How To Tell If Your Bestie Is Really The Blair To Your Serena

If you watched Gossip Girl growing up, you likely dreamed of finding yourself eating lunch on the steps of the Met, just like your favorite Upper East Side characters. But, the true hope was to one day find a best friendship similar to Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. Thankfully, you've already found it. Your best friend is the Blair to your Serena, and for that, you might as well be the subject of a dedicated Gossip Girl blog post. You go on the best adventures together, have nicknames as cute as S and B, and you can always count on each other.

Though, how do you know that you've truly found the B to your S? Well, when you rewatch the series over and over together, and find yourselves saying, "same," anytime there's a cute bestie moment, you just know. It also doesn't hurt that just like Serena and Blair, you and your BFF know these six things to be true between the two of you. (Hopefully your lives are far less dramatic, and there aren't as many fights over boys and chasing after each other on helipads.)

You know that no matter what happens, you've got a best friend right by your side. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

She Knows Just How To Cheer You Up
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When Blair was feeling blue, Serena knew exactly what would cheer her best friend up: an urban-chic photo shoot. Time and time again, we saw Serena and Blair being there for each other when they needed a shoulder to lean on, just like you're always there for your BFF.

Instead of an Insta-worthy adventure, your idea of cheer might be bringing over your friend's favorite pint of ice cream and watching a rom-com together. Either way, if she's feeling down, you know just what to do.

She's Your Go-To Adventure Buddy
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From vacationing in the Hamptons to jetting off to Paris, Blair and Serena were constantly going on some pretty cool adventures together. You consider your bestie your partner in crime as well. That's why you plan weekend getaways and spontaneous road trips out of town. Whenever you have an idea brewing, the first person you call to come with is your BFF.

She Gives You The Best Pep Talks You Need To Hear
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Whenever Blair or Serena wanted to run away from the drama, their BFF offered the words of wisdom they needed to hear. Just like when Blair wanted to hop on a helicopter to escape to Europe, Serena was there to stop her.

She reminded her bestie that whatever she was going through, they would get through it together. Sometimes, a little pep talk from your number one is all you need to lift your spirits.

She's Like A Sister To You
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Your best friend is not just any friend — she's a real sister to you. Your bond is the strongest it can be. Blair and Serena even call each other sisters, and that may be a cute nickname between you and your bestie as well. She might be so much like family that she comes over your house for holiday traditions and Sunday dinners.

She's Got Your Back, No Matter What
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The drama was so real for everyone on the Upper East Side, and that meant there were a lot of disagreements. However, just like S and B, you and your bestie have got each other's backs. You may not have to devise an elaborate plan like S and B did to get back at Juliet, but you know when something's going down, you're right there.

Any Disagreement Is Quickly Dissolved
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Let's be real: There were a lot of fights on Gossip Girl. Though, no matter how upset Blair and Serena were with each other, they always found a way to make up.

Seriously, how long can you stay mad at your BFF? Probably not very long. That's why you and your bestie are quick to make up whenever there's a minor disagreement.