built in a day. Be patient throughout the process, but remember not to daydream too much. If you lose yourself in wonderland, it'll be harder to get back on track.


It's time to set your inner child free and give curfew a break. Remember how you used to create without inhibition when you were a kid? Tap into that well of untainted creativity that is forever at your disposal, and tell that critic on your shoulder to take a hike. You may find your work is a bit unreliable this week, and getting the job done the old way may feel difficult.


If you feel like withdrawing from the world, don't fight your instinct. It may be time to focus on your own private life. Find a sense of comfort by reorganizing and rejuvenating your soul, because you deserve a moment of coziness amidst all the chaos. Also be careful what you say this week, because miscommunications may haunt you if you aren't clear with your words.


You're buzzing with energy, multi-tasking, and feeling ready to express all your incredible ideas. Take all that passion you're bursting with and harness it. Don't let this rush of energy pass you by. Protect your finances this week, and don't spend your money on something you're not sure of yet. You're prone to falling for a sales pitch that doesn't have you best interest.



You're increasing your self-worth and getting grounded this week. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Recognize that with food and shelter, you're already rich, but set your sights on financial goals you'd like to accomplish. You may feel confused and disoriented at the moment, so be careful of wearing rose-colored glasses. If it sounds too good to be true, it might be.


You're absorbing confidence, power, and independence. Nothing and no one can tell you who you are or who you have to be. If you're true to yourself, everything will fall into place. Take off that mask you wear for everyone else. There may be disruptions with your finances this week. However, these disturbances aren't permanent; they're meant to teach you something.


You're taking a necessary break from the outer world. Instead of keeping up with appearances, steep yourself in spiritual reflection and introspection. If you don't look within, how can you truly heal? You may feel rebellious this week, and if someone tries to control you, the desire to break free will be stronger than ever. Just remember to pick your battles.


It's time to tap into your social butterfly and make some new connections. You're getting inspired by others and you're ready to lead a movement. Allow yourself to cooperate and remain open to receiving help. There may be confusion surrounding your career this week. Leave major decisions for later, as you may not be seeing all the facts clearly.