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Your Christmas Horoscope Is Here & It's Full Of Surprises


Christmas can instantly conjure up so many memories. Brightly lit trees sparkling with ornaments, snickerdoodle cookies in the oven, over-the-top gift exchanges... It's no wonder you're here for your Christmas 2019 horoscope. After all, each and every Christmas is unique, so what's so special about this one? Well, to put it bluntly, a lot.

Come Dec. 25, the sun in Capricorn will harmonize with unpredictable and revolutionary Uranus, encouraging you to go against the grain, set aside traditions, and experiment with something totally different. Christmas is what you make of it and never has that applied more. However, this topsy-turvy energy could shake up your relationships a bit, because Venus — planet of love — is engaging in a battle of wills with Uranus. A need for some freedom and space could very well create friction. But don't think this uncertainty is going to steal away the cozy and exciting comfort of Christmas. The sun will also form a conjunction to expansive Jupiter, firing up the festivities and spreading plenty of good cheer.

However, this Christmas is definitely no joke, because a solar eclipse in Capricorn will take place at 12:13 a.m. ET on Dec. 26. An eclipse is essentially an extremely powerful new moon, which means a drastic and life-altering change could very well be taking place this Christmas. Speeding you up toward your ultimate destiny, an eclipse could feel majorly uncomfortable at first, but you'll see how much it has helped you grow in due time. As for Christmas? You'll definitely be feeling the pressure.



All eyes are on you this Christmas, so what are you bringing to the table? You've been working hard and bringing your talents to life. Don't deny yourself the recognition you deserve. A career revelation is taking shape, so it may be time to reap the rewards or redirect your course. Either way, it's a major step.


Even though Christmas tends to feel a bit chaotic, you're here for the thrill of it all. Treat the holidays like an adventure and you won't be disappointed. Who cares where you're going? You can plan all you want and you'll still end up somewhere excitedly unexpected. For now, enjoy the surprise of where the journey takes you.


All you want this Christmas is to feel close to someone special. Open your heart to all the love in your life. In order to receive love, you have to take the risk of being vulnerable. Acknowledging your feelings is a transformative process. Whether you're meant to let go or hang onto something, know that you're growing.


Relationships are at the forefront of your mind this Christmas. It may be time to seal it with a kiss under mistletoe, forge a commitment with a business partner, or simply deepen your interpersonal bonds. Don't get all caught up in holiday errands and spending. The real deal is setting aside quality time for others.



What will bring you the most peace of mind this Christmas is being of service to others. How can you make this Christmas more special for your loved ones? It may be time to lend a helping hand. But don't forget to get a gift for yourself this Christmas. Sticking to a new and improved self-care routine can make all the difference.


Who's in the mood to liven up the party this Christmas? You are. You're joy, creativity, passion, and youthfulness personified. Remember the exciting innocence of waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney and leave presents under the tree? Recapture that feeling. Your inner child is alive and well.


This Christmas, all you want is to be around the people who truly get you. Spend time with your family, spruce up your home environment, and get as cozy as possible. Whether your family is chosen or blood-related doesn't matter. Family is whatever you need it to mean, so define it for yourself.


This Christmas, you are busy. You've got a million different things on your mind, so find time to organize your thoughts and focus. With your energy levels high and your brain power even higher, you are everyone's source of intellectual curiosity this Christmas. Don't be afraid to share your intelligence.



You are surrounded by so much abundance this Christmas. Inspiration to make your world more beautiful and more stable is filling your heart. Don't hold back on the holiday decorations or the gift-giving because you have an artist's touch. Your present this year? Your financial situation is coming into focus.


After this Christmas, you may not feel like the same person you were before. That doesn't necessarily mean Christmas itself will feel different, but you might. Don't feel pressured to keep up with appearances and cater to everyone else's expectations. Right now, you're deepening your independence and moving forward.


Your ego is fading into the background this Christmas and you're here to become one with the universe. It's not presents or material things bringing you joy. It's the understanding that everything's gonna be OK, no matter what the situation may be. Let go of your expectations and heal your spirit from the inside out.


What's your greatest wish this Christmas? Chances are, it has as much to do with you as it does the entire world. You're spearheading so much change and it's reflected in the way you're rallying your friends, family, and loved ones behind all your epic ideas. Bring everyone into the future, because you're the thread that ties them all together.