'Dead to Me' Season 3 has not yet been picked up, but the Season 2 finale teases more.

Here's What We Know About A Potential 'Dead To Me' Season 3 After THAT Finale

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Netflix's dark dramedy Dead to Me is no stranger to shocking cliffhangers and unexpected twists, and Season 2 kept the surprises coming all the way to the end. Just as Season 1 left off on a cliffhanger that all but guaranteed more episodes were coming, the new season followed suit with a final moment that really needs to be expanded upon. Obviously, the big question every viewer is asking after marathoning Season 2 is: Will there be a Dead to Me Season 3? While nothing is official yet, it seems like there's reason for fans to be hopeful.

Netflix has yet to renew Dead to Me for a third season, but given how Season 2 ended, it definitely seems like the creative team is planning on continuing Jen and Judy's story. Last year, Netflix picked up the second season of Dead to Me exactly one month after the series premiered, so look for official news about a potential new season in early June. In the meantime, though, the cliffhanger ending of Season 2 pretty much demands a follow-up, and Dead to Me is definitely a hit for Netflix, so fans can be optimistic about a renewal.

Spoiler alert: The rest of this post contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Dead to Me. The big reason viewers are hungry for another season is because of the unexpected final moment of Season 2. Right before the end of the season, it finally seemed like Jen and Judy had actually covered up Steve's murder. Judy had turned in a tape implicating the police chief in Steve's disappearance, and Jen managed to bond with detective Ana Perez, so much so, the cop let Jen off the hook and gave Judy back her paintings (which were secretly filled with cash).


To celebrate everything going right for once, Jen and Judy used their new riches to buy Jen's son Charlie a new car, but in a dark twist, Jen wound up getting in an accident at the exact intersection where she had just campaigned to install a stop sign. To make matters even more dramatic, Steve's twin brother Ben was behind the wheel of the car that crashed into Jen and Judy. A bit earlier in the episode, Ben had gotten a call that seemed to be confirming Steve's remains were discovered in the woods, and Ben coped with that by getting drunk before hopping in his car. When a drunken Ben realized what he'd done, he drove off — yet another hit-and-run ruining Jen's life.

At first, it wasn't clear if Jen survived the crash, but she did begin responding to Judy right before the season ended. That doesn't mean everything's OK, though — she could have a serious concussion or even something as dramatic as amnesia. I mean, this show pulled an identical twin reveal this season, so amnesia can't be off the table — right?

For now, all fans do know is they definitely need answers about the aftermath of that car crash, so hopefully Netflix announces a third season pickup soon.

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