The 'A Million Little Things' cast, including Theo, who fans think might die

Fans Think A Major Character Might Die In 'A Million Little Things' & I'm Shook

ABC/David Bukach

A Million Little Things fans are pretty familiar with dark storylines. After all, the entire series began with the death of Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston), a beloved friend and relative to the show's main characters. But even with that in mind, the latest fan theory is a lot to handle. I'll just give it to you straight: Some fans believe Theo will die in A Million Little Things, and I honestly don't know if I can take all that heartbreak.

Tragedy is a big part of A Million Little Things. In addition to Jon's death, the show has dealt with Gary (James Roday) and Maggie's (Allison Miller) journeys through each of their cancer diagnoses and the loss of Maggie's brother. But some fans think there's more tragedy in store for the characters, and this time it could strike one of the youngest on the show. It seems like too much, even for A Million Little Things, for Eddie and Katherine's little son Theo (Tristan Byon) to meet this fate, and yet some viewers make a pretty convincing argument. One fan on Reddit said:

When Theo got that nosebleed on his field trip, I thought that maybe could they do a childhood cancer theme next year (maybe they wouldn't want to have another person with cancer)... But anyways, I thought that maybe the nosebleed was foreshadowing something with Theo and that he would need bone marrow from a sibling... leading to the truth about Delilah and Eddie because their baby would be a match.
ABC/David Bukach

It's a known fact that Theo gets nosebleeds frequently. Nosebleeds can mean nothing and just be a common childhood ailment. But then again, they could be sign that something bigger is going to affect Theo soon.

Series creator DJ Nash stoked the flames of this theory with a tweet on Nov. 13. He wrote, "Sometimes a nose bleed is more than a nose bleed. There, that ought to get you all talking." Well, fans certainly did start talking.

A lot of fans think Theo will get sick and require some sort of medical help from a relative. If you'll recall, Delilah's baby daughter Charlie is secretly Theo's sibling, since they share Eddie as a father. So, one fan thinks that secret family history will come into play when the doctors go digging into everyone's medical history.

One fan tweeted, "Theo will need a transplant of some sort and if Katherine and Eddie aren’t a match they will test Charlie and find out that Charlie is not his or the kids will then know Charlie is not Jon’s."

Another fan on Reddit posited a similar theory about the repercussions of Theo's possible illness. They said, "The nosebleed turned out to be something serious and they needed bone marrow or something from a sibling and bam... It comes out about the baby because the baby is a match."

The idea of Theo getting sick is really upsetting, but the characters of A Million Little Things always seem to find a way to work through their hardships. Plus, if these fan theories are correct, then Theo's sickness could help the characters face some big truths about their relationships.

Season 2 of A Million Little Things continues on Thursday, Nov. 14, at 9 p.m. ET.