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Your August 24 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Virgo Season Is Off To A Wild Start

When the sun enters Virgo, it means you've officially entered the final stretch of summer. After the nourishing and spiritual vibrations of Cancer season and the creative self-expression that Leo season is so famed for, Virgo season is an opportunity to cleanse your perspective. It's a chance to get organized, plan ahead, solve problems, and purify the energy that surrounds you. Virgo might have a "boring" reputation, but this assessment really lacks imagination. When you see what your August 24, 2020 weekly horoscope has in store, you'll see that Virgo season is a rollercoaster ride that's only just beginning.

The week begins with a harsh and frustrating transit known as Mars square Saturn on Aug. 24. Mars is the planet of determination and courage, while Saturn is the planet of boundaries and inhibition. While Mars wants to charge forward without thinking, Saturn wants to come to an abrupt halt while it evaluates things. This could make you feel as though nothing is moving fast enough, brewing impatience and hasty decision-making. Use this energy to reevaluate your goals and create a plan because the harder you push, the less things will make sense. In fact, you might come up with some brilliant ideas sooner or later anyway, as brainy Mercury will form a trine with innovative Uranus on Aug. 25, encouraging brainstorming and moments where it feels like a lightbulb is flashing over your head.

But don't worry, because as this transit starts to pass, you'll feel a desire to indulge and do whatever makes you feel good. Your relationships will also receive a positive boost. Venus — planet of love and luxury — will form an opposition with adventurous Jupiter on Aug. 25, making you feel like living it up and embracing the finer things in life. As Venus later forms a trine with dreamy and compassionate Neptune on Aug. 27, you'll feel charmed by spiritual connections and empathetic love affairs. Open your heart and you'll receive so much love in return. On Aug. 29, messenger Mercury will form a trine with expansive Jupiter, encouraging you to think big and flesh out all the details of your ideas. An open mind will take you far and intellectual exchange will inspire you to no end.

However, your emotions may shift toward darkness and passion by Aug. 30, when Venus forms an opposition with Pluto, planet of death and rebirth. This transit could bring up insecurities in your relationships, driving you to take drastic measures in order to maintain control. Keep your impulses in check during this time, because things will likely seem far worse than they truly are. The fact that Mercury will form an opposition with hazy and distorted Neptune on the very same day makes matters worse, as it will be harder to have an objective mindset and focus on facts rather than fiction. Remind yourself that your thoughts aren't based in reality; they are thoughts and they remain in your imagination.



If you're being driven by a desire to prove yourself, ask yourself why your opinion of yourself must be based on the approval of others. Come to terms with your strengths and limitations in the present moment. Trust that you are doing your best. Seek out safety, therapy, comfort, and emotional security this week. Remember your ability to give yourself these things.


You might feel as though you're moving in slow motion; as if you're walking through Jell-O and even the simplest tasks are exhausting. There are times in life where you're strong enough to climb a mountain and times where it's appropriate to be proud of yourself for simply getting up. Learn when to tell the difference. You are worth so much more than your productivity.


You might be stressing that time is finite this week. You could be thinking about your hopes and dreams and how far away you are from accomplishing them. Remember that you have your entire life ahead of you and there's no rush. Remember that life is made up of a series of chapters. Focus on the chapter that you're currently living in; try to live in the here and now.


When you look at other people in your field, you might feel as though you're far behind. However, you're only seeing things from your perspective and you have no idea what the shoes others are walking in feel like. From someone else's perspective, you are so much further ahead than they are. Remember that everyone is on their own journey and everyone has their own unique gifts.



Are you feeling the instinct to break free? Do you feel as though walls are closing in on you and you can't go where you want to go? These limiting factors are not forever. In fact, they may not even be right now. Consider whether maybe it's your own perspective of your reality that's limiting you from spreading your wings. Chances are you have so much power that's not properly being utilized.


It takes time to break a habit. Sometimes you need to repeat a cycle a few times before you truly realize it's time to let go of it. If you find yourself slipping into past behaviors, try forgiving yourself instead of being hard on yourself. What you need right now is encouragement, not punishment. Combat these self-critical feelings with an extra dose of self-love. You've come such a long way.


You may be encountering conflicts with someone you love this week. Both of you may have very different opinions of what's wrong, but neither of you will be able to hear each other if you're too stubborn in your opinion. Try to rethink your communication methods and your instincts when you feel upset. When things calm down, you might realize that you agree on more than you think.


Procrastination may be weighing on you heavily this week. However, the longer you wait to do it, the harder it can be to get started. The work continues to pile up, making a mountain out of a molehill. So much of your anxiety will dispel if you take action. Start with the easiest task and congratulate yourself for every task you finish. One by one, it will all soon get done.



Are you finding it difficult to find the funny in life? Do you feel drained of all creative inspiration? Sometimes you need to take a step away from a situation and let the artistic energy and inspiration find you. If you keep trying and trying but nothing seems to flow, stop pushing. Focus on something else completely and watch how the beauty finds you when you're not even looking.


You might feel as though you can't get comfortable this week. Your space may be so messy that you can't think straight. You may feel like there's no one you can talk to about how you feel. Remember the things that have always made you feel loved and focus on the feeling they give you. These strange moments are always temporary. Don't let them cast a cloud over all the beautiful things you know you have.


You may feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do this week. There is so much going on and so little time. Remember that you're only human and you can only do so much. Decide what is nonnegotiable and prioritize those things. Your mental health is never something to skimp on. Falling a little bit behind is not the end of the world. You will always catch up.


You may run into financial dilemmas this week. You may feel as though the ground beneath you isn't as stable as you might like. Rather than let this throw you off center, tap into your ability to be resourceful. You have tricks up your sleeve that will help you get through this chaotic period and you will become stronger for it. You're learning how to trust in your self-sufficiency.