Here's What Fans Should Know About Potential Future Seasons Of 'Russian Doll'


On Feb. 1, Netflix released Russian Doll, a series that follows a New York City woman as she repeats the same party over and over again. It's probably no coincidence that the series came out the day before Groundhog Day, a holiday that has a namesake movie with a very similar premise of repeating different versions of the same day. But Russian Doll has Groundhog Day beat with its irresistible lineup of some of the funniest women in the industry. The series is written by Amy Poehler (Parks & Rec, SNL) and Leslye Headland (Bachelorette), and stars Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black). Fans are loving the eight-episode first season, and now they're wondering if there will be a Russian Doll Season Two.

Russian Doll is brand new this month, but it's actually been in the works for years. Poehler and Lyonne worked on the concept of the series together for three years, before added Headland to their team and working on it as a trio for another two and a half years. When the three creators pitched the show, they pitched it as a three-season series. So that means that there is more story in mind for a season two... and three.

Lyonne told The Hollywood Reporter:

We definitely pitched it as this three-season idea and yet it’s so interesting to think about how that shapes and morphs in the time since making it. Who knows if we’ll be lucky enough to go back down the rabbit hole. That’s tomorrow’s question. But I think we have some ideas.

After fans everywhere got to choose their own adventure with Netflix's Christmas release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, an interactive movie with multiple possible endings, the streaming service is now offering fans another way to explore multiple timelines with Russian Doll. The series follows Lyonne's character Nadia as she dies at a party held in her honor... and then dies again and again. Each time, she experiences her death differently (whether it be getting run over by a cab or falling down a sidewalk grate) and each time it resets her life to the start of that same party. However, the show is so much more than gimmick about these multiple timelines. It also uses the multiple timelines to touch on some heavy existential themes about forming an identity. When Lyonne spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, she described the themes of Russian Doll as:

Wanting to take yourself out, wanting to self-destruct, and when that doesn’t happen, you’re left with this person you’ve got to face. And the ways in which we move from a disconnected life to forming a real connection, if only accidentally.

There is no official word yet regarding if and when Netflix will bring fans another season, but it's clear that the creators of the show have a lot more story and some heavy thematic elements that can still be uncovered. In the season finale, Nadia tells a man, "We got time, we finally got time." Hopefully, fans will get some more time with Nadia soon.