Wishing You Had A Personal Assistant This Holiday Season? If So, You’ll Like This Helpful Tool

By Bustle Studios
Ashley Batz/Elite Daily

From never-ending holiday shopping lists to end-of-year deadlines at the office, juggling the mental workload we all carry around at this time of year can take a real physical and emotional toll.

That’s where Eno, a unique assistant from Capital One, can help. Capital One created Eno to proactively look out for your money — even when you’re not. Eno keeps an eye on your Capital One accounts 24/7 and provides real-time alerts to help you stay on track and give you peace of mind.

Missing a bill payment is easy at this time of year, so with Eno you can sign up for personalized, automatic credit card bill reminders and pay your bill. You can also get your balance, recent transactions and more from Eno, so you can stay on the go and on top of your accounts in an instant.

Eno can also stop potential fraud in its tracks with round-the-clock account monitoring that notifies you about unusual transactions through real-time alerts. If Eno spots potential mistakes, like a duplicate charge or an unusually large tip, Eno will send you an alert to make sure that something isn’t awry. (And Eno never judges — so if those duplicate charges at the cupcake shop down the street were all for you, Eno won’t judge.)

And yes, all of these things can be done from your mobile device. So basically, you earn the money and Eno helps you stay on top of it wherever you are — aka a millennial's dream. Now that you understand the pure genius concept behind Eno and its proactive money management capabilities, give it a try with your existing Capital One account. All you have to do is go to, enter your login credentials and your preferred phone number, accept the terms and conditions, and say hello to your new personal financial assistant, Eno.

This post is sponsored by Capital One.