This Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Combines Your Favorite Flavors In 1 Bite

What do you get when you combine creamy hazelnut spread with chunks of smooth, chocolate chip cookie batter? You get World's Best Cookie Dough's Nutella Chocolate Chip flavor. In case you had to read that twice because it seemed too good to be true, I assure you that it's both good and true. Cookie dough has never looked quite so delicious and exciting before.

World's Best Cookie Dough is a New York City-based shop that specializes in cookie and cookie dough flavors. Though the store ships worldwide, NYC fans can visit the brick and mortar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village area to enjoy flavors like the Nutella Chocolate Chip, which was released last week for a limited time to celebrate the shop's one year anniversary. You can actually visit the shop in NYC to get a big ol' heaping scoop of the stuff served to you in an ice cream cone. (There's no ice cream involved, but it does make for a total 'Gram-worthy pic.)

According to the World's Best Cookie Dough website, the cookie dough is made by a team of in-house bakers with pasteurized flour and pasteurized eggs for a unique flavor you wont find anywhere else. Under the "special order" section of the cookie dough flavors, the website also notes that the shop can accommodate special orders or requests like gluten free or vegan cookie dough.

Though the Nutella Chocolate Chip cookie dough flavor is only available in the shop for a limited time as of the week of April 15, you can order the Double Chocolate Nutella Explosion in your cookie box for a similar flavor shipped right to you, according to the company. The bulk pricing for cookie boxes and dough boxes at World's Best is based on how much dough you get per box, ranging from $50 up to $220. Both the cookie and dough boxes come with cookie dough that you can eat "as is," bake it, or add to your other favorite desserts like ice cream or a milkshake.

Nutella Chocolate Chip isn't the only eye-popping, mouthwatering cookie dough flavor at World's Best Cookie Dough. Other flavors include White Chocolate Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Pretzel Fudge, Fruity Pebbles, Banana Pudding, and Brownie Batter, and can be bought in boxes of four-packs, eight packs, 12-packs, or 24-packs of dough.

World's Best Cookie Dough doesn't just specialize in cookie dough flavors. The shop also makes cookie dough stuffed cookies. Again, your eyes aren't deceiving you — you can actually buy regular cookies filled with actual cookie dough to double down on the cookie experience. Flavors include Apple Pie Stuffed Cookie, Birthday Cake Cookie Crisp, and Reese's Peanut Butter Puff Explosion. World's Best Cookie Dough also tells Elite Daily about two new cookies that launched last week, the Milky Way Explosion and the Ferrero Rocher-infused cookie. I mean, just look at these concoctions.

Courtesy of World's Best Cookie Dough
Courtesy of World's Best Cookie Dough

On Instagram, World's Best Cookie Dough has a Highlights section called FAQ that delves a little deeper into its products. One question asks, "What is the difference between your cookie dough and others?" In reply, the company reveals a little more detail about the ingredients the shop uses, explaining that a big difference between its dough and competitors' recipes is that World's Best doesn't contain as much sugar and uses organic maple syrup. According to World's Best, this makes the dough smoother, since it doesn't have the crunch that can come with sugar. Another inquiry asks, "What is the difference between cookie dough and your cookies?" World's Best answers that the cookie dough is an edible raw dough and the cookies are the same dough but baked and stuffed with other dough.

I don't know about you, but all this sounds like literal heaven on earth to me. Ok, BRB — now I'm craving cookie dough!