You Can Actually Stay At An Airbnb With Kittens For The Cutest Getaway Yet

Imagine you're staying at an Airbnb with a plush king-size bed and Instagrammable #views of New York City. It has all the amenities you need, but the only thing that's truly missing are some cute AF kittens to cuddle with. That's right — I said kittens. If your idea of the most purrfect getaway includes spending time with fur babies, you can actually stay at an Airbnb with kittens in Hoboken, New Jersey right meow. (I'm not kitten you.)

Dubbed "the first boutique guesthouse dedicated to saving kittens," this rental features gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline, in addition to some incredibly adorable furry friends. According to the Airbnb listing, hosts Jessica and Erik started their little Kitten Airbnb on Instagram. Using the Instagram @kittenbnb, they were able to post photos of rescue kitties they were fostering who needed new homes. They joked that their home became like "a cozy bed and breakfast" for all of their furry guests. Well, what started as a joke turned into reality, and you can also spend the night in the "Kitten BnB."

This place sounds like a dream come true to a cat lover like me. Not only does this private room in Hoboken provide guests with their own roof deck with great city views, but the best part of all is the kitten lounge. There you can cuddle with kittens and take as many selfies as your heart desires. The cats also have their own private bedroom at night.


This isn't the only Kitten BnB listing either. There are other private rooms in the condominium listed as well, or you can rent all three bedrooms if you and your entire squad are looking for a little kitten-themed retreat. Actually, this trip sounds like a "treat yourself" kind of adventure for a birthday weekend where the birthday person loves cats. Complete the getaway by visiting the Meow Parlour or Koneko Cat Cafe in NYC.

These kitten listings are also perfect if you're looking for a much-deserved solo getaway. You'll have the gorgeous room all to yourself with a private en suite bathroom, walk-in shower, king-size bed, and a smart TV with Roku and Netflix so you can watch cute cats like Salem in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

If you're a writer who's looking for a quiet retreat, spend the day typing away and treat yourself to some cuddles with the sweet fur babies whenever you need a break or finish a draft. I don't know about you, but I love quality alone time and I also love that the kittens are there to keep you company.


The best part is that if you end up falling in love with any of the felines, you can fill out an adoption form on the Kitten BnB site to potentially take one home with you. So not only will you get some great vacation photos and stories from your trip, but perhaps you'll welcome a fur baby into your home. Now that sounds like the true cat's meow.