Two happy girlfriends looking on the shopwindow while standing with shopping bags near the mall

Every Sign Will Need A Little Bit Of Strategy & Motivation On Black Friday


If you're daydreaming about coming home with more shopping bags than you can carry and clicking "Add to Cart" all day long, then you're probably counting down the days to Black Friday. Even though there's no greater feeling than buying something you're truly excited about at a way cheaper price, no one can deny the sheer chaos of this consumerist holiday. If you're wondering what the cosmos have planned, your Black Friday 2019 horoscope will help you shop the way you want to shop.

You need a little bit of strategy and motivation if you're going to get out there and purchase what you need. With the moon and Venus — planet of luxury and money — in strategic and hard-working Capricorn, you'll have the wherewithal and the drive to shop in a way that is efficient and practical. However, with the moon forming a conjunction with serious Saturn and intense Pluto, you might feel a little overwhelmed by your emotions and your priorities.

However, you do need a little creativity and imagination to shop with enthusiasm, and as the moon forms a sextile to dreamy Neptune, you'll find just that. As a matter of fact, you might not know when to stop shopping, especially as Venus and expansive Jupiter combine forces. If you're on the other side of the register on Black Friday and you're hoping for good business, this is definitely a positive sign.

Still, you should navigate transactions with as much patience as you can muster. With aggressive Mars forming an opposition to unpredictable Uranus, there may be outbursts among tired shoppers, so try to avoid an argument that doesn't really need to happen. Keep things in perspective. There are more important things than money and material things, so remember: Black Friday is supposed to be fun.



Treat Black Friday like the adventure it is. Don't get so hung up on what you end up buying or losing that you forget to enjoy it. Try to purchase things that align with your goals — classes, supplies, or investments in your future, the sky is the limit.


You may feel compelled to buy something major this Black Friday, but make sure you think it through. It could be a purchase you really need to make, but there's no harm in double-checking. Try spending money on things that enrich your mindset and help you create memories.


Get together with your favorite shopping buddy and make this an exciting hangout. You may even feel like buying a special gift for someone. Make a purchase that represents a fresh start. You're letting go of the old and embracing the new.


Make sure you write down all the things you need during Black Friday. There could be lots of small but important purchases you should make. Think of ways you can use Black Friday to enrich your daily routine. Someone you love could even surprise you with a gift.



Explore your inner child and tap into your creativity during this Black Friday. Not all purchases need to be made from a purely practical perspective. There's a way you can mix frugality with luxury and a little goes a long way.


You might be in the mood to stay home and shop, so whip out that credit card and get cozy. You often prefer to save your money, but this Black Friday, you should make a purchase that makes you feel excited. Have fun with your money.


Use Black Friday to help you get a lot of work done. This may be the time to buy a planner, a gadget, or a technological device that helps you get the word out. However, you're just as in the mood to redesign your living space, so purchase something that makes you feel cozy.


You're in a serious mood to shop, so get out there and buy whatever it is that makes you feel luxurious and proud to spend your hard-earned money, because you deserve it. You can even use your Black Friday purchases to help you express your personal style.



You're in the mood to doll up your image, so Black Friday is a great time to purchase clothes, makeup, or anything that changes up your personal appearance. Don't feel guilty for spending on your looks, because you should feel comfortable in your skin.


You may be quite the emotional shopper during this Black Friday, so make purchases that come from the heart, regardless of what you think you're supposed to buy. Love yourself with your money and buy what makes you feel alive.


You're in the mood to gather with all your friends and make this a Black Friday you won't forget. Why not use Black Friday to donate to a worthy cause or make the world a better place? Purchase something that brings closure to your spiritual side.


This Black Friday is a business opportunity. Use it to purchase a killer outfit for job interviews or a device that benefits your career in a major way. What are you ambitious about? Spend money to make money and you won't regret it.