This Tweet From Wells Will Make 'Bachelor In Paradise' Fans So, So Happy

ABC/Eric McCandless

According to Wells Adams, "Paradise is back baby!" The fan favorite Bachelorette alum/bartender/radio DJ/sometimes-puppeteer is teasing a return to his old Mexico stomping grounds. Chris Harrison blessed Bachelor Nation with a sneak peek pic on Thursday that showed Wells, former BIP bartender Jorge, and Winter Games contestant Yuki hanging in Paradise. So, will Wells be on Bachelor In Paradise Season 5? His response to the photo is getting fans pumped.

Wait, you might be wondering — isn't Wells in a serious relationship with Modern Family star Sarah Hyland? Why, yes. Yes, he is. The duo struck up a relationship last year and have been lovey-dovey for months, prompting BIP viewers to wonder if his coupledom would prevent him from doing his reality TV thing. But just because Wells isn't single doesn't mean he didn't make it to Mexico this year.

"Well, this is why I haven’t been answering your emails all month. This or I don’t like you. Either way, paradise is back baby!!!!" the 34-year-old tweeted on June 21.

The fact that Wells is chilling with Jorge leads us to believe he's back behind the bar, and perhaps Yuki is joining him for margarita-fixing/contestant moral support duties? America is ready for more Wells Paradise play-by-play.

Wells has a history with the Bachelor franchise, first appearing as a contestant on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. The radio host and podcaster headed to Paradise in Season 3 and returned to bartend in Season 4 when Jorge was unavailable. Wells had more than a few memorable moments throughout his stint as resident drink-maker — his surprise smooch with Danielle Maltby when she left abruptly to work in Africa was a standout scene from last season. The two ended up being just friends. Wells began dating Sarah Hyland (DMs kicked things off) after Season 4 wrapped and they've been adorably together ever since, making the long-distance thing work while he's in Nashville and she's in LA. Maybe they met up Mexico this summer? *crosses fingers for a Hyland BIP cameo*

Sarah gushed about their romance in May as part of a post for Wells' birthday.

"You are the most phenomenal man I have ever met and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you by my side. Thank you for calling me baby even when I’m acting crazy," a portion of her sweet caption read.

Bachelor in Paradise's Season 5 cast has not been unveiled yet — for now there only rumblings and sneak peeks to over-analyze. Wells made for an amusing commentator last year troughout his bartending stint (he even brought puppets!), so I doubt Bachelor Nation would mind if he stepped back into that role.

"I think you're going to see some [surprises] behind the bar, let's just say that," ABC's senior vice president of alternative programming Robert Mills hinted to E! News in March.

"Surprises" could point to a rotating roster of bartenders or a group of fan favorites sharing the job. Bachelor Japan's Yuki made quite the impression on Bachelor Nation when she competed on The Bachelor Winter Games. If she and Wells joined forces they could form a mixology dream team!

In a January interview with Access, Wells expressed that he loved watching Bibiana and Krystal during Arie's season of The Bachelor, so maybe he'll get the chance to chill with them if they're in Mexico? Krystal previously said she would consider a spot on the show and Bibiana did go on Winter Games, so... you never know what might be happen when it comes to the Bachelor-verse.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 debuts Tuesday, August 7 on ABC.