Why Your Cousin Is The One Person Who Gets Along So Well With Your Besties

Best friends are truly what make the world go round, and the greatest feeling is when all of your besties get along so well. So, when you're able to easily integrate your soul sister cousin into your number one squad, you immediately feel whole. Why is it that your cousin gets along with your friends so perfectly, might you ask? Well, it definitely helps that your cousin is your BFF, so she belongs in that exclusive crew of besties you love endlessly.

Your cousin is the family member who turned into your best friend, and your BFFs are the friends who turned into family. No matter the process of how they got these titles, all of them mean so much to you. I mean, it would be quite the chore if your favorite people didn't get along. You'd have to split up your time between your cousin and your girlfriends. But lucky for you, your two worlds collided, and the outcome is beautiful.

The situation works so well because of these seven things that make your cousin such a special gem — and your best friends have noticed. Now, you have more time to plan the perfect girls' trips and wine nights, because you have both your cousin and your besties right there with you. That's squad goals, if you ask me.

Your Cousin Is Basically Your Sister

You and your cousin are two peas in a pod. She may not have the same exact DNA as you, but you share enough personality traits and interests that you are basically twins. That means whatever your friends love about you, they'll likely also adore about your cousin. You may even have the same sense of humor that your friends always get a kick out of. (Yes, you're that funny.)

You're Friends With Each One Of Your Girls For A Reason

You like your friends for how fun and spontaneous they are, and how you can go to them whenever you need them. The same goes for your cousin. They all share the same important qualities you tend to look for in a quality BFF, so naturally, your cousin fits perfectly into the squad as well.

You All Know How To Have A Good Time

You've been making memories with your cousin since you were little kids causing mischief at your family reunions. She always knows how to have a good time, and your squad happily welcomes in the fun. Any girls' night in or Friday night dancing at the club will only be made 10 times better when your cousin's around.

The Trust You Have Together Is Easily Shared

One of the best qualities of a best friendship is the circle of trust. You can easily share any secret with your besties, and your cousin is also someone you've been able to confide in your whole life. You know she keeps your secrets under lock and key, and no one will ever know who broke Grandma's beloved lamp. Your friends trust you enough to know that your cousin is also someone who they can spill the gossip to.

Your Besties Know That Your Cousin Means The World To You, And They Respect That

Your best friends know what matters most to you in the world. They understand that your cousin is basically like your soul sister. Just knowing that, they welcome her into the group with open arms.

You And Your Cousin Are Attached At The Hip

It's just fact that your cousin is and always will be your longest best friendship. She was there from the beginning, and will be there until the end. You're basically a package deal together. Even if you're not with her, you're telling a story that involves her. You and your besties know that it's just easier to have her there to help tell the story.