Twitter Teased Adding An Edit Button If Everyone Wears A Mask, Which You Should Do Anyway

Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

For years, social media users have been pining for the ability to revise their tweets after their message has been posted to the platform. While Twitter has changed certain features over the years — such as going from a 140-character limit to 280 — an edit button has not been the focus of change until now. Twitter teased an edit button while asking users to take one very important health measure to help slow the curve of the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyone who has used Twitter at some point has likely posted a tweet just to notice a spelling error or that they missed adding an important link. Those small, annoying mistakes have made a ton of users upset that there is no way to edit your tweet, and instead you have to completely delete the message and repost it, not an ideal practice for many.

Since the beginning of Twitter's time, people have been writing to the brains behind the app begging them to give users an edit button, with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addressing the request multiple times, saying it's not that simple.

“You might send a tweet and someone might retweet that and an hour later you might completely change the content of that tweet,” Dorsey explained to Fortune in January 2020. “The person that retweeted the original tweet is now retweeting and rebroadcasting something that is completely different. So that’s something to watch out for.”

Well, on Thursday, July 2, the company shared an exciting potential update, but it came with one request. "You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask," the tweet read, turning the focus to people who are refusing to wear a face mask to help slow the COVID-19 curve.

In many states, people have been required to wear masks in public places as a way to help combat the spread germs, however, there are some very vocal opponents who refuse to take the precautionary measure.

While it's highly unlikely that *everyone* will wear a mask in exchange for an edit button on Twitter, it was definitely a bold statement made by the company. In less than 24 hours, the tweet received more than 641,000 retweets and 2.3 million likes. TBH, the statement is probably an empty promise, given Dorsey's recent statements about the problem with adding an edit button, but if it gets people to wear their masks and helps slow the spread of coronavirus, then it's even better than an edit button.