Venus Retrograde 2020 Will Affect These 3 Zodiac Signs The Most

You Will Find So Much Strength In Your April 27 Weekly Horoscope


The world has been an anxious place lately, but while the sun is in Taurus, there is a very simple answer to soothing your worries. When you're focusing too much on a past that cannot be changed and a future that's still uncertain, try your best to concentrate on the present moment; on everything you do have that cannot be taken away from you. Reach out and connect with the world through your five senses, grounding yourself when the stress seeks to carry you off to unknown places. You might currently be rolling your eyes at the thought of that, considering how Taurus is commonly thought of as a stubborn and boring zodiac sign. But your April 27, 2020 weekly horoscope proves that couldn't be more false, because there are surprises greeting you left and right.

With Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — entering Taurus on April 27, you'll find yourself slowing down and truly taking things in before diving in. While Mercury was in instinctual and aggressive Aries, the tendency was to come on strong and fast. Mercury in Taurus could not be more different, as it encourages you to think critically, listen patiently, and say only what needs to be said. Some may say Mercury in Taurus is a slow time, but it's also a time of valuing quality over quantity.

This patience will help you overcome hurdles this week, especially when Mercury forms a difficult square with Saturn — planet of karma and restriction — on April 28. You may find yourself being extra hard on yourself during this time, focusing on everything you've been doing wrong instead of right. Try focusing instead on how far you've already come since you began and let your progress fuel you to work even harder. Saturn may be extra critical, but it's up to you to process these criticisms fairly.

You might even be surprised by what comes your way when Mercury joins forces with unpredictable and innovative Uranus. This creates fresh energy, encouraging deeply surprising conversations and unheard of ideas. If you thought Taurus was a monotonous sign that can't do away with routine, you're sorely mistaken. With Mercury in Taurus meeting up with Uranus in Taurus, it's time to create a new normal. Who says change can't come with a whole lot of stability? Brace yourself for a new and exciting version of everything Taurus is about.



You may struggling to get by with far less resources than you're accustomed to at the moment. It may be time to rethink and reprioritize your needs. Luxury doesn't always require you to fork over dollars you rather be saving. Focus on the little things this week, such as taking your first sip of coffee in the morning or curling up with a warm blanket. These comforts will get you by.


You may find yourself struggling to like what you see when you look in the mirror, as if all you can see is flaws. However, you're not seeing the full picture of everything that you are. I know you'd rather live up to this idea of perfection, but you're setting yourself up for failure. Try to remember that you are enough just as you are, flaws and all. You would actually be far less interesting without them.


You might feel the weight of the world on your shoulders this week. You're reliving so many painful and embarrassing memories, but you should know that no one sees these things when they look at you. No one has a clue what you're going through inside. The only approval you need comes from yourself, so take a moment to truly forgive yourself for the mistakes you've made.


You may be struggling to have faith in yourself at the moment. Even though something may be causing you to doubt your dreams, all that matters is that you care enough about them to keep trying. Believe it or not, no one's purpose is decided for them. The mark you leave on this world is entirely up to you. Don't let anyone tell you who you are or what you're meant to be doing. Only you know that.



The fear of failure may be preventing you from trying at all. You may be talking yourself out of making a major move, coming up with all sorts of reasons why you should sit this one out. However, the point of trying is not necessarily to succeed. It's to fail over and over again until one day, you do. Every single win has countless losses that led up to that moment. Cherish your losses. It means you tried.


You may be struggling to believe in something beautiful right now. It's as if so many things are putting a damper on your positivity and obscuring the light. However, believing in something means believing in it even when it feels difficult. These dark times are not forever. Remember what Kurt Vonnegut said: "Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate."


You may be feeling so much pressure to move on from something that has ended or is nearing its end. You might even be clinging on harder than you ever have, wishing there was some way you could turn back time. However, the best way to learn whether something was truly meant for you is by letting it go and seeing if it comes back. Give yourself a break. A new beginning awaits.


You may be having difficulty making a relationship work or forging a connection with someone in general. Be patient, as the loneliness is temporary. You're learning what a relationship takes and how you can communicate your needs in a more effective way. You might be surprised by who shows up for you this week, like someone you weren't expecting to have your back.



You might experience difficulty accomplishing everything you've written on your to-do list, making you realize there needs to be a new method to getting your work done. Start from scratch if you have to, because tomorrow is a new day and if your workload is hanging over you, all you need to do is take baby steps. It may be time to throw out the rulebook and come up with your own routine.


There may be something inhibiting your experience to experience joy, and if you're trying to enjoy yourself by doing something artistic, you may find it difficult to get the creative juices flowing. Creativity never flows when you're criticizing yourself or overthinking it. Instead, take a step back and just let yourself have fun making a mess. The creativity will come when you least expect it, surprising you the most.


You may find that your relationship with your family is strained this week. There could even be something else preventing you from truly feeling safe and sound in your home environment. However, you have the power to heal your home, and remember, home is whatever you decide to make of it. You might be shocked by what your own version of home turns out to be.


Your mind might not be working as efficiently as you'd like it to. In fact, you might feel incredibly distracted by nagging thoughts and procrastination. It could be interfering with your ability to focus. Don't let this discourage you. Give yourself the gift of emptying your mind. Do something that reduces your stress, such as meditation. Getting your work done might begin with giving your mind a break.