Here's What Fans Should Know About The Possibility Of Another 'Roma' Movie


Alfonso Cuaron's Roma had a successful night at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 6, taking home trophies in the Best Foreign Language Film and Best Director categories. The pristine drama has upped its chances to score big at the Academy Awards in February, but if Roma's quiet beauty left you wanting more, you may be hoping that Cuaron will turn to more autobiographical material for a followup film. Will there be a Roma sequel? The movie had a fairly definitive ending, but Cuaron totally has a soft spot for the subject if he wanted to continue the story.

This post contains slight spoilers for Roma. Currently available to stream on Netflix, Roma follows domestic worker Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) in 1970s Mexico as she faces personal and political upheaval. In addition to being beautifully shot, the film has garnered attention for the leading performance of Aparicio, a schoolteacher who had no previous acting experience. Based on the life of a nanny who raised Cuaron, Roma is the director's most personal work, as he told Vanity Fair, "This film is autobiographical, in the sense that 90 percent of the scenes come out of my memory. We shot in the places where these scenes took place."

As the upcoming SAG Awards focus on individual and group acting performances rather than films as a whole, we have a bit of a wait before possibly seeing Roma featured as an Oscar nominee at the closing of awards season. In the meantime, Cuaron hasn't mentioned the possibility of a sequel, but if there's anything his eclectic filmography teaches us, it's that we can usually expect the unexpected from him. At this point, he could work on anything, and that could include a Roma-related film.


Marking Cuaron's first official time working as his own cinematographer, Roma ended with a peaceful focus on the main family's home, suggesting that Cleo's life with her employers will remain intact. With that in mind, Cuaron may not feel a need to share more about his real-life friend unless a spark of creativity hits. Speaking to IndieWire, the Mexican filmmaker confirmed that returning to his homeland for a project was "haunting," saying:

The characters, they exist in real life. It’s people that I love deeply. I had to take a journey through my own memories, through the labyrinth of memory, and also conversations with the people who were there and who experienced those events with me... I was surrounded by my past the whole time and it was part of that essential process that I wanted.

With the announcement of Academy Award nominations slated for Jan. 22, we'll let Cuaron focus on finishing awards season before thinking about what comes next. However, if Roma proves victorious at the Oscars, maybe the director will reflect on even more of his life to make a new film. Until then, I'll be dissecting Roma's sprawling, clean shots in case that pipe dream of being a director ever pans out.

Roma is currently streaming on Netflix. The 91st Academy Awards air on Sunday, Feb. 24, on ABC.