'Wonder Woman 1984' has been delayed twice and will now hit theaters in October.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Was Delayed For A Second Time, But Gal Gadot Said It’s Worth The Wait

by Dylan Kickham
Warner Bros.

The invisible plane may have hit yet another major delay, but don't worry, superhero fans, because Wonder Woman is still on her way. DC fans have been waiting for the sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman since the first film premiered, but the '80s-set follow-up has had a particularly difficult time locking down a release date. Now, Wonder Woman 1984 has been pushed back again, but Gal Gadot encouraged anxious fans that the long wait will be worth it come fall.

If you have been following along with the unique situation Wonder Woman 1984 has found itself in, you know the sequel has already had its fair share of premiere dates come and go. Warner Bros. picked up a Wonder Woman sequel immediately after the first film debuted to commercial and critical success in the summer of 2017. It was originally slated for a December 2019 release date, which was then pushed up to Nov. 1, 2019. But of course, that didn't stick.

To avoid competition with fellow DC film Joker, Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed back to a June 2020 release... and then the coronavirus pandemic shut down U.S. movie theaters just a few months ahead of that planned premiere. In response to theater shutdowns, Warner Bros. again delayed the movie to August, but even that has not proven to be enough time to get people to return to theaters. To try to keep things safe, Warner Bros. again pushed back the movie's premiere, and it is currently slated to hit theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.

If you are keeping track, that's five different release dates Wonder Woman 1984 has had already, but hopefully this new one will stick. Gal Gadot confirmed the new premiere date in a tweet, promising fans "it will be worth the wait."

Director Parry Jenkins echoed Gadot's sentiments in a tweet of her own, sharing her disappointment that the film still hasn't premiered but her excitement for the upcoming release date.

Wonder Woman 1984 will tell the story of Diana Prince several decades after the World War I setting of the first movie. The film will introduce two new villains for Wonder Woman to square off against: business tycoon Maxwell Lord is played by Pedro Pascal, and a friend-turned-enemy called Cheetah is portrayed by Kristen Wiig.

The real mystery, though, is how Diana's love interest Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) somehow manages to show up in the new movie. The first movie ended with the pilot's death, not to mention he would be an elderly man in 1984 had he somehow survived his plane exploding. It looks like there may be some time traveling going on, but fans will have to wait until the movie comes out to be sure.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to hit theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.