Royal Fans Are Angry Over William & Kate's B-Day Instagram For Meghan

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The royals are being criticized online... again. The two couples who just can't seem to catch a break from people telling them they've done something wrong can't even seem to make birthday posts on Instagram without angering some people. William and Kate's birthday Instagram for Meghan is receiving flack online over the choice of picture.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Instagram account, like Meghan and Harry's, highlights the couples' activities and philanthropic efforts. On family birthdays, particularly their children's, they post their favorite photos and send a sweet birthday message. For Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis' birthdays, the account posted photos Kate Middleton had taken of her little ones herself. It's become a tradition of hers to take portraits of her kids and post many of them to Instagram on their birthdays and for other special holidays. For other members of the royal family's birthdays, the account posts more simple captions and photos that weren't taken by the Duchess, which makes sense.

The Cambridges' birthday post for Meghan wasn't good enough in the eyes of some royal fans.

The photo the Duke and Duchess's account posted was of William, Kate, Meghan, Harry, and Prince Charles around Christmastime in 2018. The photo shows the four of them smiling and walking together in their glammed-up Christmas looks. It's a more than fine photo to post for a birthday, especially given that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's lives are so interwoven.

"Wishing a very happy birthday to The Duchess of Sussex today!" the post's caption reads.

Some fans wanted the Cambridge royals to post a solo shot of Meghan, however.

"It was better to choose a picture of herself alone," one user wrote.

"Wait...and why doesn't she have a picture of her alone? It's 'HER' birthday right?" another commented.

"All these royal photographers couldn’t find a pic of Meghan in the center?!?! In a brighter color???????????" one user pressed, clearly not approving of this picture choice.

There were also those commenting who felt the photo choice spoke volumes about how the Cambridges feel about Meghan, with whom Kate has been rumored to be feuding with for as long as they've known each other (rumors the Palace has debunked, BTW).

"Why a picture of the whole royal family?! It’s not about Kate or [William] or Charles! It’s about Meghan! Ridiculous!" one Instagram user wrote.

"That they chose an image where Duchess Meghan isn’t centered though the post is dedicated to her birthday speaks volumes as to the Cambridges’ lack of class," another posted.

Other people were coming to the Cambridge royals' defense, noting that it was big of Will and Kate to post something for Meghan given that she didn't post anything for Kate on her birthday on January 9.

"Seriously all the royal accounts wished her a proper birthday wishes!! Something that she couldn’t do for them!" one comment reads.

"Did you see any birthday wishes from Harry and Meghan for Kate’s Jan birthday? Just asking for a friend," another wrote.

Y'all, I don't think this is that deep of an issue. Meghan was in her nearing her third trimester of pregnancy when Kate's birthday came around. I'm pretty sure she was busy! Also, the couples work together and are family. I have no doubt Meghan and Harry wished Kate a happy birthday in private. Making a birthday post for someone on Instagram is not a requirement, nor does it speak on how someone feels about another person. That said, when people do post for a loved one's birthday, it's just a nice thing. I'm sure the royals will all be celebrating Meghan's birthday together in private.