'Raya and the Last Dragon' could potentially get a sequel after premiering on Disney+.

Here Are The Chances A 'Raya & The Last Dragon' Sequel Could Happen

by Dylan Kickham

Disney's latest magical journey is enchanting fans in a big way. Raya and the Last Dragon flew onto Disney+ on Friday, March 5, for members willing to pay the Premier Access fee, telling the story of a princess' quest to restore magic to her cursed kingdom. If you loved the film and are already wanting more, you're probably wondering: Will there be a Raya and the Last Dragon 2? The fictional world is definitely large and interesting enough to warrant more exploration.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Raya and the Last Dragon. Although Raya's story has a satisfying ending that doesn't tease a follow-up movie, the film introduced much more lore about the kingdom of Kumandra than most past Disney releases, which could mean a sequel is on the way. After collecting all the pieces of the shattered Dragon Gem with the help of the revived water dragon Sisu, Raya was able to cast out the evil Druun spirits and bring all the ancient dragons back to life, finally uniting the once-splintered kingdom of Kumandra.

The movie's ending on a peaceful Kumandra doesn't necessitate a sequel, nor does the flick include any mid- or post-credits scenes to tease out a cinematic future, but the wide and deeply thought-out land of Kumandra is ripe for more exploration. Disney has not yet announced if a sequel will happen or not, but there's definitely a chance Raya and the Last Dragon 2 could become a reality.

Fans aren't the only ones interested in a second movie. Kelly Marie Tran, who voices Raya, told Decider she "would absolutely be interested" in making a sequel, even throwing out the idea of a new movie establishing and exploring a possible romance between Raya and her rival Namaari, who grew from enemies to close friends over the course of the movie.

Hopefully Disney will reveal whether Raya and the Last Dragon will get a sequel or not after more people have seen the movie. The March 5 release made the film available only in select theaters and behind a $30 paywall on Disney+, neither of which are ideal options for some viewers. Raya and the Last Dragon will become available for Disney+ subscribers to watch for free on June 4.