Yes Way Rosé's Thanksgiving Weekend Sale Will Bring Summer Vibes To The Holidays

Don't get me wrong: I love the holiday season, but there's one thing I really miss about summer. That, of course, is rosé. Now that it's getting colder and colder outside, I can't help but reminisce about all of the warm nights I've spent sipping on the pink stuff. Sure, those times will come again — but in the meantime, I'll sip on red wine and count the days until rosé season. Thankfully, Yes Way Rosé is making it easier for people like me to enjoy the winter months. How, you ask? Well, Yes Way Rosé's Thanksgiving 2018 weekend sale is offering major discounts on rosé-inspired goods that'll bring warm weather into the holidays.

If you're a true rosé enthusiast, I'm sure you've visited Yes Way Rosé's website at least once. The company offers an array of millennial pink-colored products that advertise the company's rosé-inspired name. Some of my favorite items include the Eau de Rosé Vibes Candle, Yes Way Rosé Beanié, and the Yes Way Bubbles Toté — but I digress. Those are only a few of the products you can purchase in the company's Happy Sale, which I'm about to tell you more about.

Rosé lovers, get your wallets out.

Yes Way Rosé's Happy Sale is currently taking place on the company's website, which means you can start making purchases right after you're done reading this article. In fact, you'll have until Monday, Nov. 26 at midnight to buy all of the discounted rosé-inspired items you need. After scrolling through all of the pink products, I'm sure your online shopping cart will be filled to the brim with rosé swag. I mean, c'mon, how can you resist a Yes Way Rosé Beanié and a Yes Way Rosé Sweatshirt? They're perfect selections if you're hoping to bring summer vibes to your winter wardrobe.

Yes Way Rosé

Once you have all of the rosé-inspired items you want (or need), you can go ahead and enter the code "HAPPYSALE" at checkout. The code is part of the Happy Sale that's currently taking place, and it'll get you 30 percent off of your order. When you think about it, that's a pretty great discount for rosé-inspired merchandise. Heck, if you have friends who love rosé as much as you do, why not do all of your holiday shopping on Yes Way Rosé?

As I previously mentioned, the promotion will run until Nov. 26 (Cyber Monday) at midnight. That means you can hang out at home during Thanksgiving weekend and buy all of your loved ones rosé-themed accessories at a cheap cost. And if you won't be driving anywhere while you shop on Yes Way Rosé's website, why not open a bottle of rosé to enjoy while you make your order? Just because the holidays are right around the corner doesn't mean you have to put rosé season *totally* on hold.

If you do opt for a glass of rosé while you're online shopping, don't forget to use the code "HAPPYSALE" at checkout. As Yes Way Rosé says, "happé" shopping!